1960s Stupidity Revisited

Every once in a while the History Channel runs documentaries about the 1960s, about the Woodstock music concert of 1969, about the ‘hippies’, about drug use in the Age of Aquarius, about the so-called Summer of Love in the Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco in 1967.


These programs are fascinating because they explain why America has had an economic collapse and can no longer even produce the energy or resources that we need to fuel our economy. Or why jobs are running away from our shores, leaving us poorer and poorer.


The reason: Because the drug-crazed ‘hippies’ of the 1960s now are in positions of great political power and have ruined the country, just like they met at Woodstock, got stoned out on drugs for three days, left a huge, stinking pile of garbage behind and then proclaimed Woodstock some sterling hallmark of a forward-looking generation.


Indeed it was. It was a hallmark of failure, stupidity and self indulgence.


These documentaries always include interviews with sociologists and authors and pretty-boy and pretty-girl former ‘hippies’ whose most cherished image is in the mirror, like all narcissists. These people continue to spout the most nonsensical pabulum that fits only their template because they have an audience of one – themselves.


It is embarrassing to watch how self-focused the ‘hippies’ were, spouting a 20-year-old’s wisdom about living in a utopian world, ideas that they got not from testing themselves by living a good or challenging or productive life, but from a pamphlet they picked up on the street.


Drugs fried their minds, bad rock music led them astray into a world of mediocrity, while moronic publications like the Whole Earth Catalog touted books and tools about 19th century practices that man had abandoned as soon as something better came along. In other words, as soon as we naturally evolved into a better life, the ‘hippies’ proclaimed that it was wrong. To them, industrialism was soul-robbing, prosperity was bad and life in the suburbs was pure evil.


Anyone who lived through the 1960s remembers how thoroughly awful, superficial, hypocritical and materialistic it all was. Which is why those who continue to revere the 1960s today remain awful, superficial, hypocritical and materialistic people. They mostly live on the East and West Coasts. The rest of the nation is somewhat safe from them, but not from their policies.


For instance, after tens of thousands of people had their minds destroyed by LSD, some of the interviewees in these documentaries still were claiming that LSD was a consciousness-expanding exercise when in fact it was nothing more than a bottle of vodka in tablet form.


Yeah, man, let’s trip out and make a painting!


Imagine any former ‘hippies’ today telling their kids to go out and take LSD. Yet the conservative parents of the 1960s, who cared about their children, were called every name in the book by the leftists who wanted to separate the youth from the parents and indoctrinate the kids to a radical lifestyle that ultimately has proven to be a dead end.


Yet there really has been little condemnation of the drug use of the 1960s. Some continue to claim that it was beneficial.




Because ‘hippies’ were leftists, and leftists can never admit that they are wrong, or were wrong, about anything.


That is why so many of the former ‘hippies’ now inhabit so many of our universities – because in academia there is no right and wrong, no fact separated from fantasy, only opinions that never are proven or tested through real-world experience. And everything they believe in to this day – up to and including ‘green energy’ – has failed.


One great truth about the 1960s is that it existed within a bubble of prosperity where the ‘hippies’ were economically insulated from the harsh realities of the world while they disregarded the essential nature of our freedom and prosperity in the first place. “Power to the people!” they shouted. And “Down with the pigs (the police)!” And “If it feels good, do it!”


Yeah, man, right. Now they’re more worried about their 401K and where to get their BMW fixed. Or the union that protects their precious college-professor salary.


Yeah, man, power to the people.


In fact, the entire ‘hippie’ lifestyle was based more on the slothful lives of a privileged elite than on a stable, growing democracy where each person is expected to uphold freedom and prosperity through hard work and personal restraint. No, the ‘hippies’ did whatever they wanted to do like the spoiled brats they were.


Look at the story about the so-called Summer of Love. In 1967, thousands of ‘hippies’ migrated to San Francisco and lived a loose lifestyle in the Haight-Ashbury section, sleeping in the streets, taking drugs, asking for free food, attending psychedelic concerts etc. Oh, it was awesome, man.


Of course, the documentaries never tell you what really happened afterward. Because by 1969, Haight-Ashbury was a boarded-up dump full of degenerate, homeless drug addicts living on the streets. All the ‘hippies’ had moved on… after wrecking the place, that is.


Because that is what the thinking of the leftist ‘hippies’ does – it wrecks things. Like America. Today we have millions living on government handouts  because the ‘hippies’ devoted themselves to the philosophy of sloth and wealth redistribution. Our genuine Christian churches are emptying out but our psychiatrists’ offices are overflowing because the ‘hippies’ unleashed demons that haunt tens of millions of Americans today. We are installing inefficient windmills on the mountaintops, despoiling nature, while producing little energy at all. The family structure is decimated while divorce is everywhere after the ‘hippies’ told  us, “If it feels good, do it!”


Today many of our political elites who grew up in the 1960s show signs of irrational, drug-crazed thinking about the environment, the economy etc. Meanwhile many from that generation died young like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and on and on. The names are far too numerous to recount.


Some of us warned about the destructive nature of the 1960s, that it was not a time of “liberation”, but a time of enslavement to drugs, to mediocrity, to hypocrisy, to stupidity. Meanwhile those of us who warned about the ‘hippie’ generation are gearing up to fight against the destruction that they have caused and are causing to our nation.


The great tragedy is that the destruction happened in the first place. But that’s what you get from the minds of fools.


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