What do the Political Parties Stand For?

In a debate on the Senate floor, very liberal Democrat US senator Tom Harkin of Iowa said last Winter, “If Republicans are so sure passing health care reform will doom the Democrats in November, why not help them pass it?”


Do you understand how toxic this statement is? And what it reveals?


Harkin was suggesting that Republicans should actually help the Democrats to pass health care simply because Republicans know it will hurt Democrats politically. And this, America, is the way that Democrats see all of politics, as geared only toward power and not toward what a legislator might actually consider to be in the best interests of the nation or his/her constituents.


Because Harkin is saying that Republicans should have no conscience about health-care policy, but should only make a political calculation about how to treat it as a charged political issue.


This is abhorrent. But then again this is the Democrat party we are talking about, you know, the party that “cares” about everyone when in fact it is interested only in political power as revealed in Harkin’s statement.


Speaking of hyper politics, remember the ploy was being discussed to allow the House of Representatives to vote on a rule – not a bill, but a rule – that deemed that the House had passed the Senate health-care bill?


Yes, they were possibly going to vote on a rule that simply stated that the Senate bill was passed, and thus the Senate version of the health-care bill would have been “deemed” to be “passed” by the House without the House even formally voting on it the bill itself.


This truly is Soviet-style politics, where the legislature makes up any directive it wishes in order to have its way. And along with the Harkin statement and the Democrats’ earlier intention to use a budget reconciliation tactic for a type of bill (health care) for which it was never intended – reconciliation is only for budget matters – it reinforces just recently in three separate instances the Democrats as an autocratic party that might do anything for political favor, as they have for decades.


Just look at the presidential election of 1960 which is acknowledged to have been stolen by the Democrats. Shameful… But par for the course.


Democrats are interested in power, not freedom because their agenda is about government power, which is anathema to what the Founders knew to be freedom – from government. They will manipulate any political issue for the own ends, no matter the practice, technique or outcome.  Just look at the way that millions of poor people in America are urged to use their vote for only one thing – to elect Democrats and, in return, to get welfare money for themselves. This is one of the dangers of a free electorate that the Founders warned against… that citizens would use their votes to enrich themselves. But then again this is how Democrats operate.


Conservatives and Republicans, on the other hand, understand what the Founders wanted in a Constitution – true representation of the will of the people. That is why the Founders chose a ‘republican’ (small ‘r’) form of government, with elected officials doing the legislative work on behalf of the people.


But to the Democrats, every issue can be manipulated in exactly the way the Founders did not want them to be. Imagine the Founders hearing Harkin talking about Republicans using their vote not as a reflection of the will of the people but as a political club. Imagine the Founders hearing about the “deem and pass” rule. They would be utterly incensed. And the kickbacks and bribes surrounding health care? The Founders would be outraged.


So what is the difference between the two parties?


It lies in their name:


Democrats truly represent the concept of ‘democracy’. Many Americans think that our nation is a ‘democracy’ but it is not. A ‘democracy’ is a system under which every citizen could vote on every issue. Imagine every citizen in America taking time and effort to vote on every bill that came before Congress. There would be chaos. And when there is chaos, tyrants can step in and seize power as they often do.


Because while ‘democracy’ works on a small scale – like a town meeting – it eventually becomes unworkable as the population grows.  Then mayhem and tyranny can ensue, and often has.


An infinitely more stable form of government is what we have in America and it is called a ‘Constitutional republic’ with elected officials fulfilling the will of the people. Note the word ‘republic’ as in the Republican party. Therefore Republicans represent a much more formalized and proper type of government with codified and established rules and regulations governing the process.


For instance, today a candidate must first get a certain number of valid signatures on his nominating petition before even being considered to be included in the election process. This requires a lot of work and it weeds out people who are not serious.


Under a mob-rule type of democratic system, without all the step-by-step procedures we have for electing public officials, anyone could incite a political movement at any time, creating chaos and leading to demagoguery, agitation and anarchy.  


Therefore a ‘democracy’ and a ‘republic’ are very different things. And Democrats and Republicans are very different types of people right from the start. So the very names of the parties in fact represent what they really stand for:


Democrats believe in mob rule, stolen elections, abuse of the ballot for financial gain, and power at any cost no matter the Constitutional or legal propriety. Look at the “deem and pass” rule or Harkin’s statement.


Republicans believe in a representative government based on order and harmony. This indeed is the only way to maintain freedom.


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