Political Adulterer Crist Will Fail

Conservatives have been warning about Republican ‘moderates’ for years now. Moderates cannot be trusted, says conservative wisdom. Moderates have no core beliefs and they go with the political winds. And now we have a new charge to add to the list: Moderates simply are political adulterers who will quit the marriage out of expediency at any time, for any reason.


Consider Colin Powell, perhaps one of the great ‘moderates’ of all time, elevated in his career over and over by Republican presidents, but who voted for Obama in 2008. Or John McCain, Mr. Moderate who threw away the 2008 election with a bumbling, drifting campaign, as if he didn’t really stand for anything. Ronald Reagan would be stunned. Sarah Palin was.


By nature, conservatives remain people of principle. When the Tea Party movement sprouted in the Spring of 2009, there was concern that it would put up its own independent candidates and split the Republican vote, giving elections to the Democrats.


So principled Tea Party activists at their national convention last Winter announced that they would steer clear of third-party challenges so as to offer the best chances for a conservative/Republican fusion to win elections.


But in the first test of the so-called alliance since then, conservatives have been kicked in the teeth. And this test does not involve a decision by a conservative to run as a third-party candidate, but rather a Republican ‘moderate’ breaking ranks and doing so.


Republican Florida governor Charlie Crist is expected to announce today, April 29, that he is going to run as a third-party independent. This comes as Crist is getting hammered in the Republican primary by conservative Marco Rubio.  


This is bad news for the Republican party and for the Tea Party movement. Because in the very first test of conservative/Republican unity strategy, it is not the Tea Party that shot the deal, but the ‘moderate’ on the other end of the Republican spectrum. And we conservatives knew they would do this. Because moderates indeed have no core beliefs or principles.


Crist’s action is going to anger Tea Party activists, who are going to feel betrayed, and is yet another wake-up call for America and for the Republican party as to what is going on in our nation’s politics: The whole spectrum has shifted to the left. People who once would have been called Democrat ‘liberals’ are now called Blue Dog centrists.  And people on the radical fringe of the political left now are just called regular ol’ Democrats. 


To exacerbate this shift, many ‘moderate Republicans’ like Crist are being exposed as nothing more than Democrats with an R after their name for electoral purposes. And don’t think that he is not a Democrat. Crist supported Obama’s stimulus, vetoed a bill that would have angered Florida’s teacher unions, and was famously seen hugging Obama on a visit by the president to Florida.


What does this all mean?


It means that the Democrat party is flipping candidates all over, and moving our discourse quietly to the left with the help of their media friends.


Crist truly is a sore loser, which is a trait of all moderates and liberals like Al Gore. When Republican Richard Nixon knew absolutely that the 1960 presidential election had been stolen by the Kennedy family, he did not whine and protest for years like Gore and the Democrats did after 2000. He just said, “I’ll be back.”


And you just watch as Crist, like all good moderates, throws every issue to the political wind and does whatever he can to win the election as a centrist, calculating every single position only for political gain. This means pulling whatever platform he wants out of the air, and trashing Rubio more than his Democrat opponent – the sign of a Democrat at heart.


The Republican party is going to do everything it can to support Rubio. After Giuliani and Romney endorsed Rubio, Crist knew he was sunk. So Crist is just quitting. He is out for himself. He never was a Republican in the first place.


But in the final analysis, Crist is going to lose in the 3-way general election.  He has no idea what he has done to himself. He is finished in politics. And Marco Rubio is going to win and become a superstar in the Republican party, an ambassador to the growing latino electorate of America. 


Crist is reminiscent of Arlen Specter, the long-serving “moderate Republican” US senator from Pennsylvania who switched to the Democrat party because he knew he was going to lose his primary battle this year to conservative Republican Pat Toomey. By the way, Specter started his political career as a lawyer defending one of the sleaziest people in Philadelphia history, the ‘hippie’ murderer Ira Einhorn. We should have known who this guy was.


What about ‘Republican’ governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, who is just a Hollywood liberal talking like a tough guy Republican, except that he is not in the movies any more and his dopey script has fallen flat in the real world. His governorship has collapsed like a cheap tent, and he has accomplished zero. Because he was no principled Republican. He was a celebrity liberal who has failed miserably in his attempt to reform the state budget. After all, he is married to a Kennedy – Maria Shriver.


What is the message in all this for the Republicans?


It is this: Listen to your conservative base. Come home to conservatism. Do not take these political transvestites seriously because they are out only for themselves. They will jump ship at the first sign of trouble as McCain double-crossed the Republicans time and time again and then blew the 2008 election with a lifeless, unprincipled campaign.


Our nation is at a crossroads. There is no more room for error. We need to get America back on track with principled conservative positions by people who care more about our future than about themselves.


We conservatives have been snookered over and over. George W. Bush disappointed us in many ways. Ditto Papa Bush who nominated political cross-dresser David Souter to the Supreme Court. Sandra Day O’Connor was appointed to the Court by Ronald Reagan but made many decisions that looked like she was appointed by Lyndon Johnson. What about Mitt ‘Gay Marriage & State Health Insurance’ Romney, perhaps the leading GOP presidential candidate for 2012?


We conservatives need to weed out the double agents and move the Republican party to the right, which is the only way we can counter the radicalism of the Democrats.


Yet what do those same Democrats tell us?


They say that the Republican party cannot survive on the right. That ‘moderation’ wins elections. Yet the Democrats themselves are ruling from the radical left.


What the Democrats fear most is conservative wisdom, truth and historical success. They know that our message resonates with a nation hungry for honesty and integrity. Democrats know that the country is not behind their radical agenda. That is why they are seeking to obliquely influence the Charlie Crists of the world to undermine conservatism on their behalf.


And to counter that, we conservatives need to be bold in pointing out that we really are the strong ones. Otherwise we will become marginalized in a nation that has moved to the left without really knowing it, and which really is more supportive of our political views than those of our opponents.


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