Four Terrorist Attacks Too Many

Did you see the white kid who was tasered by the cops after he ran onto the field during a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game? Can you imagine the uproar if that kid had been black, or heaven forbid, an illegal immigrant?


This was reminiscent of the time that a white guy was tasered after he “persistently questioned” Democrat US senator John Kerry of Massachusetts after a Kerry speech (“Don’t taze me, bro!”)


Why are the cops tasering people for the most innocuous reasons while tasering a terrorist captive will get you court martialed?


Now imagine that the Kerry questioner had been a questioner or heckler of George W. Bush. He would have had the entire ACLU behind him in a lawsuit. And the New York Times and all the rest of the lefty kooks.


Bush himself was politically tasered by the Ancient Media during his entire presidency for everything he did. Even when he announced in 1999 that he was going to run for president in 2000, a book was released charging him with cocaine use.


After 9/11, the media and the Democrats did everything they could to criticize Bush in his War on Terror. The phony Abu Ghraib prison ‘scandal’ was a mountain made out of not even a molehill but an anthill, while Bush’s record of preventing any terrorist attacks after 9/11 was dismissed.


Now we have had four terrorist attacks in just over 15 months under Obama:


*The June 1, 2009 murder of Pvt. William Long in front of an Army-Navy recruiting center in West Little Rock, Arkansas by an Islamic radical, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, who had visited Yemen for 16 months in 2007-8 and who had been investigated by FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force.


*The November 5, 2009 murder of 13 military personnel at Fort Hood, Texas by a known Islamic radical Nidal Malik Hassan, who also happened to be a psychiatrist in the US Army. Hassan’s insistently angry speech toward the US and his communication with extremists on the internet was ignored because the military did not want to appear ‘racist’ in singling out a Muslim.


*The Christmas Day 2009 attack on the Detroit-bound airliner by Nigerian Muslim Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab. The only reason the plane did not go down is that the bomb failed to detonate. International officials had been warned about Abdulmutallab by his own father.


*The May 1 attack on Times Square in New York City by a Pakistani-born naturalized American citizen Faisal Shahzad, a registered Democrat who lived in Connecticut. The parked car bomb did not detonate, but it certainly could have, and would have killed many, many people.


So what is going on?


Notice that none of these four attacks was stopped ahead of time. None. “Once again, an attempted attack has… failed…” Obama said hesitantly, wanting to say that the attack has “been thwarted”.


Indeed under just 15 months of Obama rule, four attacks have succeeded to varying degrees. And the first three perpetrators already were known to law enforcement.


This is why we should be very worried. Because these terrorists need to be stopped ahead of time, as they were after 9/11 under Bush. Meanwhile they were not even tracked for eight years under Bill Clinton, who ignored terrorism and handed Bush an empty briefing book, leading to 9/11.


Obama indeed is not even using the words “war on terror”, and obviously is not even waging one. When Dick Cheney said this, he was attacked in the media. Yet Cheney was right.


But of course, when a small group of Christian militia members from Michigan was recently discovered plotting to kill a police officer, that was stopped, yesiree, these Obama people sure know an international threat when they see it. And when that white kid ran around the baseball field waving a white towel, they sure brought him down. Who knows what kind of damage he could have done with that towel.


And when those 76 Christians were praying at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas in 1993, they were killed in an attack by FBI/ATF under the Clinton administration. Yes, you’ve gotta eliminate those severe risks to national security… Never know when they might assault you with a Bible and a cross.


Imagine if those Davidians were black or illegal immigrants and that the attack was executed under Bush. We’d still be talking about it today, when in fact there is a media blackout on Waco, as there was zero mention of Waco on the recent 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, which was a direct retaliation against a federal government building for the Waco siege.


Clinton attorney general Janet Reno took the heat for Waco, and the media gave Clinton a pass. Meanwhile Obama Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano said that “the system worked” in the Christmas Day attack when in fact the entire system collapsed in a heap.


This is the same Napolitano who has called terrorist attacks “man-caused disasters” and proclaimed that the Times Square plot was a “one-off” before she had any idea whatsoever that it was such, and never will have all the information. Already we know that Napolitano was wrong, and that the Times Square attack was part of a much wider plot based in Pakistan, where 10 people have been reported to have been arrested in connection with it.


Remember when Obama dithered for three days after the Christmas attack before making a statement? Or he took more than two minutes in a press conference to talk about Indian tribal business before addressing the Fort Hood massacre?


This is part of a pattern of negligence. Because there are two ways of approaching terrorism, and Obama’s approach is failing. It is casual, dangerous and arrogant. And these terrorists know weakness when they see it.


Then when the Times Square attack was uncovered but before its perpetrator had been identified, the nutty mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg conjectured that it might have been launched by someone angry at Obama’s health-care plan! Yes! He actually said it!


Wasn’t Bloomberg profiling conservatives who opposed the Obama plan?


Indeed he was. But then he rushed to the microphones to say that Muslims should never be profiled just because they’re always trying to blow up his city.


Two days after Shahzad left the bomb in Times Square, he hurried to the airport and boarded a flight to Dubai. So where was the screening process for boarding that flight? After all, Shahzad had bought the one-way ticket with cash at the last minute and had no baggage. Don’t you think that that would arouse some suspicion? Why was there no “persistent questioning” of Shahzad about where he was going, and why he paid in cash and was in such a hurry?


No, they were probably so fearful of profiling, that he passed right through. Yet the Christians at Waco were innocent people, including women and children, and they were not only not even given the rights of being questioned – the FBI/ATF knew they were innocent Christians after the month-long siege – but they were killed even though only their leader David Koresh was suspected only of weapons violations and not of any actual attacks on anyone.


After Shahzad was captured, he was questioned under a Public Safety Exception, without his rights being read to him. And then they read him his Miranda rights, rather than “persistently questioning” him under the Exception to get the most valuable information.


Obama has given us the multicultural government that we conservatives knew he would. Real terrorists from the Middle East are casually treated while Americans from Tea Partiers to praying Christians to goofy kids running across a baseball field are under every kind of scrutiny from the cops, the media and the Democrats. And this is going to lead us to big trouble down the road.  These terrorists are engaged in a long-term war against us. And under the Obama strategy, they are going to succeed again and again and again.


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