Liberals Nurture Black Grievance Culture

Note from Erick: Roland Martin noted this diary on twitter and takes exception to the characterization of him. In particular, both he and I would note that he is journalist. Like me, Roland is also a CNN commentator and expresses his opinions passionately. Beyond that, though, Roland has spent a lot of time addressing the concerns this post would have you believe he has not. In fact, he and I have personally discussed the problems with public schools, etc. and believe it or not, a lot of you would agree with his position.

We now return you to the diary.

— Erick

Here is something that happens routinely: A black intellectual from someplace like Harvard appears on a TV interview show on CNN or NBC and laments the lack of progress in black America, that there are too many blacks in jail or living in poverty, that discrimination still is rampant and unemployment too high, that blacks lag behind whites in education, etc. etc.


These intellectuals have become the cheerleaders for the black Grievance Culture as black people have become chronic whiners. Blacks simply complain constantly, while many of their problems are of their own making. For instance, there are many blacks in prison because blacks commit a great deal of crime.


And if poor blacks ever devoted as much energy to improving themselves and changing the way they live as they commit to their Grievance Culture, they would be much better off.


But no. And why is this culture thriving?


It a result of decades of Democrat programming of blacks to insistently agitate and to complain because that is how the left always increases its power, through a drumbeat of narcissist self-pity and angry assaults on their political adversaries – white people, Republicans, Tea Partiers, capitalists, gun owners, corporations, the military, business etc.  To them, nothing is ever the fault of the Democrats, or of liberalism, or of bad black behavior.


Then the New York Times and the rest of the Ancient Media aid and abet the Grievance Culture, looking down on the tattered black community like a specimen in a petri dish.


We know that this Grievance Culture is a classic tactic of people throughout history who get what they want by complaining. We all know people who do it. It is actually quite common.


And today liberals are encouraging this Grievance Culture because they don’t want urban blacks, for instance, to dwell on the fact that the horrible Democrat-controlled public education system is responsible for so much of their failing. Or that single-mother illegitimacy, which is universally accepted in liberal America, is ruining generation after generation by creating poverty and dependence. That Democrat political corruption in Democrat-controlled cities stifles business and growth and jobs and any hope for the future. That violent, nihilistic hip-hop and rap ‘music’ makes a few entertainment-industry liberals rich while poisoning black youth.


So the Democrats and blacks use a standard tactic of misdirection. They shift the spotlight from the destruction caused by liberalism and point the finger at conservatives. And it works well, with all of the Democrat black politicians part of it, like the congressmen who said that Tea Parties had called them “niggers” when no evidence has been produced to show that that actually happened.


And bearing false witness in that way is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments. Then again, one of America’s most prominent black leaders, Al Sharpton, came to national prominence in 1986 falsely accusing a group of white men of raping a black teenager named Tawana Brawley.


But no mind. Sharpton never has apologized to those men and even has run for president. And the Ancient Media have no problem with this political con artist, who is a stellar representative of the Grievance Culture. 


Then, of course, the same Grievance Culture liberals never, ever point out all the economic gains in the black community – that Oprah Winfrey has become a multi-billionaire sitting on her couch interviewing celebrities; that uneducated basketball players live in luxury in their mansions; that mindless comics like Eddie Murphy have accumulated fortunes acting like a class clown; that blacks have received preferential treatment in hiring, college admissions, media appearances etc. and trillions in  handouts, college scholarships, housing subsidies, food stamps and the like. And that we have a black president.


Well, half black.


No, that is not important. The only thing important to the Grievance Culture is to nurture the Grievance Culture and to expand it. Because all of liberalism is based on the same thing – getting money from other people. And complaining is a good way to do it.


Is black unemployment too high?


Well, perhaps not. Because if you interview millions of unemployed black people you will discover that the public schools never educated them, that they are lazy and have no ambition, that they have never acquired any skills, that they have bad habits, that they have no clue about how to obtain and hold a job and prosper, that corruption and crime and illegitimacy have destroyed their neighborhoods, that it is easier just to collect a government check. This all is an outcome of Democrat policies.


Meanwhile, liberalism encourages the same blacks to think only about themselves. Me, me, me. Complain, complain, complain. This is the way all liberals are programmed to talk and think – blacks, homosexuals, artists, college professors, novelists, New Yorkers, Follywood actors, environmentalists, rich urban elites, feminists, union members, poor people demanding their welfare check. Me, me, me. Shamelessly. Public school teachers proclaim over and over that they are the most important people in all of society. The media repeat this over and over.


And where does this nonsense come from?


From liberalism.


The polar opposite, of course, are the selfless people who serve quietly in our military, who are overwhelmingly conservatives, and who are willing to actually die for their country without any complaint whatsoever.


Blacks used to be much more conservative, restrained and dignified people and some still are. Even under enormous duress, they had pride. And they were all Republicans because the Republican party was established in 1854 as the anti-slavery party and Lincoln freed the slaves. Martin Luther King was a Republican.


In the early 20th century, before the civil rights movement, black Republicans had three sustaining institutions that the Democrat party has destroyed – their businesses, their churches and their families. In fact liberalism has destroyed these institutions wherever they exist, even in white America. And then those same Democrats act as if blacks had nothing at all until the Democrats came along and saved them with decades of government handouts.


Those handouts have destroyed tens of millions of people by creating sloth and dependency. Blacks would have been much better off building on their conservative culture of church, business and family. The Democrats want no part of it, however. They offer Other People’s Money in exchange for votes. Period. End of story.


Still many blacks go nuts every time they even perceive a slight, which is a psychological trait of weak people. If you’ve ever seen a guy named Roland Martin on CNN, he is often shouting and on the edge of exploding, like a comic-book character. Blacks today are on a hair trigger.


They even make stuff up, like the congressmen who claimed that Tea Partiers called them names. But they never seem to go nuts about their horrible public schools, the destruction of the black family and black churches, of nihilism and hip-hop stupidity and gang violence and black-on-black murder and on and on. Because these all are a result of leftist influences on black America.


We conservatives are endlessly maligned for not supporting black America. But why should we? Millions upon millions of blacks today live contrary to the way that we conservatives know for certain builds a durable culture. We know that handouts and sloth and dependence and illegitimacy and political corruption and bad schools are going to produce more poverty and more corruption, that it is an endless and vicious cycle. And that is a truth that the Democrats nurture and will never admit to being part of. And that is the real basis of racism and demagoguery  in America.


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