Conservatism Rising

Well, it sure didn’t take long. Less than three months after the inauguration of Barack Obama, a new movement burst onto America on April 15, 2009.


Today that grass-roots Tea Party movement is growing and increasing in strength with every passing week, already impacting national elections in significant ways. The Democrats are deathly afraid of it, because they understand political power better than anything else. But there is nothing they can do about it. They are doing everything they can to smear it, but this New Conservatism truly is a home-grown political guerilla force that the left’s cumbersome media army cannot quell with its outdated weaponry of blustering editorials, insults, disinformation, defamation and biased reporting.


The New Conservatism of 2010 is a reminder of an earlier time. In 1976, Ronald Reagan had been defeated by Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination to run for the presidency of the United States. Reagan was considering quitting presidential politics, but was taken aside and given a pep talk by the late Republican US senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina, and by the late GOP congressman Jack Kemp, the supply-side advocate of tax reductions to spur growth. For those too young to know, Ford lost and Reagan was elected in a landslide in 1980.


In the late 1970s, America was suffering from stagflation and uncertainty. Foreign powers were declaring America terminally wounded because we had a self-loathing, rudderless leader in the vapid Jimmy Carter. Iran seized our hostages and the Soviets waltzed into Afghanistan.


Carter was incompetent and stupid, but not nearly so malicious as Barack Obama. Carter was not surrounded by political radicals seeking to undo the very fabric of our nation. Today, the situation is quite different. And we conservatives all know it.


We conservatives and Tea Party activists are not waiting to rally around one person for president in 2012, and settling for the Congress to remain Democrat as it did under Reagan. No indeed, we are aroused and the time is now. And those of us on the leading edge of the New Conservatism are fueling a movement fomented not through powerful, established institutions like the universities or the editorial pages of elite urban newspapers, but in the two most powerful institutions of all – in our homes and in our hearts – where real freedom originates in the souls of the citizenry.


Since Obama took office, the people have been alarmed at what the Founders warned against, that a powerful political clique would seize control, squander the people’s wealth and push the citizens down. But that ain’t gonna happen. Because we have texts to guide us like the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence written by the most brilliant political thinkers in history, who made us the freest most prosperous people ever.


We have the comforting words of Adams and Franklin, of Washington and Madison. And all the other courageous patriots. Their wisdom is timeless.


Since Obama’s ascendancy through media manipulation alone – he never could have been elected without total and uncompromising media complicity – the bloom has come off the rose. The following instances show that our nation is already on the road to recovery:


*We MAY have seen the worst of the recession (that is a very guarded assessment) and surely have seen the worst of Obama. He has played every card and has exposed himself. America is not going to take any more. He is ramming through every last payout and bribe that he can before he loses much congressional power in November. He is saddling us with debt that we can only begin to pay off through massive government spending cuts, which is how we will do it.


*Obama’s job approval ratings are so low that he is essentially a bystander in federal and state elections. Candidates for whom he has campaigned personally have lost in embarrassing defeats in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. This sure is a big switch from January 2009 when  he was seen as invincible.


*In New York state’s 23rd congressional district, a third-party conservative candidate with hardly any money or name recognition, who usually gets less than 5% of the vote, pushed the Republican off the ballot and almost won the special election there of November 2009 with 46%. Douglas Hoffman will be back in November 2010, and will win this time.


*In Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district in a special May 18 election, conservative Republican Tea Partier Tim Burns got 45% of the vote in a district with a 2 to 1 Democrat voter registration advantage. Democrat Mark Critz won the seat only by taking conservative stands on several key issues – saying that he favored the 2nd Amendment, is pro-life, and opposes Obama’s health-care bill and cap-and-trade bill. Thus conservatism won the day in Pennsylvania. 100% of the votes in PA-12 went against Obama in significant ways.


*In New Jersey, Republican governor Chris Christie is unflinchingly confronting the privileged public-employee unions for their greed and avarice in creating that state’s fiscal crisis. In the past, governors usually played along and usually folded in the face of union/media belligerence, but Christie is not. Because he is flexing the muscle of the bold New Conservatism in a time of unprecedented economic challenge.


*In California, we have seen the collapse of a half-baked celebrity ‘Republican’ governorship that is not conservative in the least. Schwarzenegger is just a Follywood liberal who wanted to toy with the reins of power, as if his movie-star status would make everything OK. It hasn’t. No more Schwarzeneggers!


*In Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown took the US Senate seat held for 47 years by Ted Kennedy. He won not by seeking to accommodate and compromise with the Democrats, but by running hard against Obama.


*Polls consistently show that 55% or more of Americans want to repeal the Obama health-care plan, including many Democrats. A Rasmussen poll from late May said 63%! Because Americans now understand that such plans are debt bombs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the rest. We are not stupid like Obama thinks we are.


*Incumbent Democrats like US senator Barbara Boxer in California, who have coasted to electoral victory time and time again, now are fearing for their political lives in the November elections.


*Conservative US Senate candidates like Rand Paul in Kentucky and Marco Rubio in Florida are charging unabashedly against the Washington establishment, both Republican and Democrat. In the past, good economic times allowed massive government spending to be overlooked. No more. People like Rubio and Paul are talking bluntly about the need for serious reform.


Said Paul after his primary victory, “The Tea Party movement is about saving the country from a mountain of debt.” and “We’re going to take our government back.” You would never have heard talk like this just a few years ago. This is not the equivocal compromise language that ‘moderate’ Republicans traditionally have offered for fear of what a New York Times editorial might say about them. This is straight talk that resonates with hard-working people.


*The phony ‘global warming’ alarmists have been debunked and shamed despite total media complicity in promoting their bogus ideas. And despite the media war on Arizona, most American agree with the new immigration law.


*America’s elite liberal newspapers are losing circulation and money, while viewership of left-leaning CNN and MSNBC are falling. Meanwhile Fox News is flourishing while Rush Limbaugh’s program is thriving. Glenn Beck is one of the most famous people on television just one year after the launch of his Fox program.


*This time around, unlike 1980, we are aware that we cannot allow our freedoms to be threatened again through apathy. Democrats who plunder our Treasury and threaten our freedoms will not be tolerated, and neither will Republicans who join them.


There will be some defeats along the way in creating a New Conservative Majority. Douglas Hoffman lost in his first try, but he will be back just as Ronald Reagan was. Along with hundreds of others who will partake of a new brand of political persistence. Over the long run, we will win by focusing only on our ultimate goal, not letting occasional losses dispirit us, and weeding out those politicians who ignore us. The momentum is with us and so is rationality. It is called three steps forward and one  step back. And that is called progress.


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