Creepy Guy Next Door to Palin

You’ve heard the stories about child molesters renting apartments near elementary schools, or the creepy old guy moving next door to the young woman and spying on her.


Well, it has gotten worse. Much worse.


A big-time liberal icon, a 68-year old writer named Joe McGinniss from Massachusetts, has moved to Alaska for five months to research a book about Sarah Palin, a book that is expected to be a political hit job.


And lo and behold, McGinniss has rented a house… right next door to Palin!


Yes, out of 570,000 square miles of Alaska, McGinniss somehow ended up right next door to the former governor. And just like the sinister old pervert just happening to rent an apartment next to the beautiful young woman, this guy McGinniss almost would seem beyond the pale until you realize that he is a big-time liberal East Coast literary figure. At which time everything falls into place.


And don’t think for a second that this was not a huge inside job perpetrated with the cooperation of anti-Palin Democrats in Alaska.


So consider:


*First, McGinnis’ book will be a hatchet job on Palin. McGinniss wrote a scathing piece about Palin’s natural gas pipeline deal for a publication called Portfolio, part of the elite New York-based Conde Nast publishing company.


Palin said about the piece:


Knowing of his many other scathing pieces of “journalism” (including the bizarre anti-Palin administration oil development pieces that resulted in my Department of Natural Resources announcing that his work is the most twisted energy-related yellow journalism they’d ever encountered), we’re sure to have a doozey to look forward to with this treasure he’s penning.


Of course, the hallowed McGinniss had some big ethical problems of his own over his most famous book. Said wikipedia.org:


In 1979 he became a writer-in-residence at the L.A. Herald Examiner. Next came the McGinniss trilogy of true crime books, Fatal Vision, Blind Faith and Cruel Doubt.  All three books were made into TV miniseries. His 1983 account of the Jeffrey MacDonald murder case, Fatal Vision, was a best-seller. MacDonald sued McGinniss in 1984, alleging that McGinniss pretended to believe MacDonald innocent after he came to the conclusion that MacDonald was guilty, in order to continue MacDonald’s cooperation with him. After a six-week civil trial that resulted in a hung jury, McGinniss’s publisher’s insurance company chose to settle out of court with MacDonald for an undisclosed amount. In her book The Journalist and the Murderer, Janet Malcolm used the McGinniss-MacDonald trial to explore the problematic relationship between journalists and their subjects.


So we see typical lefty corruption and dishonesty in McGinniss’ own writing career.


*Palin wondered aloud in an internet post: ‘Wonder what kind of material (McGinniss will) gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?’ (Piper is Palin’s young daughter.)


’Overlooking Piper’s bedroom’? Yes, that would be appropriate. Liberals are always on the assault against children and trying to intimidate them, trying to force them into same-sex bathrooms as the Maine Human Rights Commission is seeking to do; legalizing every type of abortion including killing the fetus at the point of birth; trying to de-criminalize child pornography; and seeking to legitimize adult-child sex as Obama’s ‘safe schools czar’ Kevin Jennings seems to be advocating. Yes, we would expect a guy like McGinniss to want to just happen to overlook Piper’s bedroom.


And don’t think that McGinniss won’t be “going for a walk” very couple of hours in order to observe Palin’s front door, like any Peeping Tom would. Yes, he needs to stretch the old legs…


This guy is a genuine creep.


*McGinniss is another liberal male who is certainly married to a feminist witch, and who secretly loves Palin because she is a real, sexy woman. All these lefties from Bill Clinton to Johnny Edwards and even the females like Hillary are secretly in love with or are envious of Palin. Don’t think this is not a huge part of their rabid reaction to her. It is called love/hatred.


*This move by McGinniss is just another act of harassment and intimidation from the left. Yet these are the same people whose feminist flank thinks that men should be fired from their jobs for looking cross-eyed at a female co-worker. But when a guy like McGinniss invades the privacy of Sarah Palin, no, that is no problem. So where are the feminists to defend Palin from McGinniss?


Yes, this truly is an act of brazen intimidation that will be quietly supported by every liberal in America.


*Meanwhile McGinniss himself in May threatened an ABC news reporter with arrest for invading his privacy and trespassing for… get this… knocking on the door of McGinniss’ rented home next door to Palin’s!


Now just imagine the outcry if a conservative from Rush Limbaugh’s staff moved next door to Bill Clinton or the Kennedy compound? There would be a firestorm of criticism.


But conservatives do not act that way in the first place. Conservatives have morals and standards and do not use intimidation tactics like McGinniss has. Because this is a bare-knuckled, intentional act of harassment like the SEIU union mob that assembled on the lawn of a Bank of America executive in a threatening fashion.


Of course McGinniss tried to cover up for his bizarre actions during an interview on the Today show, saying that his daughter and grandchildren would be visiting him this summer in his wonderful house next door to the Palins.


Yeah, right, Grandpa! We are sure that  you are a big-time Democrat ‘global warming’ hysteric as well. So how do YOUR children and grandchildren get to use all that energy to fly to Alaska for a visit…


Just more liberal hypocrisy.


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