Sex Is Just Fun... Isn't It?

Recently a very sleazy guy named Joran van der Sloot, a Dutch national who was living in Aruba and who is suspected in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in 2005, was arrested in Peru for the murder of a Peruvian college student named Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez.


And how did that happen?


Well, Flores apparently met van der Sloot in a hotel bar and then “went upstairs” with him for sex where all indications are that he killed her. A trial will decide his guilt or innocence.


Don’t you just love these girls who are taught all about sex and birth control and abortion, and that sexual pleasure is a “woman’s right”? And they act  so smart and so ‘hip’… just like the ‘hippies’. They are so modern and so left-wing and they look down their elite noses at anyone who is not like them, like the Christians whose creed warns about the danger of sexual promiscuity.


 Those girls then often end up emotionally or physically abused, abandoned, single and childless, betrayed, suffering from sexually-transmitted diseases, pregnant with a child whose father is long gone, or even… dead. And then the leftists and feminists who advocate promiscuity refuse to look at the basic problem at hand – that sexual pleasure outside of marriage is an extreme pursuit, and that its pursuit can lead to extreme consequences.


But liberals never talk about consequences. So according to their dogma, you pursue pleasure and whatever happens happens. Hey, sometimes life is not perfect, they say.


The Democrats are the party of pleasure. They promote sexual freedom, sloth, and urban decadence. Conservatives are laughed at by Democrats because us right-wingers don’t live in places like New York; don’t seek out all that raunchy sex; and believe in working hard for what we have and for the betterment of society.


Because we conservatives know that hard work and personal restraint are the only traits that build a free nation. Otherwise the country falls into narcissism and tyranny, which is how most nations today are run, by a small, powerful elite that lives high in the cities while the masses suffer. ‘The people’ have no power.


Indeed the Democrats have been pushing sexual pleasure hard since the 1960s when they got hold of millions in the baby-boom generation and told them that “if it feels good, do it.”


This is typical of the simple-minded pabulum that liberals always put out in order to distract lesser people from the real challenges of society, to win people over to a life of ease and pleasure, and to anesthetize them to the need for genuine freedom. Remember how lazy the ‘hippies’ were, all strung out on drugs and sex and rock music, all the while chanting “power to the people”?


No, under their regime, the people LOSE their power and their freedom because they are so fixated on pursuing easier things like pleasure and money.


The pursuit of pleasure is intended to entrap people. Because once they get caught up in the  pursuit of pleasure – or drugs or money – and the liberals coax them along and enable them and assure them that everything will be OK, it undermines that person’s individual freedom by fixating them more and more on the wrong things.


What is it about liberalism that causes this to happen?


Answer: Liberals are generally urban narcissists who think only about themselves. They don’t believe in God, or right-and-wrong, or eternal life in Heaven, or morality, but only in what they can get for themselves… now, today. So they grab as much money as they can (swindler Bernie Madoff was a big-time Democrat donor); get as much pleasure as they possibly can (like Bill Clinton or John Edwards); or pass out as much government cash as they can so that poor people and corrupt politicians and their cronies can live high without working (another form of pleasure).


We conservatives believe, on the other hand, that our life on earth is not a time to take for ourselves, but to make the world a better place. We work hard; are self-sufficient; serve in the military; keep our families together; watch our budgets; and don’t pursue sexual pleasure or money above everything else. Because we know that the pursuit of indulgence and pleasure is a trap and that it snaps shut on many, many people.


No, we conservatives are just boring. But then again, our daughters do not end up dead in hotel rooms either.


Of course, after liberal girls end up in physical or emotional trouble after being sexually exploited by liberal guys, or with an unwanted pregnancy, they are hauled off to the abortionist where they kill their fetus. And the liberals assure them that it’s OK, that the fetus was just a mass of tissue and wasn’t really anything important.


Note to girls: It is important. That is your child.


Just look at how often sex is connected to violence, and criminals are tied to pornography and other sexual activity. It is a direct correlation. That is why liberalism is so frequently tied directly to sex and violence.


All this adds up. Sexual promiscuity is intended to undermine the basic humanity of people, particularly females. By putting the sex drive above all else – just like liberals put money and decadence, and fame and public recognition and political power above all else – the pursuit of worldly pleasure is a dead end. And one political party endorses it relentlessly.


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