Whites are Profiled at Airports

In the wake of the recent car-bombing attempt in Times Square, the alleged Muslim perpetrator was able to board a Middle East-bound flight two days later even though he bought his one-way ticket at the last minute with cash, and had no baggage. And was on a terror watch list…


Why was he not screened?


Because airport screeners do not want to be seen as profiling Muslims. In fact in today’s War on Terror, we are seeing a zero-sum agenda in the area of racial profiling.


Under traditional profiling, airport screeners can focus on certain people for more scrutiny on account of their race, ethnicity, age and gender because we know that dark-skinned Middle Eastern Muslim males in their 20s and 30s are those most likely to blow up planes or buildings.


We also could be using ‘behavioral profiling’ in which a person’s actions in the airport can betray trouble… nervousness, suspicious movements, unusual actions etc. Also we could be using a third technique – conducting direct one-on-one verbal interviews with suspect passengers.


Israel uses all of these types of profiling very effectively. But liberals oppose these types of profiling here in the United States allegedly on the grounds that they are discriminatory. But the real reason liberals oppose them is because profiling works well and it exposes liberals as wrong


Yet what have leftists and the ACLU lawyers now done in the area of airport security?


Amazingly they have completely turned the tables without most of us even knowing it. They actually have managed to institute a system of ‘reverse profiling’ in which the people who are being racially profiled at airports today are white.


How does that work? 


Well, just compare it to the Democrats’ decades-long policy of affirmative action, or intentionally discriminating against white people like firefighters in Connecticut who were denied promotions just because no blacks passed the promotion test. This is called ‘discrimination’ pure and simple. But since Democrats practice it and have legalized it, they rationalize it.


 In the same way, the liberal approach to airport security – to ostensibly avoid any hint of profiling by treating everyone the same under the guise of fairness – in fact entrenches discrimination. Because ‘fairness’ draws tremendous amounts of energy out of the screener system by focusing equally on the huge law-abiding majority –  like white people, including businessmen, college girls or caucasian grandmothers in wheelchairs – as it does on the tiny minority of dark-skinned, Middle Eastern males speaking in Arabic accents in their 20s and 30s. This is intended to gum up the system and is simply a means of, in effect, harassing innocent white people or ‘profiling’ them on account of their race.


Americans now are being told that full-body scanners are the only way to keep air travel safe, when in fact racial profiling is a vastly more effective way. But what liberals really want to do is to make white Americans suffer in these scanners even though whites are law-abiding in the field of airliner terrorism. Just like they want hard-working white firefighters to suffer even though they studied hard and successfully passed the promotion test.


In other words, a zero-sum game where white people are brought down in stature while Muslim males in their 20s and 30s are elevated. Now, suspicious Muslims may even get green-lighted right through at airports as did the Underwear bomber who was a black Muslim, had no passport, paid for his ticket with cash and had a one-way ticket and no baggage.  Whose own father had warned authorities about him. And who was on a terror watch list… Or the Times Square suspect who was a Muslim, purchased his one-way ticket with cash at the last minute and had no baggage. And was on a terror watch list…


Unbelievable. This is indeed the most insidious form of racial profiling, to ignore prime suspects and to select out one group – white people – for levels of scrutiny that are infinitely beyond their expected threat level, and scrutinizing them more closely than people who in fact are engaged in terrorism.


It would be interesting to see how many white people on that Christmas Day flight were patted down and had their bags searched. How about posting on the internet the surveillance tape from the Amsterdam airport for Flight 253 and letting us see it? Let’s really see what went on at that airport gate and see who was searched and who obviously was not – the black African Muslim male in his 20s with no bags, no passport, paid $3,000 in cash for his ticket, explosives in his underwear etc. etc.


We will not see that tape, however. Because it would be so volatile that it would blow the doors off of caucasian racial profiling for the genuinely discriminatory practice that it is. And it would prove how much the profiling of white people is rampant and unnecessary and is consuming valuable resources in the airline safety system while real terrorists waltz onto airplanes.


So what is the ultimate zero-sum game of liberalism at our airports?


It is to see white people harassed and to see the United States hurt and to see terrorists dancing in the streets as a result of successful attacks.


And that is the most horrendous zero-sum game of all.


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