Lindsay Lohan's Parent Trap

Poor Lindsay Lohan. You’ve got feel sorry for her. She is an obvious product of Follywood – confused, drug addicted, alcoholic and seemingly insane like so many of the Left Coast elite. You know Follywood, the place where they think that all us conservatives somewhere in Flyover Country between the San Andreas fault and Manhattan are neanderthals because we live in suburbs or small towns or rural areas, go to church on Sunday and believe in a benevolent God, are not addicted to drugs, sex, money or cheap entertainment, and shop at evil stores like WalMart.


Now Lindsay has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for failure to appear in court. This comes after years of car accidents, drug-fueled benders and alcoholism. She cried on hearing the sentence.


Poor Lindsay.


Lohan first came to prominence at age 12 masterfully playing both identical-twin sisters in Disney’s 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, one of the few Follywood productions of the last 50 years that actually is funny, uplifting, well written, playful, clever, sharp and entertaining, and far, far above Follywood’s normal detritus of political correctness, violence, nihilism, absurdity and stupidity.


Lindsay was born in 1986 and grew up on Long Island, New York, the oldest of four children. She was raised Catholic and her great-grandfather, John L. Sullivan, was a co-founder of the Pro-Life Party of Long Island.


Lohan’s parents were married in 1985, separated in 1989 and later reunited. They separated again in 2005. Her mother is a former singer and dancer who has enabled Lohan’s bad behavior as a party girl/chaperon figure, while her father Michael is a nut case who himself has been in trouble with the law on several occasions.


In short, Lohan has not had what you might call a Mayberry childhood in some small town where the Republican party lurks and genuine Christian churches embrace the lost. As a result, today she is a wreck. And it exposes once again the great myth of Follywood, that stardom is some trophy to be cherished. Because when you really study all the human dysfunction that has come out of Tinseltown’s retrograde entertainment cult, you see the truth about this left-wing abyss. And it shows that Lindsay Lohan is caught in her own real-life parent trap.


Here is an excerpt from wikipedia.org about Lohan’s family:


Lohan spoke in 2007 about her childhood: “I feel like a second parent in the sense that I helped raise my family.” … “I was put between my mother and father a lot. Well, I would put myself between them to try and keep the peace, and I felt good doing that.” Despite the conflicts, Lohan calls herself “a family girl” and has spoken very fondly of her family, including her father. However, in 2007 and again in 2008 she stated that she was no longer in contact with him, describing his unpredictable behavior as hard to deal with


No, there does not seem to be a benevolent father figure around like we conservatives recommend. And look here – Lohan was a big Obama supporter in the 2008 election and criticized Sarah Palin ruthlessly. Yet Palin seems to represent the kind of loving family that might have saved Lohan.


Could her anger at Palin  be the most powerful emotion of all – envy?


Lohan’s life shows where Democrats are taking us. And they are ruining the country by setting up these zombie figures like Lohan as role models. And it is not an accident. Look at how many of them there are.


One of Lohan’s idols is Marilyn Monroe.  In a 2008 edition of New York magazine, Lohan re-created Monroe’s final photo shoot which included nudity. Lohan said that the shoot was “an honor”.


One critic found the photos disturbing, saying “the pictures ask viewers to engage in a kind of mock necrophilia. … At 21 (Lohan) seems even older than Monroe, who was 36 in the originals … (and) the photographs bear none of Monroe’s fragility”.


Do you see the madness in the thinking of Lohan in doing such a shoot, of recreating a life that was itself dead-ended? Then look at what happened to other Monroe-wannabes like Anna Nicole Smith. Dead too.


Monroe became the symbol of empty Follywood  celebrity, a used-up shell of a person who died in 1962 under suspicious circumstances believed by some to have been related to her ties to two other prominent Democrats, the Kennedy brothers, JFK and RFK, both with whom she was known to have been personally close, including sexually.


What is it about Follywood, the Democrats and the leftist elite that so often seems to end in self destruction?




Now in 2010, Lohan is expected to be cast as a porn star in film called Inferno.


Does this sound like a rational thing to do in her fragile state?


Answer: To the Follywood left, it does. Because they will squeeze a few more million out of her before she fades away or dies.


What does Lohan’s story say?


It says a number of things, first that success in a place like Follywood is nothing that it is made out to be. It usually is much, much less. Even less than zero.


Second, that having stable parents and a good family is best for any person, despite the Democrat party’s mantra that parents don’t matter, particularly rational fathers, and that “it takes a village” to raise a child.


Yeah, right…


Third, that Follywood is leading America astray by, in effect, becoming a substitute parent for American youth. And with the toxic atmosphere in so much of La-La Land, we can absolutely expect that many of our kids are going to get caught in a vicious cultural trap that Linsday Lohan now finds herself in. Call it The Parent Trap or whatever. It will never end up as happily as the movie did. And for good reason.


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