Robin Hood was a Conservative

There is a new Follywood movie called Robin Hood. And lots of associated media hype is emerging, like a special on the History Channel.


This is par for the course. As Obama attacks every private-sector enterprise in America, his Follywood cronies are churning out more anti-capitalist tripe, this time portraying that noble figure who “stole from the rich and gave to the poor” hundreds of years ago.


But not so fast…


Would Robin Hood steal from ultra-rich people on the political left like George Soros, Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey or the Follywood elites themselves?


Probably not. Because in their world, lefties are the good kind of rich people. Their mansions are good mansions. Their yachts are good yachts. Their greed is good greed.


So soon every kid in America will be dashing home from the cineplex and organizing bicycle tours of rich neighborhoods and shouting through bullhorns about the bad people there.


Hey, wait! That’s my Dad!


Don’t let those kids wander into Tom Hanks’ neighborhood, though. Or Nancy Pelosi’s. They’ll surely be escorted out by the private police force, the evil Sheriff of Nottingham protecting the wealthy homeowners.


In one Robin Hood clip, the sheriff is portrayed as a lascivious, wicked enforcer of the nobles’ law… kind of like Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio is portrayed in the media as the sinful enforcer of American immigration statutes. Who says truth is stranger than fiction? Fiction is much stranger than fiction.


In the 1930s the public was fascinated with gangsters and often admired them. Because many people had lost everything and those robbers ostensibly were seen as stealing from the immoral banks.


Those criminals, however, were stealing from the people who deposited their money in those banks. They were stealing from everyone – kind of like socialism does through taxation and corruption. But don’t let a few facts get in the way of a good media myth. Because this is the way that leftists twist the truth and turn people against their own selves like Robin Hood will spin millions of kids’ minds around about wealth in America, even their own parents’ money.


Today the Ancient Media portray every profit-making company as rapacious and malevolent. Productive, capitalist enterprises like oil companies and timber corporations are despised while nonproductive enterprises run by people like Michael Moore are beloved. But you cannot eat a Michael Moore film for dinner, or build a house with it, or fuel your car with it. Oprah’s TV show won’t fill your stomach either.


And now since Robin Hood is said to have lived in Sherwood Forest – even his outfit is green – we can meld two socialist superhero images into one: The wealth redistributor and the environmentalist. Cool!


Then again, there’s something really wrong with this too. After all, today’s environmentalism seems to be redistributing wealth from the common people upward to rich elitists like Al ‘Dueling Mansions’ Gore. Meanwhile, electricity bills under the Green Economy are going to “necessarily skyrocket” according to Obama’s own words.


Won’t this hurt us common people? And which Robin Hood will protect us?


Here is an excerpt from wikipedia.org about our friend:


‘Robin Hood’s partisanship of the lower classes, his Marianism and associated special regard for women, his outstanding skill as an archer, his anti-clericalism, and his particular animus towards the Sheriff of Nottingham are already clear.’


Gee, ‘partisanship of the lower classes’? This sounds like conservatives fighting for school vouchers and education reform in poor neighborhoods.


‘Anti-clericalism’? This certainly is, in our modern times, a revolt against lefty preachers indoctrinating their parishioners with immigration hysteria as suggested by Pelosi.


‘Special regard for women’? This definitely is part of the conservative drive to protect women from the bottomless violence associated with sexual abuse, abortion, rape, child molestation, pornography and other crimes legitimized under liberal promiscuity.


‘Skill as an archer’? That reminds us of our crack US military.


‘Animus toward the Sheriff’? That’s us little people standing up to Big Government.


Of course, you won’t see much in the movie that is historically accurate about the crushing taxes that the peasants paid.After all, the taxing landowner aristocracy in England is exactly what our Founding Fathers warned us against.


Hey… wait a minute. You know what? Robin Hood was a conservative!


Yes, indeed, Robin Hood was the 14th century equivalent of Ronald Reagan. Let’s call him Ronald Hood. He fights against the thievery of oppressive socialism and communism. He seeks to strip the power of the taxing nobility in Washington. He takes from the thuggish unions and slacker government bureaucrats and gives economic might back to The People through lowered tax rates.


Yes, Ronald Hood truly favors the poor and the downtrodden in fighting for job creation in the corrupt Democrat cities, and in rural America where Big Ecology is destroying the economy every single day.


Indeed, Ronald Hood is protecting the forests from the invasion of industrial-scale windmills. And shielding us common folks from the skyrocketing energy bills of environmentalism.


Robin Hood was a conservative. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Like conservatives do today. And like every kid in America should learn if he really wants to understand our social and economic crises and to come up with rational antidotes to each. If only Follywood would let them.


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