Greek Economic Farce Explained

After the recent riots in Greece, one news clip showed unemployed young people in Athens lamenting their nation’s economic condition and talking about emigrating to countries where they might find jobs. In the same clip, a 55-year-old Greek man was talking about his fears over the security of his retirement.


Now imagine that just once that people would be sensible and put two and two together and realize that early retirement and high unemployment are inextricably linked.


But no, the Greek lefty media and the world media will never let on to that little fact. No, the newspaper editorials proclaim over and over that people have the right to retire at 53 like many Greeks do, most with a government-paid pension.


“Who wants to work past 53?” the editorials surely huff and puff. “That is for the stupid Americans!”


And then the Greeks feel superior. And end up unemployed.


What we need to do to save Greece is to dispatch 10,000 capitalists to Greece and to the rest of Europe, each with a toy cart and a set of 50 dolls. The cart represents the economy, and the dolls represent the people of the country.


These capitalists can walk the streets of Europe and give a little demonstration to anyone willing to listen. They can put 10 dolls in the cart and then place 40 dolls out front to demonstrate the 40 people “pulling the cart” or creating the wealth of the nation through productive work, while the 10 people riding in the cart represent retirees and others (freeloaders, government employees etc.) who are collecting money from the economy via the government.


The pullers will not get very tired with a 4 to 1 ratio of pullers to riders. Yet if you start to put more and more dolls into the cart, the people pulling have to do more and more work. If you put 40 dolls in the cart and have 10 dolls pulling, then the pullers are going to get very tired.


Yes, that would make sense even to most simple-minded Euros, of which there are many.



These capitalists need to explain all over the world that the more people that are “riding in the cart” through welfare handouts, public employment, housing and food subsidies, unemployment insurance, disability payments, corruption, greed, lush pensions and early retirement, the harder the rest of the people have to work to pull the cart and to create the wealth to support the riders.


And that after a while, the pullers get tired. And we have to point out that the pullers represent the economy. And that that is why unemployment in Greece is so high – because there are too many riders and not enough pullers, and so the economy gets, well, tired.


Of course, the average European will tell you to go to hell and return to their café to finish their cappuccino. And they will read in the newspaper that the retirement age really should be 45, and that that somehow would solve the problem. Because here is how the average Euro thinks: “If I retire at 45, then that leaves my job open for a younger person, and that solves the unemployment problem!”


Yeah, right… And don’t think that this is not precisely the kind of propaganda that the left puts out. Variations on this “solution” actually have been tried all over Europe.


This is the dilemma that so much of the world faces – the inability of people to accept economic reality. Because they have been propagandized for years that there is such a thing as a free lunch under socialism. Then when the time comes for somebody to pay for that lunch – because nothing is really free – the Greeks go crazy.


It would be much easier in the long run for people to start living rationally and within their means, not under the fantasy of socialism. Because eventually socialism runs out of money and energy under the weight of its own unpaid bills.


In America today Obama and the Democrats continue to pay more and more and more for unemployment benefits and other government handouts. This costs the government more and more money which the government does not have, but borrows from the people; and simply discourages people from working and contributing to the economy (pulling the cart) while instead taking wealth from the economy (riding in the cart). After all, if your basic bills are paid, who wants to go out and get a job?


So liberals introduce people to a life with less and less work – or even no work at all – funded by the government, just as Greeks believed that you can retire at 53 and then live to be 80 or 90 and that somehow the government is magically going to pay for you to sit around for longer than you actually worked.


Simple mathematics shows that this is unsustainable. But then again, the worldwide socialistic educational system does not even teach simple math or common sense anymore. It teaches, along with the media, that the government has limitless amounts of money, and that you can go into a government office and get some of it if you need it.


People are taught by socialism not to think about the Big Picture of how each of them cumulatively is contributing to a crisis. No, under socialism, people are taught to think only about themselves. Socialism is an ideology of selfishness and greed.


The young people who are frustrated with the Greek economy are not going to find much relief elsewhere in Europe. Because all of Europe subscribes to the same nonsense with more and more people crowding into the cart for the ride. This nonsense is not a result of some big-hearted ideology that “cares” about people. It is the result of people on the political left seizing power and wealth, and promising that all the people will be ‘taken care of”.


Ultimately, this is all poppycock. Because finally the cash has run out. And the sooner people are willing to drop their addiction to sloth and nutty leftist propaganda, the sooner the world will start to straighten out its economic house that otherwise is quickly becoming an economic house of cards on the brink of blowing over as it has in Greece.


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