Let's Boycott Vermont, San Francisco etc.

With the threat by liberals of a boycott of Arizona over a perfectly legitimate immigration law, it is time for us conservatives to use the boycott in return.


First, the boycott of Arizona will never work, like the boycott of Dallas after Kennedy was killed did not, or the boycott of Mississippi during civil rights did not.


But perhaps we conservatives should start a boycott of our own that will work not over just temporary issues – which is why liberal boycotts fail – but over long-term trends.


First we should support the “buy-cott” to actually purchase things from Arizona to counter the liberal boycott. We need to show that most Americans support Arizona and believe that illegal immigration is out of control.


Then we need to give the lefties a taste of their own medicine by boycotting certain states and cities in order to make a financial impact on places that send to Washington senators and congressmen who are ruining America through taxation. corruption and overblown government programs. So:


*Let’s all boycott New York City, the home of American liberalism. Let’s just stop tourist travel to New York, and stop watching all those dopey TV programs based in New York like Project Runway and The Daily Show and NBC Nightly News. We could actually boycott Arizona Iced Tea, which was mistakenly boycotted by the Arizona boycott when in fact Arizona Iced Tea is actually made in New York City.


When the New York Yankees or Mets are playing on television, we should refuse to watch, driving down the ratings.


Imagine lefty Democrat US senator Chuck Schumer all of a sudden on the receiving end of one of the boycotts that his type always is saying we should impose on others. He’d have a fit.


*Let’s boycott Chicago, one of the homes of American liberalism. Chicago has given us Obama and the rest of the cabal of the most corrupt politicians in America. We should refuse to visit Chicago or have conventions there, refuse to attend basketball or hockey games where Chicago is playing, and refuse to buy products made in Chicago. On a Boycott Chicago website, we could list all the stuff not to buy.


*Let’s boycott Vermont. Yes, quaint, left-wing Vermont, largely dependent on the tourist industry, and home of far-left US senators Leahy and Sanders. We conservatives should stop visiting Vermont and take our tourist dollars elsewhere. We could even boycott Vermont maple syrup, Vermont granite and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream which was created by two 1960s lefties from New York city who moved to Vermont.


*Let’s boycott Massachusetts. Yes, let’s stop visiting the Berkshires as a tourist destination, or Cape Cod. Let’s stop sending our kids to all those overcharging left-wing universities in Massachusetts like Harvard and Williams and Amherst and Smith. We should refuse to go the beach on Cape Cod or to purchase Cape Cod potato chips. Boston? Forget it. The overwhelmingly Democrat state legislature is even trying to make all bathrooms unisex in Massachusetts. There’s a good reason not to bring your kids there.


*Let’s boycott Michigan. Oh, here’s an easy target. Michigan already is on its economic deathbed. How about a boycott to protest lefty US senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow and lefty governor Jennifer Granholm (who was born in Canada, by the way.) Let’s stop buying General Motors cars as a slap at the extortionate labor unions who have ruined Michigan through pure greed.


*Let’s boycott California. Here’s an easy one. Don’t visit California in protest of its far-left economic policies and its greedy public-employee labor unions. Forget that trip to Los Angeles, the home of leftist Follywood and more illegal immigrants than any other city in America. Stop watching their stupid movies too. Watch a historic documentary about the founding of America instead. Let’s boycott Sanctuary City San Francisco, where the illegals run wild, and liberalism runs wild too, with Nancy Pelosi and the rest.


*Let’s boycott Montana, the home of two Democrat US senators Max ‘Massive Health Care Plan’ Baucus and Jon ‘I’m Not Really a Blue Dog After All’ Tester.


*Let’s boycott Baltimore, Maryland, home of liberal US senators Mikulski and Cardin. Why we would want to go to Baltimore in the first place is something of a mystery.


*Let’s boycott, Seattle, the power base of lefty senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Oh, they have good coffee. And lots of rain. So what do we need to go there for? It also is the home of the Boeing labor unions who are forcing that company to relocate many of its operations. And generally it is one of the most liberal places in America.


*And finally, let’s boycott Mexico! Yes, after their arrogant president came here to insult us, we should all avoid Mexico. It is a corrupt, dangerous nation full of criminals and drug dealers. And that’s just in the government! There are plenty of nice places to go in the world besides Mexico.


See where all this goes. We conservatives have vastly more reason to start boycotts, yet we always seem on the defensive. We should never be. Because ultimately we are on the “right” side of the issues. And perhaps we should start our own boycotts to stand up to the bullies on the left.


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