North Korea Nuts Rattle Sabers

The nut-case communist state of North Korea is rattling its sabers again.


After sinking a South Korean military ship and killing 46 soldiers on board last March in a brazen act of unprovoked violence, North Korea is now threatening a nuclear attack if the US goes ahead with war games with our ally South Korea.


These criminal states work by using violence, violence and more violence. And if you react to their violence in any way – from within or without – they simply threaten more violence.


Don’t worry about the nuke attack, however. That is just more commie bluster.


Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, the United Nations and all the other toothless mouthpieces around the world are telling North Korea that they’d better watch out because we’re all gonna get really mad if you sink any more ships!


But North Korea is a manipulative tyranny that plays the world like a fiddle, paying no heed to any threats from anybody but stringing the gullible world along as if it is listening. Don’t be fooled. North Korea has total control over its people and its military, and the world can do nothing about it except for all-out war.


North Korea is the longest-running communist dictatorship in the world, and the most oppressive nation on earth. Their huge military indeed is a threat to the Asian region, along with their willingness to expend as many lives as necessary to create havoc in the name of despotism. Here are some facts about the two Koreas:


*South Korea is 37,911 square miles. North Korea is 46,540 square miles.


*South Korea‘s population is 48.6 million. North Korea‘s population is 22.75 million.


*Per capita GDP: Capitalist South Korea, $28,000. Communist North Korea, $1,900.


Does that not tell the whole story? Look at the destitution in North Korea. Where is the outrage from the international community always indignant about poverty in the world?


Answer: There is none. Because they cannot somehow blame that poverty on America.


Now look at what wikipedia.org reports about North Korea today:


North Korea is the most militarized country in the world today, having the fourth largest standing army in the world, at nearly 1.2 million armed personnel, with about 20% of men ages 17–54 in the regular armed forces. It also has the Worker-Peasant Red Guard, a reserve force comprising 3.5m+ (IISS), 3.8m (USMC) or 4.7m (State Department) militia. It operates an enormous network of military facilities scattered around the country, a large weapons production basis, and a dense air defense system.


At the same time, the American military has about 1.4 million active soldiers for our nation which is 14 times the population of North Korea.


Here is wikipedia.org describing the South Korean military:


The Republic of Korea has one of the highest defense budgets in the world, regularly making the list of top fifteen (as of 2008)… Its capabilities include many sophisticated American and European weapon systems, complemented by a growing and increasingly more advanced indigenous defense manufacturing sector. For example, by taking advantage of the strong local shipbuilding industry, the ROK Navy has embarked on a rigorous modernization plan with ambitions to become a blue-water navy by 2020.


At the same time, the Republic of Korea Armed Forces has 655,000 active personnel and 3.04 million reserves.


And the reason for South Korea’s huge military and defense budget?


The threat from the North, pure and simple.


Yet isn’t it always leftists and communists who are marching in the streets of America and claiming that they are “peaceful” people opposed to war?


Indeed they do. But those same ‘peaceniks’ never talk about the real nature of global leftist regimes in creating world tensions, like the Soviet Union’s huge military threatening Western Europe and the US for decades.


And what single factor would reduce world tensions in the first place?


Prosperity would do it. But prosperity first is annihilated by communist regimes who then devote massive amounts of their nation’s remaining wealth to their militaries to defend their impoverished nations from outside influence and attack in order to keep total control.


This all adds up to insanity. And that is what drives these communist nations – pure, unadulterated insanity.


Today, South Korea is an American ally. And we should be their protector because we cannot afford to see another nation smothered by communism, particularly a nation inclined to freedom and prosperity as South Korea is today.


But we need to be cautious as well. We cannot be drawn into another conflict after the exhausting cases of Iraq and Afghanistan. That is why North Korea is acting the way it is: Because they know that America will not get involved, and that America is the only nation that can stop them.


We should go ahead with war games, and continue to develop out superior technology and offer it to South Korea. It is up to South Korea to decide whether the brazen attack that took 46 lives is worth pursuing.


Of course it is, unless you have ever dealt with crazy people, that is. Because they are ruthless, incompetent, angry, violent, stupid and dangerous.


Perhaps South Korea will simply absorb these small strikes and America will stand by while they happen. The only alternative is an ugly one – war with an armed and treacherous nation that cares nothing at all about human life.


Expect the North to continue with these small attacks as a means of harassing the law-abiding people of South Korea. These crazy regimes hate law-abiding people and everything else that creates stability and happiness among the world’s people.  They must be watched every minute.


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