Liberals' War on Children

The state of Maine’s Human Rights Commissions is recommending that all children use unisex bathrooms. This is part of the Democrat party’s relentless War on Children intended to instill fear in kids even when they go to the bathroom, one of the last places a child can expect privacy.


The Maine HCR wants to ban schools  from enforcing gender divisions in sports teams, school organizations, bathrooms and locker rooms, saying that ‘forcing a student into a particular room or group because of their biological gender amounts to discrimination,’ according to a report on Fox News.


So now when a girl goes into a girl’s bathroom, that is discrimination, according to today’s liberals.


No, it is leftist insanity.


‘The issue came to light last year when the commission ruled that, under the Maine Human Rights Act, a school had discriminated against a 12-year-old transgender boy by denying him access to the girls’ bathroom,’ reports Fox.


In other words, the whole world needs to be turned upside down to accommodate a tiny number of gender-bender children. This is just another way that liberalism caters to a tiny minority to the detriment of the majority.


So imagine you are considering opening a branch of your company in Maine, and you would need to move your family and your staff and their families there. Do you want to move your daughters and sons to a state where members of the opposite sex can appear any time in the bathroom that your child is using? Or would you choose another state? And thus is it any mystery why legislation like this has ramifications far beyond the bathroom?


Ken Trump, the president of National School Safety and Security Services, says the commission’s recommendation pose safety issues as well.


“If my kid walks into a girls’ bathroom and sees a man in there, the child is going to instinctively feel that something’s wrong. If you create an entirely new climate where anything goes, you’re going to create increased confusion, and those with ill intentions could take advantage of that confusion and decreased ability to make a distinction,” Trump said.


Which any rational person would see. Except that liberals are not of sound mind and are getting worse every year.


This type of legislation is popping up all over liberal America. Massachusetts and Vermont were the first states to codify homosexual unions and marriage. And when that happened, the homosexual lobby made a proclamation that is becoming common after every leftist agenda items is passed – that the sun came up, that the sky didn’t fall after gay unions were legitimized.


But in fact the sky has fallen. Because the same states pushing special rights for every sexual orientation – Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine – are the same states whose economies are falling off a cliff. Because the two go hand-in-hand; the advocacy of a leftist social agenda like homosexual, bisexual and sex-changer interests, and the consequent marginalization of economic issues to the point where the majority is undermined for the sake of a small minority.


And just think that this Maine bathroom recommendation comes from the same liberal left whose feminist flank wants to criminalize men for looking cross-eyed at a female co-worker, and to charge sexual harassment at the drop of a hat.


So where are the feminists in the Maine case to protect young girls?


Answer: They are silent, as they always are silent when the agenda comes from the left, even when it is bad and even dangerous for girls. And these Democrats collectively are waging war on our children.


In California, the Democrats in the state assembly judiciary committee killed a bill to honor the 2.8 million-member Boy Scouts on their 100th anniversary of scouting in California.  This is another attack on the decent youth of America in the Democrats’ relentless War on Children. 


Liberals have been waging war against the Scouts since the Supreme Court ruled that the Scouts can reject homosexual scout leaders, which the Scouts have done. So again, the issue of sexual orientation is being used to marginalize a core American institution like the Scouts. Yet the Catholic church sex abuse scandals all have involved homosexual priests molesting young boys after the Catholic Church loosened its standards on homosexuals in the priesthood and covered up for their crimes.


Could the devastating Catholic church scandal possibly be the reason that the Boy Scouts did not want homosexuals in leadership positions in their all-boy organization, because they saw the destruction that a few hundred homosexual priests caused to a centuries-old church?


Why look here! Here is the answer from abcnews.com on April 23, 2010:


A jury on Friday ordered the Boy Scouts of America to pay $18.5 million in punitive damages to an Oregon man sexually abused by a former assistant scoutmaster in the early 1980s, according to the Associated Press….


The jury found the Boy Scouts of America and the local scout chapter negligent in a case that accused the organization of covering up alleged sexual abuse of several of its boy scouts for years….


In the civil suit filed last month in Portland, Ore., six plaintiffs alleged that the Boy Scouts of America allowed convicted child sex-offender Timur Dykes to continue to participate and lead troop activities, including sleepovers at his home with the scouts, even after he confessed in 1983 to having abused as many as 17 scouts. (end of excerpt)


Yet you will never see the word “homosexual” or “gay” mentioned in the endless, repetitive media coverage of these scandals. Because there is a media blackout on the sexual orientation of the original perpetrators of these crimes in this particular theater in the War on Children.


