Palin Soars, Unions Snore

The June 8 primary elections showed two important trends: Sarah Palin’s power and influence are rising, while the clout of labor unions is shrinking. And those are good outcomes.


Palin endorsed three GOP candidates who went on to win – Nikki Haley, who will run as the Republican candidate for governor of South Carolina in November; Sharron Angle, a Nevada Tea Partier who came out of nowhere and will challenge Democrat Senate majority leader Harry Reid; and Carly Fiorina, who will take on the ultra-lib Democrat incumbent Barbara Boxer for the US Senate from California.


While Fiorina, a well-known businesswoman, had a fairly good lead in her race, Palin’s endorsement energized her while the Palin nod brought Haley and Angle out of the woods and into the light.


In other words, after less than two years even being known to the American public at large – Palin was introduced to the nation by John McCain in late August 2008 – Sarah Palin is soaring as perhaps the most influential figure in American politics as Obama & Co. find themselves caught in a political downdraft.


Meanwhile, labor unions put $10 million into a primary race supporting Democrat Arkansas lieutenant governor Bill Halter who lost to incumbent US senator Blanche Lincoln.


So – Palin up, unions down.




Palin is like a guerilla fighter sniping at the enemy with the fire of truth and common sense. She is like a drone strike, where the victims don’t even see or hear her coming. Meanwhile labor unions and the Democrat party are like the Soviet army bogged down in the mud with all the old ideas and methods and equipment and bureaucracies that once worked in the past,  but now are obsolete.


“Travel light” goes the old saying, as Palin is doing. She is an awesome political marvel with five kids, a sparkle in her eye, a genuine connection to the real people of America (because she is one of them), an unflappable persona, a regular old house like most of us live in, and even a real man for a husband who races “snow machines” as they are called in Alaska.


First Dude, Todd Palin. A totally tricked-out bro… What else could Americans want?


Thus is it any wonder that the media are doing everything in their power to marginalize Palin?


No, it is no wonder at all. And now they are even more terrified by what happened on June 8.


Sarah and Todd truly are the “kind of people you would want to have a beer with”, as one poll question asks. Indeed they are like most of “us”. They would not know their way around the Harvard campus or which art galleries are the hippest in town. And this frightens to death the media and university elites who think of us common folks like some strange merchandise from the back room at WalMart.


On the other hand:  Is it any wonder that unions are becoming less and less welcome in American workplaces and voting booths after Americans have witnessed for decades the destruction of jobs and wealth and entire companies, and now entire states like California, at the hands of greedy labor unions?


No, no wonder there. Americans know that the union pendulum has swung way too far in favor of corruption and avarice.


What is it about Palin that so enrages and unhinges the once-powerful New York Times and CNN?


It is that she is rising precisely as the Times and Newsweek and CNN are sinking. Their rage is based in the most powerful emotion of all – envy. And that must be a sick feeling for the once-dominant media.


No, the Democrats thought that the election of Obama meant that finally they had America in the palm of their hands for at least a generation or two. Little did they think that just three months into the Obama presidency, on April 15, 2009, that the Tea Party movement would open up shop, and that just one year later it would be a major force on the American scene with Sarah Palin as its ally. Little did they think that suddenly complacent conservatives would be seeking offices with as much verve as Democrats have stolen and controlled them over the past 50 years.


Now a lefty writer from Massachusetts named Joe McGinniss even has moved right next door to Palin as he collects information in Alaska for a book about her that is expected to be a hatchet job.


This is just another sign of liberal madness, as if the very act of intimidation is going to cow Palin and her followers.


Note to McGinniss: Forget it, Joe. That stuff does not work anymore. It can only strengthen and empower her. You have misread her and misread us. Every media attack only makes her stronger and more famous, and stirs our freedom-loving, Tea Party souls. But Mr. McGinniss, you and your ilk cannot stop yourselves because you have only one page in your playbook – attack, defame, malign.


And good luck to McGinniss selling 10% of the books that Sarah Palin has sold. McGinniss is stale beer. Palin is sparkling water. She crackles with energy and clarity.


Palin is a butterfly while Obama and his cronies are like bears rummaging through the dumpster, looking for anything edible. Any freedom that they can consume, they will. And this is what is energizing Palin’s America – fear of the grip of Big Government and conviction that we will roll this back starting NOW.


The election of Obama has done more to wake the sleeping conservative giant than any other single event in the last 50 years. The recession has rung that alarm clock doubly loud. Now Sarah Palin has emerged to join the perfect storm at just the right time as Ronald Reagan emerged in the late 1970s to save America from communism abroad and stasis at home.


Sarah Palin is today’s Ronald Reagan. She comes from humble roots. She is like us regular folks. She is honest and she loves her country, not political power. She is unafraid and unintimidated because she knows the truth. She knows what needs to be done. She is loved by the people. She is The Real Deal and her star is rising. And there is no peak in sight.   


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