Liberals' Extravagance Excused

News reports estimated that the cost of Chelsea Clinton’s July 31 wedding was anywhere from $1 million to several million dollars. Yet Americans are hurting badly while Democrat icons gather for an extravagant affair.


Where is the outrage?


There is none. Democrat extravagance is always excused, like the excesses of the Kennedys which never were exposed but only presented as a wonderful rich family doing all it can for “the rest of us”.


Yeah, right…


The Clintons, with a fortune estimated as high as $110 million, get their money through giving speeches, building political influence, and making backroom financial deals around the world with the power they accumulated. Bill Clinton is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for giving a speech – and he has been giving lots of them for 10 years – yet Ronald Reagan was attacked ruthlessly for giving two speeches in Japan in 1989 after his presidency, and earning a total of $2 million.


Where is the outrage over Al Gore’s accumulation of vast riches up to $100 million simply by giving speeches and building political power over a debunked theory called ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ or whatever they are calling it these days?


There is none. And now he is seeking to multiply his money by investing in ‘green energy’ from which he will profit by one means alone – when taxpayer wealth is shifted by politicians to ‘green energy’ companies, not when ‘green energy’ competes in the free market, which it cannot do.


(By the way, sexual assault charges against Gore have been dismissed by the Portland, Oregon police for ‘lack of sufficient evidence’. Typical. Dems usually get away with few questions even asked, and fewer answered.)


So as Gore lives in his energy-guzzling mansions – yes, he now owns two of them – and the Clintons bask in their mega-money, anyone who creates wealth through hard work making a useful product like, say, a pharmaceutical company executive or oil company magnate, is trashed in the media.


Why has there never been any anger at disgraced Democrat John Edwards’ fortune, also estimated at around $100 million, which he accumulated just by suing people in court? These lawsuits are burdening our economy by striking fear in the hearts of private companies, and enriching Democrat trial lawyers like Edwards while the rest of us lose our jobs.


There is no anger. Because as “the rich get richer” – the liberal rich, that is – and the rest of us truly get poorer, liberal wealth is covered up by the Ancient Media every day.  And that includes left-wing media wealth like the New York Times fortune, held by the Sulzberger family.


When did you ever hear any discussion about how so much of the Kennedy fortune was accumulated through stock market manipulation and fraud in the 1920s? Joseph P. Kennedy was the Bernie Madoff of his day.


No, that’s not important, according to leftist history.


Where is the public ire over House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s fortune estimated at $30 million to $130 million, from her husband’s businesses? While Pelosi shoves tax increases, debt spending and more government programs down out throats against our will?


There is none in the Ancient Media. But there is growing anger among “we the people”. Because “we the people” are no longer connected in any way to the rich and the privileged, who today in America are overwhelmingly Democrats doing nonproductive things like giving speeches and building political power, then taking more and more of the nation’s dwindling wealth for themselves through that power.


During the great economic boom between 1850 and World War II, capitalist industrial giants like steelmaker Andrew Carnegie built factories, employed tens of thousands of people and developed the technologies that created our nation.


Yet people like Carnegie today are maligned in the media and in the universities as ‘robber barons’.


Today, however, Bill Clinton manufactures nothing and employs nobody. He accumulates money only for himself. Ditto George Soros, the left-wing currency speculator who simply appropriates billions for his own bank account.


When capitalist Henry Ford created the automobile assembly line, he got rich. But what else did he do?


He created a product that people wanted – the automobile – that formerly had been available only to wealthy Americans. At the same time, Ford created hundreds of thousands of jobs.


How many real jobs has Al Gore created by giving his phony speeches?


Oh, he surely has a few people on his staff. But he has not created any large amounts of wealth or thousands of jobs for others. In fact the only “wealth” that ‘green energy’ ever will yield is in the direct transfer of taxpayer money to ‘green’ investors. Otherwise ‘green energy’ goes bust. And we are all going to go bust with it. In short, Gore’s theories are destroying wealth, not creating it.


Liberals are rarely involved in wealth “creation” in the first place, but today are involved primarily in wealth “appropriation”, i.e., getting money only for themselves like investment guru Warren Buffet who creates ‘paper wealth’ for himself and his investors, and who supported Obama. And that is why America is getting poorer as liberals get richer. Because liberals simply are taking the nation’s wealth for themselves, not “creating” new wealth for all to share. And at the same time, ‘green energy’ laws are making it harder and harder for wealth creation to occur in the private sector, while taxes, lawsuits and regulations – all coming from the Democrat left – are forcing jobs overseas.


It has been proven over and over throughout history that heavily taxed and regulated economies turn stagnant, and that the elites then concentrate the wealth in their own hands and keep us pesky ‘little people’ down. Today those elites are rich Democrats like the Kennedys, Al Gore, the Clintons, the Follywood crowd, and Wall street biggies like Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, who contributes heavily to liberal candidates and causes.


Then when we ‘little people’ seek to loosen enviro restrictions or reduce the power of trial lawyers so that we can make a measly living harvesting timber or extracting natural gas from the ground, the elites fight to decide how we ‘little people’ live… or die.


This is ending now as the media coverup of Democrat wealth is being exposed. And as “we the people” take our destiny back into our own hands.


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