In Massachusetts, the 90% Democrat legislature is considering what is called the Bathroom Bill, which will allow male-to-female or female-to-male sex-changers to use whatever bathroom they wish, in essence to open up the state’s bathrooms to both sexes. This will terrify straight people, and particularly children. This is another theater in the Democrats’ relentless War on Children.


Here are excerpts from Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, before the Massachusetts House judiciary committee about the so-called Bathroom Bill:


‘… This radical legislation would remove gender restrictions from public access restrooms, locker rooms and fitness facilities-compromising the safety, privacy and modesty of all citizens. HB 1728 would legally require public schools at all levels to allow boys and girls to choose for themselves which rest room or locker room they wish to use, based on an ill-defined concept of gender expression, with no medical or legal basis. Last week a public grammar school in Maine was found to be in violation of that state’s Transgender Rights Law because they did not allow a fifth-grade boy to use the girl’s bath room. The Maine public school system is now grappling with how this ruling is to be implemented.


‘Two recent incidents of bathroom stalking by men at Boston University and on Cape Cod make the notion of legalizing entry by men into women’s bathrooms not a hypothetical matter but one of legitimate concern -Massachusetts has over 10,000 registered sex offenders. While laws exist to prosecute those who commit crimes that take place in bathrooms, HB1728 puts women and children at substantial additional risk of assault because men as a group cannot be questioned beforehand or curtailed from entering women’s rest facilities.


‘… Nothing would prevent a sexual predator from pretending that he is confused about his sex to gain access to vulnerable women and children in public restrooms, which should be safe spaces for their accommodation and health.


‘… There is no generally accepted definition for “gender” or “expression,” which would cause chaos in the inevitable swirl of litigation, as activists press for access to the most private spaces of the opposite sex.


‘Transgenderism is classified as a disorder by the American Psychiatric Association in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Under this bill, if a father and his young daughter went to a public accommodation and the young girl needed to use the ladies room, her own father could not go in with her, but a man claiming a gender identity disorder could.


Democrat party policies, now driven by the far left, today are focused on one thing only – to undermine a strong America and to create a culture that is depressed, confused, angry and anxious. And this now starts at an early age, with their War on Children. Today even the environmental movement is terrorizing children with images of dying polar bears and eco-Armageddon ‘global warming’. Obviously this is a leading cause of depression in youth.


Ultimately the whole sexual-orientation agenda is focused on instituting a new paradigm in society where bathrooms are open to all, where the real source of child molestation is covered up, where all the barriers between the sexes are broken down, and finally where adult-child sex is legitimized.


Don’t believe it?


Then you have not heard about Kevin Jennings, Obama’s  Safe and Drug Free Schools director who, says Fox News, ‘is a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men.’


So there is a bigger agenda with the appointment of Jennings. Said Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, “Jennings was obviously chosen for this job because of the safe schools aspect… defining ‘safe schools’ narrowly in terms of ‘safe for homosexuality’.”


“But at least half of the job involves creating drug-free schools, and we’ve not been offered any evidence about what qualifications Jennings has for promoting drug-free schools.”


Jennings has a history of drug use in his youth.  And a group that Jennings founded also was promoting homosexuality and decadent sexual practices in schools. At a 2000 conference co-sponsored with the Massachusetts Department of Education, an official told a teenage audience  that:



“Fisting (forcing one’s entire hand into another person’s rectum or vagina) often gets a bad rap….[It’s] an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with…[and] to put you into an exploratory mode.”


In another case, Jennings as a teacher was accused of failing to report that a student he knew about was having sex with an older man, which Jennings would have been required to report to authorities. In an audio recording, Jennings said about the student:


“I said, ‘What were you doing in Boston on a school night, Brewster?’ He got very quiet, and he finally looked at me and said, ‘Well I met someone in the bus station bathroom and I went home with him.’ High school sophomore, 15 years old’ I looked at Brewster and said, ‘You know, I hope you knew to use a condom.'”


This is the type of degenerate lifestyle that is being promoted by the left – unisex bathrooms, high school students meeting older men in bus station rest rooms, attacks on the honorable Boy Scouts, the homosexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church – these all are part of the Democrat party’s War on Children.


It is being fomented in large part by the homosexual lobby and the radical left of the party. It is shameful and should be countered every step of the way, in order to keep our children safe.


We conservatives would be more tolerant of all sexual orientations if they had remained more restrained, because these traits always have existed. But they have become confrontational and aggressive and we no longer can stand idly by while their advocates seek to make the rest of us heel to their agenda.  Because it is bad for us, and particularly it is bad for our children.


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