Will New England be the Next Florida?

For political analysts, cultural and economic trends are important too. And I believe that New England is going to become the next Florida.




Well, here is a related fact to start with. Did you know that famed stock-car driver Richard Petty and his father Lee, who lived in the South, actually learned many of their racing skills up North?


The reason is that the industrial North was for centuries the center of wealth and power in the United States. So the Pettys, coming from the much poorer and more agricultural South, often went up North to race because racing was well-established in the North and there were many great drivers on the Northern tracks in the late 1940s and 1950s. That’s because there was so much disposable wealth available to finance expensive racing.


There were many  famous tracks from the notorious ‘Circle of Death’ at Langhorne, Pennsylvania to Old Bridge Stadium in Old Bridge, New Jersey to the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, a one-mile legend that still is active today.


During the early 20th century, however, wealthy Northerners started to discover the South – Florida, actually – as a place to escape the Winter cold. This accelerated in the 1960s and 1970s until today when millions of Snowbird retirees and others pack up and head to the Sunshine State around Columbus Day and don’t return until May.


At the same time, the overall economic wealth of the nation has been shifting decidedly to the South with booming states like the Carolinas, Texas and Georgia. Millions have settled permanently in Florida, concentrating wealth there. This all has happened because of advances in the efficiency of one technology – air conditioning.


Now it is the Northeast that is becoming an economic backwater. New England and New York state and the Upper Midwest have populations that are aging, young people are leaving, towns and cities are shrinking, and abandoned houses are becoming more and more numerous as people die and there is nobody to buy them.


So what could save New England?


How about Summerbirds, or wealthy Southern retirees who head north for the Summer to live in the cool New England air and to enjoy its awesome scenery and cultural amenities. They could buy homes all over New England and give the region a much-needed economic boost. And despite the fact that New England today is full of anti-business liberals, there would not be the associated hazard of establishing businesses here, but only part-time residences.


Forget the hurricanes of Florida. New England is one of the most stable parts of America – hardly any earthquakes, tornadoes or floods. It has its cool mountains, quaint small towns and the ocean too, if you wish. You would never think of Florida as “quaint”.


Yes, in New England you would be immersing yourself in the most historic region of the nation stretching back to the 1700s. Another significant Northeastern locale is the breathtaking 150-mile-long Hudson River Valley in New York state which is steeped in history dating back to the 1600s. The Hudson valley has myriad famous estates and mansions and historic sites and antique towns, many of them in economic decline. Imagine those towns being brought back to economic life by wealthy Summer residents.


No, you will not get skyscraper condos and strip malls in the Northeast. You will find picturesque villages and green hills. You will be able to buy historic homes, not some waterfront condo-box in a cement blob. And you will be able to enjoy not only the wonderful summers, but awesome Fall foliage just before it is time to head back down South each October.


In the Northeast, you will find vast stretches of state parks and open space. Land in the Northeast today is dropping in value, and you will be able to buy lots of it for little cash, like you once could in Florida.


And in 20 years, after the Woodstock generation dies off or descends into Alzheimer’s Disease caused by all the drugs they took in the 1960s, you might actually get some rational people into the governments of New England and have a new renaissance of economic growth.


And who could start the Summerbird phenomenon today?


Capitalists, that’s who. Smart people will start buying up New England property today and marketing it to the coming generation of retiring Southern wealth. Which is the way capitalism always has a way of making lemonade out of lemons.


New England even could become an international destination as wealth shifts around the globe. Imagine some rich Australian who wants to own a house in a historic Vermont village unlike anything Down Under. Or an Israeli entrepreneur who wants a piece of seacoast Maine, with lots of land and a famous old sea captain’s mansion built in the 18th century. Or a German businessman who would love to own an Early American property from the 1600s along the historic Hudson.


And you know what else? Winter in the Northeast is beautiful too. Many people enjoy it.


Indeed, things change. And change could be coming to the Northeastern part of the United States. It always does in a dynamic place like America.


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