Who Cares About Freedom?

“I feel pretty free, but I guess you don’t,” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said flippantly to a 2nd Amendment supporter in a recent interview. Matthews then went on to ask the gun owner precisely how the government was restricting his liberties about where he may travel, how he may worship, what he may say etc.


This is a common tactic of the elite left. Because Matthews and those like him live in a privileged bubble where he can say and do anything he wants; where he can criticize Rush Limbaugh for using a word like “regime” in reference to the Obama administration when in fact Matthews has used the same word himself about Bush; where Matthews cares not a whit about such contradictions because his media friends will cover up for him; where Matthews has plenty of money, lives in a nice neighborhood and is certain of his economic future.


Meanwhile conservative Limbaugh has actually been publicly accused of sedition for using the word ‘regime’ by another lefty who has repeatedly used the phrase himself…


So why should Matthews feel threatened? Yet at the same time, other people who are unlike him – conservatives –  indeed could and do feel threatened. After all, when has Matthews been accused of ‘sedition’? Or Al Gore called to account for his lies?


Limbaugh has little to fear. He is a very powerful guy. But the ‘little people’ in America are afraid of Obama’s government. Because they can be crushed by the government or the media at any time and have little power to fight back. That is what our nation was founded to prevent.


Consider the 2006 case at Duke University where a group of white lacrosse players was falsely accused of rape by a black stripper. As charges flew, 88 Duke professors signed on to an inflammatory newspaper ad that implied that the lacrosse players were guilty.


Those lacrosse players eventually were cleared of the charges. Yet these privileged professors were not dismissed from their jobs or prosecuted by the government for civil rights violations as conservatives certainly would have been if the races had been reversed. Some were actually promoted within Duke, or received prestigious appointments at other universities.


Indeed liberals have little to fear. They indeed do feel “free” within their bubble. Their media and government and academic friends assure them of that.


Matthews’ question to the gun guy really was a setup. Because while the gun owner may not have had specific examples on the tip of his tongue – he talked about his right to carry a gun and to defend himself – and while we usually think that we may say whatever we wish and go wherever we wish to go, we all know that conservatives and their thoughts are discriminated against every day of the week and every week of the year.


In hiring, for instance, a conservative white man will often be the last one considered for a job if he is competing with blacks, homosexuals, feminists, leftists etc. because many companies are either liberal and discriminate outright, or they are afraid of reprisals from the government if others claim discrimination.


So indeed we conservatives’ freedom is restricted every day, even though we may never be able to prove it.


Or conservatives can and will be fired from a job by a left-wing boss just for holding conservative points of view as some of us have experienced firsthand.


Yet if a liberal is fired, everyone from the government to the civil rights lobby may get into the act. And that is a frightening thing to an employer. But since conservatives are much less likely to go crying to the government, liberals again feel free to terminate conservatives or to treat them with contempt.


Or how about Carrie  Prejean, the Miss California contestant who was denied the Miss USA crown just because she said she supported traditional marriage and did not believe that the institution of marriage extended to homosexuals? She has been harassed and targeted ever since. Just for speaking freely. So indeed you have the right to say whatever you wish, but there can be repercussions elsewhere.


Why is it that some of us truly care about freedom while others dismiss it? Why do leftist college professors and artists and media people and government bureaucrats and the idle poor seem not to really care about genuine Constitutional freedom while hard-working people in the middle class do?


Answer: Because freedom created the middle class. And without freedom a society is reduced to the rich, their friends, and the poor – always has been, always will be.


And there are always classes allied with the government who don’t care about freedom, but only want an empowered government so that they can prosper economically – college professors, the urban poor, the media, and government workers.


At the same time, many people outside these privileged groups do not know the answer to Matthews’ taunt – to give an example where their freedoms are restricted – because they do not understand how discrimination works, and thus they cannot say specifically how the government is restricting them.


The other Big Answer to Matthews is simply this: “The government is taking more and more of my wealth, will take more of it in the future, and this is in itself the biggest usurpation of freedom – to take away the fruits of my labor.”


And there is not a hard-working, tax-paying American who does not feel this way deep down inside, while liberals will dismiss it because they are the takers.


Indeed Americans have lost their liberty through taxes. It is called “taxation without representation” as government takes more and more of the citizens’ money and spends it how it wishes.


The other side of the same coin is “no taxation, but with representation”, in which poor people pay no taxes, get endless handouts from the government and then vote on election day (get representation) to get more handouts by voting Democrat.


Both of these paradigms are in full play today. And that is why Tea Party protestors are up in arms about what is happening to our nation; because they understand how much of their freedom is lost through overt and covert discrimination, and then through overt seizure of their wealth by the government.


When you put these two notions together – the seizure of wealth by the government and the war on conservative thought – you start to understand how discrimination works, and what it means to lose your freedom.


Most poor people today don’t care about freedom. They are more interested in where their next free meal is coming from. Or their rent subsidy. Or their free health care. And they will live large when the freedom of the middle class is reduced and tax money is shifted. It is only when the poor see their subsidies cut that they will scream. And today, most politicians say that entitlements can’t be cut. Which is nonsense.


So perhaps with the economic crisis the idle poor, lying in the economic hammock that the Democrats have crafted for them, will now have to go out and make their own way. They would have to make big changes in their lives. Then they would find out what freedom really means – that you succeed or fail on your merits and by dint of your own hard work.


Unfortunately we know many of these people well. For instance, if you offer a homeless person a place to live and a job, many will not take it. They prefer their life on the streets and their free meals at the shelter. Because they have everything they want and nothing they don’t – like personal responsibility.


 Capitalist economist Milton Friedman said, “Freedom is my highest value.” Because freedom indeed is wide and deep – cultural, political, intellectual and economic. It affects us in many ways that we Americans often do not think much about. Until it is threatened. And then it becomes the only we think about. And that is a good thing.


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