Israel Teaches Us a Lesson

The international uproar over Israel’s boarding of flotilla ships from Turkey bound for Gaza should give America pause.


Because once again, our strongest ally in the world is under assault from the same forces that are attacking American values and power daily.


Israel is a target today of everyone from the international left – including strongly anti-Semitic forces in American universities and even in the words of the ‘grande dame’ of the Washington press corps Helen Thomas – to Muslim extremists who are becoming a dominant force in many nations including Turkey. And this trend should concern us because radical Islam has reached our shores and needs to be dealt with. Now.


Israel has done everything it can to withdraw its presence from Gaza, and to insure that Gaza receives the humanitarian aid that it needs. This includes shipments of food, medicine and clothing from the outside world, provided that Israel can check the shipments for weapons. Because Gaza has been the source of many rocket attacks on Israel and is now controlled by the vehemently anti-Israel terror group Hamas.


But now the 5-boat Turkish flotilla bound for Gaza with “humanitarian aid” was boarded by Israeli commandoes who wanted to check it for weapons. That private flotilla, which certainly was sent with the knowledge of the Turkish government, was nothing but an intentional provocation of Israel. The participants knew that the ships would be searched, but they went ahead anyway in order to provoke the Israeli commando reaction, which left nine dead. It has had the desired effect, to create a worldwide furor against Israel.


Why is Turkey allowing this to happen?


Well, just look at Turkey and you get the point.


For decades, we have perceived Turkey as a modern, moderate, peaceful, secular Islamic nation. But according to Robert F. Pollock writing in the June 3, 2010 Wall Street Journal, that has changed dramatically in recent years. Turkey has become increasingly dominated by two extremist forces – leftists and radical Islam.


Writes Pollock about the people in Turkey today:


‘What information most of them get is filtered through a secular press that makes Italian communists look right wing by comparison… (in) an increasing number of state (i.e., Islamist) influenced outfits… Topics A and B have been the malign influence on the world of Israel and the United States… Turks were fed a steady diet of imagined atrocities perpetrated by US forces in Iraq, often with the implication that they were acting as muscle for the Jews… The newspaper Yeni Safak, prime minister Tayyip Erdogan’s daily read, claimed that Americans were tossing so many Iraqi bodies into the Euphrates that local mullahs had issued a fatwa ordering residents not to eat the fish.’

‘The same paper repeatedly claimed that the US used chemical weapons in Fallujah. And it reported that Israeli soldiers had been deployed alongside US forces in Iraq and that US forces were harvesting the innards of dead Iraqis for sale on the US “organ market”.’


The Pollock commentary featured a photograph of Erdogan shaking hands with Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, the radical Iranian leader, obviously setting the tone for the whole nation.


So in other words, ‘moderate, secular’ Turkey is no longer, and has gone radical. This should be a warning to the world about how Islam is spreading extremism across the globe, and even to the United States where we have terrorists like Nidal Malik Hassan murdering military personnel at Fort Hood from within the US Army.


And extremist imams in American mosques preaching hatred of America. And others testing our airline security boundaries as did the Flying Imams of 2006 who charged that US Airways passengers suspicious of their provocative behavior were deemed anti-Islamic racists whose overreaction led to the imams’ illegal detention.


And today, American prisons hold many Muslim radicals who are indoctrinating other inmates – targeting blacks especially – into the extremist Islamic life. The murder of Army Pvt. William Long in West Little Rock, Arkansas on June 1, 2009 was carried out by an American Islamic convert.


We have been warned repeatedly that the Islamic war against the West is a 1,000-year conflict and that the Muslims have time on their side. Muslims are immigrating to the West in large numbers, growing population-wise and at the same time moving farther and farther to the extreme. Just look at Turkey. Or Britain. Or the US.


But then they fall back on Western free-speech guarantees when they demand the right to preach radicalism. Or call us “racist’ if we deign to ask why a killer like Hassan was spending so much time on radical Muslim websites. So we cave to political correctness while extremist power rises on our shores.


Now Ireland is launching another “peace shipment” to Gaza and there are surely more to come. All intended to inflame passions through deliberate acts of provocation.


What should American do?


First, Obama should stop treating Israel like a wayward cousin and start backing up our ally with strong rhetoric. His snub of prime minister Netenyahu was inexcusable. Meanwhile American Jews who voted for Obama should really start to look at his actions if they really care about Israel (which many do not. They despise Israel.)


Second, America should halt all immigration by Muslims into America. Period. There are millions of people who want to come here who we do not have questions about. No more Muslims. Let them stay in their own nations and build them up.


Third, America should begin seeking out and deporting all Muslims who are here illegally. Many of the illegals are certainly in the ‘radicalized’ category.


Fourth, America should start a major investigation into American mosques and deport any radical clerics who are not American citizens. We are at war. We should start acting like we are.


Fifth, prison officials should start to crack down on Muslim indoctrination in the jails.


Sixth, we should drop the politically-correct mantra that Muslims in America are all just peaceful citizens. So where are all the moderate voices? Radicalism is growing. Let’s admit it.


Seventh, we should stop profiling white people at airports – i.e., giving them as much scrutiny as everyone else – and concentrate on Muslim males in their 20s and 30s, or people who our intel agencies have been warned about like the Christmas Day bomber. We should also use behavioral profiling.


Radical Islam is infiltrating into the US and into the West at alarming rates. These extremists are planning a long war against our way of life if we allow it.


We should not.


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