A Tale of Two Protests

We have had two separate days of protest recently, one by legal citizens of the United States who feel they are overtaxed – the Tea Parties of April 15 – and the other largely by citizens of other nations protesting our American immigration policies – the May 1 protests. And as you can plainly see, they are like night and day.


The Tea Parties truly speak to the issue of “taxation without representation”, the rallying cry of the American Revolution. They symbolize tens of millions of American citizens who feel that they are being heavily taxed (taxation) while their voices are being increasingly ignored by elected officials, as in the health-care debate (no real representation).


The May 1 illegal immigrant protesters, however, signify the polar opposite – “no taxation, but with representation”. In other words, illegals are not citizens of the United States, most pay no taxes, many ship large amounts of money out of the US back to their home countries, but they do get de facto government representation by leftist politicians, lawyers and activists, and use that representation to access the government largess that the Tea Party protesters are being forced to fund through excess taxation.


Now look at the Ancient Media treatment of each:


The media have savaged the Tea Partiers from day one. After all, what leftist could speak for hard-working, law abiding, taxpaying Caucasian citizens of America standing up for their own Constitutional rights in their own nation when they could be standing up for American Constitutional rights for non-taxed citizens of another country who happen to be living in the USA.


Indeed, just as the liberals and the Ancient Media have sought to assure that terrorists get American civil rights while seeking to prosecute our soldiers and CIA agents for alleged mistreatment of captives in the war on terror, they are seeking to extend special rights to non-citizens (citizenship, American Constitutional protections, access to government services) while seeking to marginalize basic rights to American citizens (life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom from an oppressive government) by calling Tea Partiers names and falsifying their actions and intents.


So if illegals truly want American rights, then there is a simple solution: Apply for citizenship like millions of others who have become citizens legally over the years. But don’t expect the benefits of living in the best nation in the world just by protesting. That in itself is un-American  and shows bad faith.


While the Ancient Media jumped on the new Arizona immigration law to fire up the illegals and their friends, they conveniently ignore the fact that the new statute only codifies in state law what the federal government is supposed to enforce in federal law. And when the federal government first fails to enforce the border – which is one of its only real responsibilities – then states like Arizona are forced to act by simply re-stating what the federal government is supposed to do in the first place.


Meanwhile the Ancient Media have been silent on the killing of an American rancher; on the massive criminality now infiltrating from Mexico into once-peaceful cities like Phoenix; on the murders and woundings of police officers and border agents by illegals; on the trashing of American property by illegals; on the gutting of hospital and school budgets through growing illegals’ demand.


No, they say nothing at all. The media are acting as if there is nothing wrong, that it is really the fault of the racist Arizona legislature that all this is happening. And those evil Tea Parties.


Nonsense. And 20 years ago, we conservatives seeking rational policies on illegals might have run to the closet the moment that the media lefties called us ‘racists’. But today, we have debunked them and we are not afraid. Other states now are even discussing an Arizona-type law despite the media frenzy against Arizona. Because most Americans today recognize a media fury for what it is while commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have given conservatives the moral and intellectual ammunition to fight back against the race-based attacks on legal American citizens.


Of course while president Obama was savaging the Arizona law for more than a week, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was getting worse and worse in that same week And this was very revealing.  Isn’t the president supposed to be the president of all the people, on all the issues? Why was he frittering away valuable time dwelling on long-simmering issues like immigration while ignoring a one-time catastrophe like the Gulf oil spill? How has that spill gotten so out of control?


Answer: Because Obama was dithering ten times worse than George Bush ever dithered on Katrina.


There is a new paradigm in American politics – the independent voter versus the Democrats. Many independents voted Democrat before the recession revealed the cracks in the Democrat platform. Today independents are swinging Republican and the Tea Parties represent that. And the May 1 immigration rallies may further cement that swing, instilling a sense of dread in the hard-pressed taxpayer/citizen with giant mobs of illegal immigrants filling the streets, turning violent, and demanding more and more from our nation while ignoring our laws, trashing our properties and murdering our police with impunity.


This is not to condemn all illegal aliens. Many are good people in desperate circumstances who want to work hard, and do. Many are better people than their lazy, corrupt American counterparts, and our nation would literally be better off if those illegals became citizens while those lazy Americans were deported. Somewhere. Anywhere.


But that is not going to happen, and citizens of our nation now must consider which template they will follow – that America is a racist, exclusionary nation (the Democrat position) or that we are a nation of laws based on principles of justice for all who are legally citizens of the United States, and decency toward those who are not. After all, we are the most decent nation in the world.


The question of who really is a citizen and what is “decency” is going to weigh heavily on voters’ minds in the next election cycles as we choose which side of the protest movement we all come down on. And the majority of American citizens already have made up their minds – they want illegal immigration and our borders controlled – and are never going to be shaken loose from their position.  


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