Google Will Fix the Oil Spill

Did you hear what elite Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward said on Meet the Press on May 23?


Speaking of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, he said that perhaps we should “call in Google” to help stop the leak because obviously the people at Google are so smart because they are so rich.


Yes, Google. The search engine company. You know, in the big, glitzy glass office building in California. With all the wires and computers.


Sure, Mr. Woodward, Google would have lots of expertise about deepwater oil drilling. Just look at all the oil wells they have drilled! (That’s a joke, friends.)


Woodward then went on to say that oil companies are so rich because “You don’t have to go down there and pump it (oil). It just comes to you once you pierce the shell of the, of, of the bottom.  And all of this is coming, you know, no pumps.  It’s spewing out in a way…” referring to the picture of oil gushing from the broken BP well.


Yes, according to Genius Woodward, anybody can get oil. Lindsay Lohan could go and get oil if she wanted. Or your next-door neighbor Fred. Or Nancy Pelosi. Or Ralph Kramden. Because oil is just there for the taking, just gushing from the ground, thinks Woodward, who obviously has attended far too many Washington cocktail parties and had a few thousand too many martinis.


Andrea Mitchell, the know-it-all NBC reporter then added amazingly that the oil spill should not be the problem that it is because “…you’ve got a Nobel Laureate who is secretary of energy…”


She is referring to Stephen Chu. He is the moron who said that the world can solve part of its energy consumption problem by painting all the roofs of all the world’s buildings white in order to reflect the sun’s heat and cut down on air-conditioning costs.


This is the type of person who wins the Nobel Prize these days. Somebody who makes no sense at all.


Then you wonder: Why can’t Al Gore solve the oil spill problem? He is a Nobel Laureate too. He is so smart!


Only problem is that Gore cannot tell us if the planet is heating up or cooling down. Today. Right now. Gore has become a national joke.


What these few examples tell us is how massively ignorant the media and the intellectual classes are about this whole oil spill incident. And these quotes should help us to understand why our nation and our economy are going off the rails. Because millions actually take seriously eggheads like Woodward and Mitchell.


“Hey, maybe Google can fix the oil leak!” people are thinking after seeing Woodward on TV.


Stupid people, that is. Who read the Washington Post every day and who have the most college degrees.


Yeah, Google, right…


The media chorus on the oil spill is just so out of control that is has become unbearable. Every news cycle of every day, they report over and over and over on the oil spill.


Yet the spill happened because the media’s environmentalist friends have barred us from building efficient nuclear power plants; stopped us from converting oil shale into oil, which we would do out in the desert of northwestern Colorado on dry land where the shale is located; prevented us from drilling oil wells on land (ANWR) or in the shallow ocean waters; but instead have forced drilling farther and father out, into 5,000 feet of water where the leak is happening and is very hard to repair.


So now we’ll just call in Google to fix the leak…


Yeah, right, Google.


Where have all the government regulators been in this oil spill? Aren’t these our guardian angels who we pay to protect us from everything from hunger to polluted air to evil capitalists?


It looks like just maybe that those government regulators were cozy with BP and may have overlooked many potential problems. Just like officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission were watching pornography as the economy melted down. And government inspectors may have been taking bribes to overlook problems in the West Virginia mine disaster where 29 died.


Gee, and I always thought that the government was made up of selfless civil servants out to protect us ‘little people’. I am so disappointed…


But never fear. Because when evil strikes or oil leaks, we can call in…. Google.


Yes, Google, the internet search engine.


Calling in Google to fix the oil spill would be like asking Paris Hilton to unclog your drain. Somehow it does not compute.


This oil spill coverage has proven once again that liberals have a huge problem. They live in a utopian world where a Nobel Prize is more important than common sense. Where an internet search engine company is somehow qualified to fix an oil spill. Where Barack Obama is going to repair a financial system corrupted by two government agencies – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – that gave him massive campaign contributions. Like BP did as well.


No, Google will fix the oil spill. After all, a really smart reporter for the Washington Post suggested it.


There are two worlds today. There is the real world where oil companies risk huge amounts of time, energy, ingenuity and capital to find oil. And sometimes – very rarely – disaster strikes because nothing is perfect.


And then there is the intellectual world on the political left where oil just gushes right out of the ground and into the bank accounts of BP, ExxonMobil and the rest.


This intellectual world is one in which ideas are paramount. Because if it sounds good at Yale, then it must be good. After all, it sounds like a good idea to make “free” energy with the wind. And to stop hunger by giving away food. And to restore the economy by pumping in taxpayer money. Or to fix the oil spill with the help of a computer search engine company.


This is all called “concept”. It is in the heads of its creators in the universities and in the media. It makes no difference that these ideas make no sense in the real world, like Chu’s suggestion that we paint all the world’s roofs white, which is one of the Top 10 dimmest statement every made by a top government official. And no it was not just a “suggestion”. This is the type of stuff that these people say because they truly believe in it. They’ve written papers about it.  


This is why we need to take back our nation from the intellectuals and return it to its rightful owners – the sensible people who know how to make real things, and who take risks, reap rewards and who sometimes fail. Because in the real world, failure happens. In the intellectual world, however, it never does. Because in the universities  and in the Washington Post, there is no risk and no reward. Everything is “concept”. Until their silly ideas make their way into our national discourse and suggest that Google will fix the Gulf of Mexico oil leak.


Yeah, Google, right…


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