To Hell with Europe

Europe today is like a museum with all its precious paintings and artifacts. And its people are like listless, apathetic museum guards whose big accomplishment is to take coffee for hours at the corner bistro while droning on endlessly about every subject in the world like the phony left-wing intellectuals that so many of them are.


America is like a factory that makes things. We Americans are not afraid of work, or getting our hands dirty. We are industrious and creative and rational people. Our powerful military has kept the world safe. Through our economic might, America has cared for the world time and time again, even though we are such a young nation.


Now we have economic chaos in Greece and other European nations. Again. We conservatives warned about this. Europe is prone to war, economic cataclysm and social collapse because of its unstable political systems. That is what our Founders recognized and why they created a more stable nation called America.


Now we have the specter of economic ‘contagion’ spreading from free-spending Greece to the other free spenders in Europe. And to America.


Meanwhile our own economic collapse stemmed from trillions of dollars being lent to poor people who could not pay it back via Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and the Community Reinvestment Act. In other words, Euro-type socialism and wealth redistribution.


Europe is a wonderful and interesting place to visit, but not to live. And here is a test to prove that point: Imagine it is 1900 and you are given a choice to live in America or Europe.


If you listened to leftist chatter, you certainly would pick wonderful Europe. So now imagine what you would have experienced since 1900: Two continent-wide wars that destroyed everything; 100 million dead in wars and genocide; 400 million lives smashed by Soviet and Eastern European communism; Hitler’s fascism and concentration camps; mass out-migration and exile; Stalin’s gulags, oppression and mass murder; deep government debt, stagnant economies and high unemployment.


We, America, intervened and saved Europe in World  War I. We intervened and saved Europe in World War II. Both at a huge cost in American lives and treasure.


We, America, rebuilt Europe after World War II and defended it from Soviet communism throughout the Cold War with American hardware, technology and manpower, all at American expense.


And after we paid to rebuild and defend them, the Euros built up massive, unsustainable welfare states. Because we – America – were paying the freight for their underlying defense and infrastructure.


In other words, America was suckered.


In the 1980s, when Ronald Reagan sought to modernize America’s missile shield to keep Europe safe from communism, the spoiled Euro-brats marched in the streets by the millions in protest.


Europe has spit in our face time and time again. They often have sided intellectually with our enemies, criticized us relentlessly over Iraq and Vietnam, called us names, and neglected to lift a finger themselves about evil in the world. And now they are going to use our International Monetary Fund contributions to bail out Greece and whatever other socialist enterprise has destroyed itself through massive government spending.


And we should all say: To hell with Europe!


But no, the liberals tell us, we should try to understand Europe and be more like Europe with national health care and fast passenger trains! If only we had those things!


This is malarkey. Because all that stuff is paid for with crushing taxes and stagnant economies. Millions of Europeans have migrated to the United States over the last 20 years because their economies have been gutted by ‘caring’ government socialism. And now Greece.


Yes, Greece, the cradle of Western civilization. Greece gave us Cleisthenes, Pericles, Socrates, Polyclitus, Aeschylus, Archimedes and Apollonius. Art, architecture, philosophy, science, mathematics. They invented everything and handed us Western Civilization wrapped in a neat package.


Indeed Greece invented the idea of pure democracy in the 5th century BC, but offered no way to sustain it because it was idealistic. Because ‘democracy’ is an unsustainable fantasy. Pure democracy is not possible in a whole nation, but only in town hall meetings and small conferences where votes can be counted one by one.


Over a large populated nation, pure democracy is an idealistic fantasy, like socialism itself with everyone ostensibly taken care of.


That is why our Founders declared independence from the corruption of Europe, created a Constitutional republic of elected officials, declared religion and morality indispensable to freedom, and authored a brief and timeless document to codify our liberties.


So here are some questions about Europe:


When will Europe pay us back for the Marshall Plan that rebuilt their continent after World War II?


Never. Because socialism dissipates wealth. That wealth is long gone.


When will Europe repay us for the trillions we spent defending it during the Cold War?


Never. They frittered it away on socialist programs. It is like vapor in the air.


When can the European economies be relied on to lead the world out of recession?


Never. Euro economies, along with the socialists of Japan, Canada and Australia, are laggards and followers. They will never offer world-leading growth.


When will Europe solve its own problems?


Never. Because they are socialist fools.


What should America do about Europe?


We should seek to distance ourselves from the Europeans who are not our allies or friends, but our acquaintances. Because everything Europe believes in has been proven wrong by history and we have been forced to bail them out time and time again.


Perhaps we neanderthal Americans should have stood back and allowed Hitler or Stalin to take over Europe and to let the Euros see what their reckless ideologies lead to.


Then again, if the nazis kept the bistros open and the coffee flowing, the Euros might never have known what hit them.


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