Provocateurs in a Fragile World

“The recovery is still fragile,” president Obama said in a statement during the G20 summit in Toronto, Canada. On the same day, rioters were smashing windows and lighting cars afire in downtown Toronto to protest the summit.


A columnist for the Toronto Globe & Mail named Rick Salutin essentially excused the rioters by saying that the violence was a result of citizens upset with all the preparations, restrictions and security apparatus put into place over the summit. Yet most of that security was a direct response to riots at previous summits.


Salutin even said in an O’Reilly Factor interview that the real criminals were not in the streets, but were the leaders in the G20 meetings.


Wrote Salutin in a Globe & Mail column called Leaders annihilating our normalcy for their own convenience on June 25:


They’ve annihilated much of our normal life for the past week and coming weekend, for their safety and convenience. Yet it never occurs to them to apologize or express regret…. What is the sign of the breakdown in the relationship? Police everywhere, to protect the governors from the people. That’s how it looks. I’m not saying that’s what it is, yet. But it’s amazing that they don’t even react to the optics of the situation: i.e. a temporary police state… One local says, “Our school desperately needs a paint job. But they spend money on a water cannon.” Multiply that by a lot and eventually you get a crisis of democratic legitimacy.


Look at the provocateur Salutin egging on the rioters using language like “annihilated much of our normal life”… and “Our school desperately needs a paint job. But they spend money on a water cannon.” Or that the criminals are the political leaders and not the rioters. This is pure emotional tinder being thrown on a fire that was breaking out on the streets of Toronto.


Now visualize tens of thousands of Toronto residents read the rantings of an extremist like Salutin. This is dangerous stuff. Salutin should be kicked off the newspaper. But then again, this is the way many elites at many newspapers around the world today think. They have veered far to the left and in places like Greece and Canada, and they fuel the flames of violence with their editorials.


This is what might be called ‘circular violence’ in which rioters create a need for security, which incites a call that there too much security, which inspires more anger, which is echoed in the media, which leads to more riots.


Get the picture?


Meantime, Obama himself has consistently talked disparagingly about capitalist private enterprise, further fueling the violent left that foments the protests. Yet at the same time Obama was calling for more stimulus spending because “the recovery is still fragile” his European and Canadian counterparts were calling for debt control instead.


Angela Merkel of Germany and Stephen Harper of Canada were strongest in challenging Obama’s continued reliance on Keynesian stimulus spending, i.e., tax money pumped into the economy.


In other words, the old Keynesian economics is finally dead after kicking around in its coffin for decades. And after decades of failed Keynesian overspending, even socialist Europe is abandoning debt and deficits as the US careens toward more debt and more deficits.


What is going on here?


It sounds like the old two-step, where Europe and the US are 180 degrees out of synch. In good times, America was more restrained in its spending, and Europe was profligate. But now that the global recession has gutted treasuries, Europe has pulled itself back from the brink because it has no wiggle room. Euro debts are much higher than America’s.


Meanwhile Obama is continuing to add debt, and someday, if this pattern continues, America will have similar percentage debt loads as Europe, and 8% to 10% unemployment will be accepted as “normal”. After all, both Obama and vice president Biden have said that many of the lost American jobs will never come back. And they won’t as long as Obama continues his policies.


So who are these rioters in the streets of Toronto?


Are they hard-working, upstanding parents, whose small children are in school as mom and dad smash windows? Do they contribute to their communities and serve selflessly in the military? Do they own small businesses and contribute to the economy every day?


Yeah, right…


They are called “communists” and “anarchists” but whatever you call them, they really are all just young urban, leftist thugs who love to destroy things, because they are angry, are manipulated by outside forces on the political left, and have no investment in society. Some call themselves “anarchists” for convenience, but they really are all communist destroyers.


After all, how many of these nuts do you really see preaching that they don’t want any government at all, as anarchists want no government?


None. They really are union-backed radicals and marxists who want a powerful leftist government that will control the world economy without opposition. Nine hundred rioters were said to have been arrested for their Toronto rampage. And they all should be put on national and international no-fly lists.


Meanwhile in Greece, more strikers tried to shut down the Greek economy over austerity measures several weeks after widespread rioting broke out in Athens over Greek debt.


And who is sponsoring the strikes and the riots in Greece?


Unions and communists, that’s who. The left.


On The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly said that the Toronto riots are a precursor of what we will see worldwide if the economy gets any worse. Yet O’Reilly is falling prey to the media ploy in which small bands of a few thousand leftists appear to represent a threat to the world.


That is false. This is a minority using the media to appear much bigger than it is. These rioters have no support in the wider population. And this is the way that minorities always rule – through magnified actions in the media and through lies and intimidation. Because rational people, including most Euros and the heads of state over there, finally have come to realize that the agenda of the left  – endless spending – is unsustainable.


Indeed the recovery is still fragile, as Obama said. But it is fragile because governments have spent themselves into oblivion. Then when leaders seek to address the problem, the left goes berserk, in essence, appearing to threaten the world and leading to statements like O’Reilly’s. Because once reason is applied, the left loses out. And they know it.


We, the peaceful majority with reason and simple economic principle on our side, must call out the rabble for what they are – violent provocateurs in the streets being egged on by provocateurs in the media suites like Rick Salutin. And only then will the world be able to peacefully settle the economic crisis and move on to growth and prosperity that is sustainable over the long run.


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