Message to Calderon: Drop Dead...

Here’s a message from American conservatives to Mexican president Felipe Calderon:


“Drop dead…”


How dare you come to America and criticize our laws designed to protect our citizens from crime and violence brought to America by illegal immigrants from your country.


Mr. presidente, can we ask you a few questions? Why is your country so poor and miserable? Why are people fleeing by the millions? Why is violence out of control in Mexico? Why is Mexico one of the most corrupt nations in the world, where payoffs and bribes to crooked government officials are routine?


Mr. Calderon, how dare you come to our country and criticize us when your nation is so lawless and poor in comparison. How dare you criticize the Arizona immigration law that you have not even read. Because we are sure that you have not read it, like most officials in the Obama administration who have not read it before criticizing it.


Mr. president, why don’t you tell Americans about the harsh treatment that Mexico dishes out to people who slip into Mexico illegally. Or the scrutiny and monitoring of foreigners who do become citizens of Mexico, even legally. Or the restrictions on them after they do become citizens, i.e., that they can’t own property or hold political office.


Yes, we Americans certainly all recognize why millions want to flee Mexico, senor Calderon. And we welcome immigrants in our great nation. But in an orderly fashion, not in the chaotic way that your government is encouraging and could stop any day by controlling your border. 


Mr. Calderon, where is all the modern technology that originated in Mexico?


Actually, there is none. All the world’s modern innovation comes from the United States. That’s why so many people want to come here. Because we offer freedom that allows people to be their best and to develop their ideas.


Would Mexico even have electricity if it were not for a European immigrant to America named Nikola Tesla who came here to have the freedom to develop the technology that changed the world?


No, you would still be working by candlelight in a country that would be even poorer without electricity. American electricity, that is.


You know what, Mr. Calderon? Actually we understand you coming here to point fingers at us. Because Mexico is a failure. And the world can see it. And everyone knows it. Which is why so many of your people are leaving. And so you use a common technique of shifting the spotlight from your failures. Thus we understand that you have to insult our great nation to shift the focus from Mexico’s national nervous breakdown.


So here’s some advice: If you’re so smart, why don’t you go back to Mexico and build up the economy so that millions are not desperately trying to come to America.


But no, you are incapable of doing that. Or of stopping the drug violence. Because your nation is endlessly corrupt. And you personally are arrogant and ignorant.


And president Obama, instead of attacking our oil companies and coal companies and drug companies and our laws every minute of every day, and standing by when Calderon insults America, why don’t you try to explain the rampant violence and murder in your own hometown of Chicago? That sounds like the reason that Chicago was rejected for the Olympics.


Mr. Calderon, why is Mexico spiraling down into so much drug violence?


Answer: Because the drug dealers have worked hand in hand with the Mexican government for decades, and suddenly are fighting back against a federal crackdown. So now Calderon is trying to shift the blame for the social breakdown in Mexico to… Arizona.


President Calderon, Arizona had peace and prosperity before immigrants from YOUR country brought murder and mayhem and kidnapping and killing of American citizens like Arizona rancher Robert Krentz.


Actually, senor presidente,  we understand that you can’t fix Mexico. Because Mexico is so deeply rooted in so much corruption that you will never get at the heart of it. And when a hard leftist is elected Mexican president in 2012, the drug dealers are going to be back in control, with the top officials of the Mexican government doing everything they can to help the drug cartels to ship more and more drugs to the US, meaning more and more profits for those corrupt officials.


Now here’s a question for the mayors of all the American cities who are criticizing Arizona: Why don’t you solve some of your own urban problems first before lambasting Arizona? Perhaps the mayor of Los Angeles could try to fix his broken economy and widespread governmental corruption before criticizing Arizona.


Why don’t you mayors look into the massive corruption in your public school systems that is destroying millions of children, who are growing into dysfunctional, impoverished adults? This is infinitely worse than any Arizona law.


Why doesn’t the mayor of San Francisco explain to us why so many of the homosexuals in his city are diseased or dying from AIDS before threatening Arizona for simply making a law about identifying illegal aliens?


To attorney general Eric Holder: Why don’t you read the Arizona law – which you said you hadn’t – before seeking to sue Arizona over it?


And by the way, why did you, Mr. Holder, help Bill Clinton to free 16 Puerto Rican terrorists from prison ahead of the New York state election in 2000 in which Mrs. Clinton was running for US Senate and needed Puerto Rican votes?


Of course releasing terrorists from prison in exchange for Democrat votes is not really anything out of the ordinary. It’s just another day at the office for Democrats.


Yes, why don’t all the critics of the Arizona law pull their thumbs out of their mouths and own up to their own failures. But no, that is precisely why they are criticizing Arizona – to shift the spotlight. And why they are liberals. Because people on the political left never will acknowledge their own failures but only will shift the light of truth from themselves. A light that shines harshly upon them.


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