Yes, the 'New Right' is Rising

You can always count on MSNBC’s Chris Matthews as a bellwether for the left. If he looks constipated and can’t seem to manage a smile, that means that Obama is in trouble. If he looks happy and is having a thrill up his leg, that means that Dems are having a good week.


But Democrats are having a really bad time these days. So you can count on Matthews to get panicky and put on an investigative show like he did recently called Rise of the New Right, complete with menacing pictures of some guys in camo gear firing their semi-automatic weapons out in the woods of Michigan.


Yes, those dangerous conservatives and all their dangerous ideas like pruning back the swamp thicket of the welfare state and making people pay their own way. How terrible. How dangerous. Next thing you know, they’ll be asking for a tax cut!


Indeed Matthews should be concerned because his liberal agenda indeed has been exposed. This has been building for a long time and the recession finally has revealed it in its entirety. Americans have been feeling for decades that the government is on a rampage against the citizens; that taxes are out of control; that the IRS is being used as a tool to intimidate honest people; and that government bureaucrats have been getting higher and higher salaries off of pure corruption and now are living extraordinarily good lives at the expense of the taxpayer.


Ditto the so-called ‘poor’ who today often act like they haven’t got a care in the world because, quite frankly, many don’t. The government picks up their whole tab, while the taxpayer is dunned more and more and more.


The rise of the New Right indeed is something that Matthews should be concerned about. As a liberal, his ideas are under assault. And for good reason. Because when conservatives and Tea Partiers including even a US Senate candidate like Sharron Angle in Nevada or a major TV figure like Glenn Beck start to talk about subjects like privatizing Social Security, cutting welfare-state spending deeply, repealing the health-care bill, or eliminating the Internal Revenue Service and replacing it with a simple system like a national sales tax, Matthews &  Co. go koo-koo.


These are ideas that have been kicked around for years and ignored and put into the ‘extremist’ camp. But that was then, and this is now. And we conservatives know that these ideas absolutely will work, are easy to implement, and are the only way to save the nation from its current path of economic self-destruction. And conservatives are not afraid to talk about them any longer. Because our very survival is at stake.


That is why Democrats are so frightened; because finally America has reached a boiling point where people – including US Senate candidates like Rand Paul in Kentucky – are talking openly about the kind of genuine reform that the country needs.


That is why Matthews needs to show how scary we violent, gun-toting conservatives are. Meanwhile groups protected by liberals like blacks and illegal immigrants commit mountains of real crime. But the minute an NRA member recites the Pledge of Allegiance, Matthews and the Southern Poverty Law Center are ready to launch wiretaps and SWAT teams to halt these “dangerous right-wing militia groups” which are portrayed as ready to strike.


What is so scary to Matthews about reforming Social Security?


He is frightened because reform would take the power of controlling the trillion-dollar-plus Social Security payout away from the Democrat party as a spoils system. And it would put economic power back in the hands of the hard-working people whose money is being usurped by SS. You know, all the right-wing kooks who live in the suburbs, small towns and rural areas and who shop at WalMart. Along with thousands of others, even in cities, who are flipping politically every day to the right.


Indeed Matthews should be concerned. The American people aren’t going to swallow the hackneyed Democrat nonsense that Social Security is some wonderful system that will save us from poverty, but instead are aware that it is an economic black hole that already is in the process of making tens of millions of hard-working people poor. In fact it already has made them poor. It has taken vast amounts of their wealth, spent it, and now has no way to pay them back with future SS payments except for massive tax increases on coming generations in a vicious downward spiral.


Indeed Matthews should be concerned about Tea Party suggestions about eliminating the IRS because that agency has been exposed for years as a top-heavy, ham-handed, bloated, inefficient bureaucracy that is being used to intimidate Americans whom the Democrat party does not like.


And there is a simple way to deal with the IRS – eliminate it. And replace the whole tax system with a simple flat tax or national sales tax. Which would take the power of April 15 harassment away from the IRS, remove the power of intimidation from the Democrat party, and end tax evasion by Democrats who are routinely never audited by their friends who populate the IRS bureaucracy.


You don’t really think that the IRS is being even-handed do you?


If you do, there is a bridge for sale in Brooklyn that I’d like to show you.


Indeed this recession is the catalyst for all the ideas that we conservatives have been advocating for decades like kicking the welfare freeloaders off the dole. Hey, why not? What’s so important about people who refuse to work?


Nothing at all. Their time is up. We’ll take away their hammock. Let them sleep on the ground and see how they like their no-work lifestyle for a change.


What about repealing the health-care bill? Not ‘fixing it’ or ‘tinkering with it’, but getting rid of it? Because we New Righters know that such a bill is just the seed of a massive new entitlement that will grow and consume the economy as Medicare and Social Security have.


Medicare, yes, the wonderful system for old people! How we cherish Medicare!


Only problem is that Medicare is flat broke, just as Social Security is.


Remember just a few short years ago when Bush proposed to reform Social Security?


Oh, no! the media hollered. We’ll never touch that wonderful system! It helps SO many people!


Indeed the media always talked about Social Security and Medicare as the “third rail” of American politics, like the third rail of an electrified train system, that if you touched it you would die.


Well, turns out that Social Security and Medicare and all the rest of these programs are going to kill us… if we don’t fix them.


Yes, Matthews is correct. The New Right is rising. But this time it’s different. It is different from Reagan’s and Goldwater’s time, when there were some things you just didn’t discuss, like privatizing Social Security and booting the whole Internal Revenue Service system into oblivion. When Joseph Stack crashed his airplane into a Texas IRS building last Winter out of anger and frustration, millions quietly cheered. And perhaps Matthews and his friends saw the scary future where Americans will simply revolt, not against the corporations and the timber companies and their private-sector bosses, but against the government itself.


Hmmm, that was not supposed to happen in the university/media playbook. But it has.


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