Yes, Hold Terror Trials in New York

In a May 2 press conference after a car bombing attempt was discovered in Times Square in New York City, mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “We often say that when a terrorist is caught, he has a map of New York City in his pocket.”


Which raises a question: Isn’t it about time that we got straight about two intertwined subjects – terrorism and New York City? Because after all New York is the home base of the ultra-left in America, the same dinner-party intellectuals who have sympathized with radicals, refused to use the words “war on terror” and then called terrorist acts “man-caused disasters” for fear of upsetting the people out to kill us.


All of this nonsense comes out of the intellectual chaos and extremist political correctness of New York and its nut-job university and media elite. But when those airliners crashed into those World Trade Center towers – when the fires singed the eyebrows of the elites – these same people were shocked and frightened and confused.


They should not have been. Because they are the very same people who have opposed military action against terrorism, fought the use of profiling techniques to stop hijackers, and censored tough and realistic talk about radical Islam.


They savaged Ronald Reagan for getting tough on communism and they despise our strong military. Hasn’t their bible, The New York Times, repeatedly spilled secrets about our military’s plans in Iraq and elsewhere, with hurrahs from the Manhattan elite?


But then when the Obama administration sought to move the trial of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to lower Manhattan, these same New Yorkers suddenly started shaking like a leaf and talking like Barry Goldwater (“extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice…”), newly cognizant of potential attacks on the trial site. They actually admitted in a roundabout way that terrorists were bad people, something you will never read on the pages of the New York Times.


You just watch, though, as those very same people will vote for Obama again in 2012. Because they have two ways of seeing the world – in the abstract, which is when terrorism is far away in Pakistan or in Guantanamo Bay, where they can idealize it from afar; and up close and personal, like when the World Trade Center falls or terror masterminds are set for trial in their very own neighborhoods.


This is classic liberalism. Because liberals are first and foremost narcissists who think only about themselves. Period. 


And second, liberals are commanded by intellectual shamans who have a technique for framing issues according to whether those issues directly affect liberals or not. And if the libs are safe, then anything goes, bring it on, heave ho, spill those military secrets.


We should indeed hold the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial in New York so that the elites can get a taste of their own medicine. How about let’s hold it across the street from the New York Times headquarters? The Times surely will support that idea. Constitutional rights for all!


And no profiling that Muslim guy circling the block in that pickup truck with the tinted windows and shouting “Allah akbar!”


But no, New Yorkers want the trial elsewhere. And this is classic intellectual conceit. As far as liberals are concerned, what’s right for me is right for me. Let’s talk about me, then we’ll talk about me some more.


And you… what’s your name again, you gun-and-religion clinging hayseed from Pennsylvania. Or wherever… one of those states out there. Somewhere. Beyond Manhattan.


In fact people in New York actually believe that everyone in America wants to be like them, wishes secretly to live in New York, to be successful in the media and in publishing and the arts Manhattan-style. But from someone who has been there, let me warn you about their nonsense.


New York is a narcissistic and selfish culture. And if you are a bigger and better person than that – as conservatives are – then New York makes no sense at all. That is why there are so few conservatives in New York; because they are not interested in a culture of me-first, me-only egotism.


It is a painful culture to live in. Because all people recognize deep down inside that indeed “it is better to give than to receive”. Yet the entire New York culture is based on receiving money, receiving praise, receiving recognition, receiving adulation, while giving nothing back but their precious selves. Look there’s Billy Joel!


So they live in their bubble and they love their wealth and the privilege while the rest of the world is supposed to be looking on with our tongues out. But when mayor Bloomberg said that the Times Square bomber probably was someone angry about the health-care bill (i.e., a conservative American and not the Islamic radical that he turned out to be) we conservatives all should be really, really glad (again) that we do not live in his city and do not partake of his singular brand of stupidity.


But every once in a while, reality intrudes on Manhattan, as it did on 9/11. And for a brief period, New York was just part of America. It did not take long, however, for New York to return to its arrogance and self-righteousness, which serves it well until the outside world intrudes again. As it did with the potential trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the Times Square terror scare. And then suddenly, New York is one of us. If only for a day or two.


Now president Obama is seeking to cut funding for New York‘s anti-terrorism programs. This is another interesting development. Because again the elites will have to confront the reality of today’s world, and decide who really wants to keep them safe, and who wants to do them harm, directly or indirectly. And maybe this time, it will finally make them think rationally about the world, rather than in the foolish and intellectual way that they have in the past.


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