Environmentalism Exposed

The last few years finally have finally exposed modern-day environmentalism for what it really is: A sham movement that cares as much about “the environment” as the public school teacher unions today care about education.


In other words very little if at all.


Look at how this oil spill has exposed the enviros. Where is their outrage?


It has been very muted. Have you noticed? Because Obama is president. If Bush were president and acting like Obama, they would be drafting articles of impeachment and constructing a gallows. So ‘the environment’ obviously is only a political weapon for many who claim they “care about” the ecology.


And while Obama lags in his response, Republican Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has been aggressive and outspoken about the oil spill in a variety of ways. But Democrats and enviros have criticized or ignored Jindal because he is… in the wrong political party.


Elite lib commentator Chris Matthews even talked about how wrongdoers like BP executives are sometimes even executed in places like China.


Hey, there’s an idea!  That’s another way that leftists can exploit environmentalism – to kill oil company executives!


Obama is getting a pass because he is promoting the enviro agenda, which is not about the environment at all, but about using the government as an economic transfer mechanism to enrich people on the political left under the guise of environmentalism.


Look at how wealthy Al Gore has become just by giving speeches about the phony crisis of ‘global warming’. Yet through Gore-type enviro policies, the cost of energy is going to increase dramatically over the next 20 years. So as we all get poorer under rising energy costs, Gore is going to get richer and richer and richer. And all his friends are going to get richer too.


Who says environmentalism is about “the environment”?


In fact today it is about another form of ‘green’ – money.


Environmentalism has passed through three phases: In the beginning in the 1970s it focused on cleaning up egregious pollution. In the 1980s and 1990s, it focused on restricting traditional energy production by expanding wilderness protections. And today it is centered on controlling ‘green energy’ production and making money on it.


In other words, Green Profiteering. And the only way that Green Profiteering can become reality is through government complicity. Because ‘green energy’ is inefficient and must be subsidized by the government. So Obama is subsidizing. And since ‘green investors’ are now counting their money as more windmills and solar panels are installed, they are too busy to notice the oil spill.


They are saying: “The oil spill? Oh, that! That will never happen as I, Mr. Self-Righteous Environmentalist, gets rich. No, my wealth is good wealth!”


Yeah, right…


Today, many people in America are looking for a handout. And the government is obliging with ‘green handouts’ which is just a new form of welfare. In other words, if your town or school puts up solar panels, the government will subsidize the panels and the labor and you will ultimately reap the rewards when your panels sell small amounts of energy into the power grid.


Only problem is that these solar panels are so inefficient that they must have a government subsidy to manufacture and install them. So ‘green energy’ is the first product ever in which investors will accumulate wealth dollar for dollar from government subsidies. And the panel makers and their investors are trying to bank as many profits as they can before the ‘green energy bubble’ pops. Because it is going to pop, guaranteed. Because the tax money simply is not there to sustain all this ‘green energy’, particularly in a time of recession.


In Spain, unemployment is more than 20% due in some part to Spain’s wholesale adoption of ‘green energy’. Because every job created by ‘green energy’ has been created at the expense of two or three jobs in the private economy. Because all the ‘green jobs’ need to be subsidized with tax dollars that are drawn out of the private economy.


And the scariest part is that we do not even know if these solar panels and windmills are going to last. They could start failing like dominoes after 10 years in the sun and the wind. Up here in New England thousands of solar hot-water panels were installed in the late 1970s with government subsidies. You would be amazed at how few of them still are operating, but instead are like ghosts from the past nailed to roofs all over the region. Many have been dead for a long time, 20 years or more.


Yet the enviros assured us how “simple” solar energy is, and that it will never fail us, and that the sun is “free” and so very reliable. Yeah, right… In fact it is big power plants and long transmission lines that have provided the cheapest and most reliable and most abundant energy sources while those solar panels have failed at providing even small amounts of energy to individual homes.


In the desert in Lancaster, California there is a huge solar energy plant that uses 24,000 mirrors. The mirrors track the sun and focus it on two boilers where water is turned into steam which is then used to spin generators to create a small amount of electricity.


Yet the breeze is a constant problem in Lancaster, and those mirrors are subject to dusty conditions off the desert. So the mirrors are constantly getting dirty and every mirror will need to be cleaned from time to time, creating a labor-intensive facility. And those mirrors eventually will lose efficiency as blowing grit dulls them and makes them less and less reflective.


In other words, after a few years exposed to the elements, they will drop off in efficiency with every passing year and eventually they will have to be replaced. And since all ‘green energy’ sources are subject to the weather, they all will have shorter lives than traditional energy types. Big mountaintop windmills are much more prone to stresses than fixed generators at nuclear power stations.


Why are we relying on this energy when we know that it is inefficient and prone to failure?


Because the enviros are getting rich, that is why. Because enviros have become Green Profiteers, that is why. While the rest of us will suffer with the consequences. In Texas in 2008, 1,400 megawatts of energy simply disappeared from the power grid because… the wind stopped blowing.  Which is a very scary occurrence.


The real answer to our energy needs is to use nuclear power to create electricity efficiently, and to continue to use petroleum, coal and natural gas to fuel our other energy needs. And eventually, nuclear fusion will produce even more energy than nuclear fission, and the world will advance. Meanwhile the old-fashioned wind and sun power will be forgotten again, as they were forgotten after the introduction of the steam engine and the internal combustion engine 200 and 100 years ago.


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