No Amnesty, Ever

America should not grant amnesty to illegal aliens at any time because amnesty is merely the third leg of an incremental socialist plan to undermine and disrupt the economy.


Here are the rational reasons that we should not grant amnesty:


Illegal immigration into the United States no longer is a flow of people trying to find work. It has become a flood that America no longer can handle. It has become increasingly violent and dangerous. And Obama is opening up the borders.


Illegal immigration is no longer just a matter of people, drugs and criminals coming over the border from Mexico. Illegal immigration today encompasses millions of people who are flying in on temporary visas from all over the world and who simply are never going to go back home but are going to melt into the landscape. This includes many Islamic terrorists who are planning to attack us from within.


Illegals today are being cultivated by Democrat policies that are giving hundreds of billions of dollars in free medical care, education, housing subsidies, food stamps and the like to the illegals who already are here, no matter where they came from, whether on foot from Mexico or on a flight from Uganda, whether they are hard-working or lazy. And if these people become citizens, they will become eligible for even more handouts that we cannot afford. Our nation is broke.


So we have all these people coming from all over the world whom the Democrats now want to give amnesty to and then sign them up as citizens and Democrat voters.


Currently there are billions of people worldwide who would like to come to America. And we conservatives have wanted for decades to seal our borders and then expand legal immigration so that we can keep track of the people coming in, particularly to attract more skilled and educated people. Liberals, however, want to keep legal immigration numbers low in order to keep skilled and educated people out, but to let millions of illegal immigrants flow over the border so as to ‘dumb down’ the nation with hordes of unskilled, uneducated people.




It is to create chaos and increase pressure on our economy, to sap its energy and create a socialist state through pure economic dependency. This is how Democrats rule. Just look at the economic statistics in many of the cities that Democrats control. They are abysmal.


Then come the calls for amnesty because, after all, the poor people “are already here” and can’t be expected to go home or to continue to “live in the shadows”.


Why not? Most came here to work, many have made money for themselves, have sent billions out of the country to their home nations, and also are accessing our social services at the same time. So they are doing pretty well even if they do “live in the shadows”. And increasingly Democrat policies like ‘sanctuary cities’ are protecting them.


The big question is, however: Why do we need so many illegals in the first place? Do they come here to do “the jobs that Americans won’t do”?


Not really. They are doing jobs that the Democrats have trained many poor Americans, particularly blacks and other groups like notoriously dependent Puerto Ricans in Massachusetts, to refuse to do. So millions of poor Americans stand on the street corner all day and collect welfare while we admit millions of illegals to do certain jobs. Then the media endlessly bemoan the high unemployment rate in black America.


And this whole situation being engineered intentionally by the Democrats.


Why have so many poor Americans become so pathologically slothful?


Because they are programmed by the Democrats to be as lazy as possible, to refuse to work, and to collect as much government welfare as possible while millions of illegals come into the country to do “the jobs that Americans won’t do”.


So now we are paying twice, first in exorbitant handouts to “poor people” in America who refuse to work, then in more and more money for poor illegals to access our schools, hospitals, food stamps etc.


Thus the three-legged stool of socialism works like this: A) Poor Americans are told by the Democrats not to work and to be lazy. B)  Millions of illegals come in to do the jobs that poor Americans won’t do, accessing our hospitals, social service programs, schools and the like. C) Democrats now want the illegals to have amnesty and citizenship in order to increase Democrat voter rolls.


This all has happened incrementally so that nobody puts the whole picture together. And it was working pretty well until the economy collapsed. Now all the handouts are being exposed.


We should say a collective “no” to amnesty and citizenship. This problem was created by the Democrats in the first place with their welfare state spending and their agenda of sloth and dependency. Now let them figure it out.


In addition, a crucial fact is being ignored: Children born here to illegal alien parents naturally become American citizens. So why don’t we just say that that is enough reward, that their children are allowed to become citizens. After all, we are very easy on illegal immigrants. So let their children have their citizenship but not the illegal parents.


And here is another fact: The more illegals that become citizens, the more they are going to empower the Democrat party. And we know that Democrat policies kill wealth and jobs. So the more power the Democrats get, the poorer America is going to become. And this is bad not only for Americans, but for immigrants too.


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