Conservatism is Not an Ideology

Pat Buchanan, the increasingly libertarian conservative who has worked for several Republican presidents and who has run for president himself three separate times, said on C-Span recently that “conservatism is not an ideology”.


And indeed that is true and a wonderful observation. Because conservatism is a political thought system that is opposed to ideology. And that is why conservatism is on the rise again in America – because the citizens have seen what ideology does to a nation: It destroys.


Consider the facts: Ideologies like socialism, fascism, liberalism, feminism, communism and environmentalism etc. are utopian and idealistic in nature, while conservatives are neither utopian nor idealistic, but rational and realistic. Conservatives wish to refute these ideologies.


Conservatism is manly rationality. It is based on simple logic and observation, the way a realistic man thinks. In other words, if you are trying to solve a problem, a conservative will not approach it from an intellectual or biased point of view, but from the approach that will solve the problem most efficiently.


Ideologues, on the other hand, wish to approach the problem from their bias, even when it fails, such as the environmentalist demand that we use solar energy and wind power even though they do not work.


That is why American conservatives are inclined toward belief systems – not ideologies – that generally work for the good of the majority like capitalism, the Christian faith and military strength and preparedness.   


That is why even conservative women are strong and rational and dignified, like Lynn Cheney or Sarah Palin – because they have that manly rationality about how to solve problems, and they do not try to impose a personal or intellectual regime or, worst of all, feminine  emotion. They work alongside men, not against them as feminists do.


Conservatism is anti-emotional. All ideology is based in emotion, passion and nostalgia. For  instance, millions of people involved in environmentalism think only emotionally and passionately about the ecology, and never rationally. They never think about the negative effects of their policies, like skyrocketing energy prices. The same with animal-rights activists, who often become a laughingstock because of their emotional investment in the issue. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is considered a punch line in America.  


Conservatives always approach an issue with a level head, willing to do whatever is necessary to solve it without panic or hysteria and without resorting to emotional appeals.


Conservatism is centered and balanced, like the center of a circle. It does not subscribe to all these extreme ideologies perched around the edge of the circle, but takes a little from each. It does not subscribe to ‘feminism’ but believes in rights for women in a rational way. It does not subscribe to ‘environmentalism’ but believes in enviro protection in a rational way. It does not subscribe to redistributive ‘socialism’ but believes in helping those less fortunate in a rational way.


Conservatism is timeless and does not kowtow to trends and fads, while ideologies always do, like ‘global warming’ which is just faddish environmentalism and which soon will fade from memory. In fact the timelessness of conservatism is what makes it applicable to any and all situations at all times, not just in occasional applications to address temporary issues like price controls for food or gasoline. 


Yet that same timelessness is what makes conservatism unpopular with many people because conservatism does not follow public trends or popular choices, but is rooted in bedrock logic and realistic expectations that man returns to time after time when ideology fails, as it always does.  


So conservatism sometimes seems old-fashioned when in fact it is simply timeless, which is infinitely more valuable than the trendy ideologies that always fail us because they are based on passing emotions and passions.


For instance, our Founding Fathers created a timeless freedom for our nation that liberals always wish to bend in infinite ways to their daily concerns. That is why liberals reject our American freedom and the Constitution as a framework document – because they can find countless instances in which to disagree with it.


So indeed while we conservatives are often portrayed as “old fashioned” –  hard working, rational, religious, patriotic, thoughtful – we really are the most forward-looking people. But the trendy leftist media build on the negative stereotype, while those same leftists are simply cogs in a fashionable, intellectual and trend-driven society that always falls off the rails over time.


Conservative rationalism, realism and logic are not ideologies. They are simply level-headed ways of thinking about the world that historically always have produced the best results for mankind.  


Just think about these facets of conservatism:


*Conservatism favors the family structure as the most stable unit of society. This has been proven over and over throughout history. It is not an ideological position; it is common sense. Anyone who has observed human behavior throughout time would agree that stable families are the best building block of strong societies.


*Conservatism favors belief in the JudaeoChristian God and the rights that only He, and not man, can grant us. And for the last several thousand years, JudaeoChristianity has served hand in hand with the political, technological, scientific, cultural and economic advancements that have spurred the world forth.


*Conservatism believes in military preparedness and strength, but not military conquest as fascism and communism to. That is why America does not have a global empire when it easily could have. Because common sense says that an empire is more of a hindrance than a benefit to the overall social good.


*Conservatives believe in the individual as capable of caring for his or her own needs in a free society. Because given the opportunity, most people will use their freedom for the their own good which also is the common good, while the ‘common good’ of socialism is always coerced, and always involves government control and finally corruption.


*Conservatives believe in capitalism as the basis for economic opportunity because capitalism is not an ideology, but a natural economic system. Yet conservatives do not blindly support big corporations or wealthy Americans. In fact George Washington warned that business must be regulated, while the Christian faith tells us that “The love of money is the root of all evil”. And we know that “the love of money” is most powerful in our liberal, materialistic cities.


Indeed conservatism is the best way of thinking about the world. If more people thought rationally, then the world would be a much better place. But billions of people have been led to think irrationally by demagogic leaders who do not have the interest of the people at heart, like Al Gore and other environmentalists. Gore told us the seas were going to rise 17 feet under ‘global warming’. But that will never happen. As Gore got richer and richer and richer telling us this fallacy. Fortunately, his lies have been exposed.


These demagogues always will lead us to destruction, which is what you get when you veer away from truth, logic and simple observation of the facts. That is why we must strive to spread the message of conservatism. Because once people understand it, they will gravitate to it.


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