Real Dads Rule

Did you know that Sunday, June 20, is International Refugee Day? Yes, indeed. In fact the aging, confused actor Sam Waterston appeared on TV recently detailing his work with refugees, including “climate refugees”.


So now everything from energy to exiled populations to hamster races has to include a “climate” angle. Did you know that bingo now can no longer be played at night in Florida because the lighting will produce too many greenhouse gases?


Just kidding… But it sounds like it could be true, does it not? That is how absurd the enviro-kooks have become.


Lily-livered metrosexuals like Waterston certainly want you to know about Refugee Day but to forget about the other important thing happening on June 20. Because the same libs obsessing about desperate people in faraway lands actually have sought over the years to minimize and downplay the really big deal on June 20 – Fathers Day. After all, they lament, so many kids don’t have fathers, so the libs don’t want to hurt those kids’ feelings.




Thus fatherless children can think about some “climate refugee” fleeing the burning sands of Mali rather than thinking about a… father. You know, the guy downstairs in his recliner, or out on the lawn mower? The guy who has guided us and cared for us? You know, Dad? With the wrenches and the instruction book?


And why do liberals seek to downplay fathers?


Because strong, rational men and logical fathers are anathema to irrational liberalism. For decades now, big-government socialists have been advocating single motherhood supported by the taxpayer, with no father in sight. Feminists and media leftists have mocked fathers in the home as abusive, stupid and overbearing. Democrats want kids to grow up without fathers so that the kids will become politically pliable adults – confused, angry, gullible, emotional or even criminal. Studies show our jails full of people who did not have a father in the home.


Indeed strong men are the roadblocks to socialist control of our lives. Because strong men, in the role of rational fathers, reject the endless leftist nonsense that we all need the government to care for us, that ‘global warming’ is going to consume us, that faith in God is simply an archaic way of thinking, or that oil-soaked pelicans are the most tragic figures in the world.


No, we real fathers know what the Big Truth is. And we know that freedom is the most important thing of all and will lead us to everything else we need – love, happiness and prosperity. Which is why the left wants to marginalize our influence. Because leftists want to undermine freedom and impose their agenda and control.


But we fathers persist. Because we know what real freedom is. And what real love is. While many liberals know about neither.


Love does not mean that you hug your kids every day and give them lollipops and ice cream, although those are excellent things to do. But anyone can do that. Mafia bosses do that stuff. Union thugs too. And crooked politicians.


Real love means that you give your children something beyond emotion – the guidance to become fulfilled adults and good parents themselves by giving them an even keel of knowledge and understanding. Real love does not necessarily include material wealth, but always means spiritual strength in imparting the knowledge about the difference  between right and wrong, and revealing what is utterly false in the world like the misleading media drumbeat about everything from Social Security to terrorism to ‘climate change’… or whatever Al Gore is calling it these days.


Yes, we genuine fathers know things and do things and say things that make a positive difference. We work hard, sacrifice for the family good and the common good, and unabashedly direct our kids away from the stupidity of popular culture and the lies of the media. We tell our kids to learn by observing, not by listening to the opinions of elites as printed on newspaper editorial pages.


So what has happened to “real” fathers and “real” men?


Their numbers have shrunk as the universities and media malign and defame our masculine, realistic culture and replace it with an effeminate and idealistic culture that is increasingly dismissive of hard work, moral judgments, decisive actions and risk. This culture disrespects and caricatures strong men and elevates males who are materialistic, superficial, media-centric, vain, ignorant and narcissistic. You know, like Tom Hanks or Bruce Springsteen.


Look at our two most recent Democrat presidents. Bill Clinton’s alcoholic father died when Clinton was young, leading Clinton to bizarre behavior like sex in the Oval Office, which is a classic confused action of a lost child. Barack Obama’s father abandoned him and died a derelict drunk in Africa. That certainly explains why Obama is a pure radical not grounded in emotional maturity but whipsawed by emotion itself. You know – one day cool, next day hot. Kick ass, bro…


Strong fathers are not afraid of the political correctness of today’s popular culture. They are willing to call out the phonies in Follywood and in Washington and in New York who are leading our nation astray. They are unimpressed by Al Gore’s Nobel Prize because behind it they see the truth – an empty shell of a man participating in a worldwide hoax.


Strong fathers pass on a healthy skepticism to their children. Real dads preach an optimism about our ability to solve our problems, not to be defeated by them. And yes, children, father knows that there is a right and wrong. Forget what the liberals tell you, that there is just a big gray smudge where anything goes.


Indeed it is the father who puts the edge on a child that gives him or her the weapon of uprightness. Mothers are wonderful and crucial, but kids need an edge to survive in the world. Otherwise they grow up adrift where narcissism, moral equivalence and materialism rule.


Genuine fathers put the hammer down. And thank God for them.


Happy Fathers Day to all the real Dads out there.


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