When Desperate Liberals Attack

You can always tell when conservatives are succeeding politically because liberals start using desperation tactics to assail them. Look at what has happened to Sarah Palin. The left is apoplectic and does not know what to do about her widespread appeal except smear, smear, smear.


It won’t work. In fact one of the reasons Palin is so popular is because the anti-Palin media have elevated her stature through constant exposure. And like the old saying goes about media coverage, “I don’t care what they say about me as long as they spell my name right.”


Now the NAACP has voted affirmatively on a resolution declaring the Tea Party movement guilty of “explicitly racist behavior” based largely on a widely reported but bogus charge that Tea Partiers called black members of Congress “niggers” at a Washington demonstration last March.


But since there is no proof or evidence of that charge, how can NAACP prop it up?


Answer: With support from their friends in the media who trumpeted it in the first place and who will do anything to further the leftist cause. Truth is irrelevant.


It must be a deadening existence living within a media bubble that puts no value on truth. Then again, many of these journalists are the disreputable ‘hippies’ of the 1960s all grown up. Truth never mattered to them, but only their opinion.


Why is NAACP acting like this?


Out of desperation. Because Obama is failing after he was supposed to be guiding the nation out of the darkness with his erudite brilliance. And blacks and their NAACP are seething and frustrated that “the first black president” is doing so poorly dealing with the nation’s problems and seems headed for Jimmy Carter-like ignominy, tarnishing the image of a black American as a capable leader of all the people. So they must lash out and try to shift the spotlight to the Tea Parties by calling names. Tea Partiers even have been physically threatened, according to one Midwest radio talk show host.


For decades now, blacks have cultivated a loud and belligerent Grievance Culture that has had the media in the palm of its hand. They could complain about anything and it would be amplified coast to coast. And most Americans would run for the hills rather than be roasted as racists by Jesse Jackson or The New York Times.


That no longer is the case. America no longer is going to look the other way when blacks commit mountains of crime, produce millions of illegitimate children, fail to support those children economically or morally, or refuse to work or study hard then find themselves at the short end of the stick. Most citizens know that America has more than reached out to blacks with trillions and trillions in generous government assistance, preference programs and affirmative action. In short, the reparations have been paid.


So this call by the NAACP looks like a pretty lame operation. But then again, Obama is running out of cards to play and needs outside help. He has pushed every emotional button, played every issue on the basis of racial envy and economic jealousy, and defamed all groups outside the liberal cocoon in an attempt to make his agenda work.


But emotion doth not create success. Good policies do. And while Obama may be successful at generating anger at banks  and oil companies and the rest of the private sector, that only goes so far and only with small groups of people. Most Americans want to see positive results and Obama is most decidedly not delivering.


When Obama called out his SEIU union goons to counter Tea Party opposition to the health-care bill, they acted in less than 24 hours to physically attack several health-care critics, including a black male in St. Louis named Kenneth Gladney who was selling anti-Obama buttons.


Now some blacks are calling Gladney an “Uncle Tom”. This is unbelievable and it exposes who some of the real racists in America are today.


And of course, Obama’s Justice Department recently dropped voter intimidation charges against a New Black Panther party member who was seen on one videotape wielding a baton in front of a polling station, and in another tape saying, “I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker I hate him…white, dirty cracker whores…you’re going to have to kill some crackers. You’re going to have to kill some of their babies.”


No, no racism there. Or voter fraud either. No siree. No NAACP caterwauling about “explicitly racist behavior”. After all, these were acts committed by a member of a group that is insulated from charges of racism and malfeasance by the color of his skin, according to lefty dogma.


Yet violence, racism, voter fraud and intimidation are gushing from the political left like an open wound. This is par for the course. And this is a good time to remember why America was created in the first place – to counter the use of intimidation and slander that has peppered history, and to allow Americans to live in peace and safety. Democrats, however, continue to use violence and libel as one of the basic tools in their quiver. Just one example: Sarah Palin’s church was heavily damaged in an arson attack shortly after the 2008 election, and a political motive is strongly suspected.


But Palin did not run to the media with cries of arson and victimhood. She kept silent because she had no proof. Yet blacks are running to a compliant media with cries of racism over every perceived slight, even fabricating them as in the Washington Tea Party case. This is a sign of weak and dangerous people.


In a separate case, a Houston woman who apparently is the wife of an oil-company executive was injured when a box of chocolates that was delivered to her  home exploded.


Where did this attack come from?


From the left, it would appear, from more of the nuts like the SEIU thugs who think that people whom they disagree with should be harmed. Or from radical environmentalists, perhaps, angry about the Gulf oil spill? Or maybe just some DailyKos lunatics egged on by Obama’s hot rhetoric aimed at capitalists and oil companies charging that they are responsible for everything wrong in the world. Yet this rhetoric comes from an Obama who never has worked a minute in the private sector producing anything, but only as a political hack, provocateur, academic and, oh, by the way, a personal  friend of 1960s bomber William Ayers.


Gee, I see a pattern developing here. Violence indeed begets violence, even over generations.


Remember the anti-technology Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski? He mailed bombs to people whom he thought were harming the world. And he was perceived in some quarters as a hero.


We conservatives  believe there are lots of people harming the world, some of them in the White House. But we are not mailing them exploding packages or publicly declaring them racists or saying we wish to kill them. We will simply vote them out of office peacefully. Because conservatives believe in the rule of law and the founding principles of America, that we as a nation reject violence and libel. But somehow, the Democrat party has not got the message about that. And it never will.


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