Limbaugh, Beck Defeating Obama

President Obama recently blamed his sinking popularity on the constant criticisms of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative commentators.


At the same time, so-called Republicans like Colin Powell criticize Limbaugh, calling him too extreme, calling his core of listeners too conservative, and saying that the GOP needs to “reach out” to moderate voters to win elections. Meanwhile Tea Party activists have been portrayed by some GOP moderates as too intransigent, and too wedded to principle.


Only problem is that Powell voted for Obama. This in itself should tell us everything we need to know. Because Powell is nothing but a political adulterer.


Glenn Beck is another conservative commentator who is marginalized by some Republicans, while doing an exceptional job in fearlessly explaining what is going on with Obama’s radical agenda. This is another reason why Americans are so well informed today. One recent survey showed Beck to be the second most admired figure on television after Oprah Winfrey. This comes after only one year on Fox for Beck’s program…


Beck, Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the rest of the conservative media are in fact the people who have held firm and taught us why and how we must fight against the establishment of socialism in America. Even after the big victory of Obama and the Democrats in November 2008, Limbaugh advised us to hang on, don’t lose faith, and that the Democrats would choke on their own corruption.


And so they have.


After Obama’s win, however, moderate Republicans like Meghan McCain – John McCain’s daughter – were acting starstruck by Obama’s political prowess. She even noted with awe that some pop singer named Kate Perry showed up at the 2009 MTV music awards show in an Obama shirt.


To which we conservatives responded: Who the hell is Kate Perry? Why do we care what they think at the MTV awards? Then we recommended that America wait to see Obama’s policies before judging his political abilities.


Because those of us who were not impressed by the 2008 political fireworks warned that Obama was not nearly as strong as he was being portrayed, and that people like Meghan McCain and Colin Powell have been hurting our cause unnecessarily. Now Meghan’s mother Cindy even has appeared in a pro-homosexual-marriage advertisement. Perhaps it was a good thing that John McCain was not elected…


“Reach out and touch someone!” said the old AT&T jingle from the 1960s. That seems to be what the McCains and the rest of the GOP liberals are doing – reaching out to the leftists who will bite their hand at every opportunity.


We need people like Limbaugh and Beck and wonderful books like The Five Thousand Year Leap to explain to us what is happening because only principled people can explain the bankruptcy of unprincipled Chicago-style hardball leftist politics. Otherwise we might fall for those politics as many independents, and even some Republicans did in the 2008 election.


Glenn Beck’s recent shows have exposed the left-wing ‘progressives’ who advocate a far-left “revolution” in America, but in an “evolutionary” way, incrementally, step by step, which is what ObamaCare is intended to be. These progressives are largely intellectuals in the universities and the media, think they know what is best for the nation, have contempt for the ‘little people’ out there in Middle America, and have infiltrated not only the Democrat party but the Republicans too. John McCain is a classic product of American progressivism along with his dopey wife and daughter.


Who is the Democrats’ favorite Republican president?


Teddy Roosevelt, who was a ‘progressive’, i.e., he agreed with a leftist agenda of radical environmentalism, hostility to business, an income tax etc. Democrats love people like McCain and Powell because they have been swayed by the progressive agenda as much as any Democrat. Now they are bringing that agenda into the GOP alongside people like Christie Todd Whitman, the former New Jersey governor, who is more prone to agree with Democrats on any 100 random issues than she is likely to agree with Rush or Beck or the Tea Partiers. 


Indeed the progressives intend to disseminate Obama’s agenda throughout the whole political spectrum to whoever will listen. Beck has warned about this and so has Limbaugh. And the GOP had better watch out because we have seen what happened to the Democrats when they embraced Obama’s progressivism – they now are headed for a defeat at the polls that will be stunning in its scope compared to just one year ago when Obama seemed indomitable.




Because Americans understand exactly what is happening thanks not to John McCain or Colin Powell, but thanks to Limbaugh and Beck and Cleon Skousen, the author of The Five Thousand Year Leap, and all the other rational commentators who are warning us day-by-day about Obama and his radical agenda.


Without anchors like Limbaugh and Beck and Sarah Palin explaining once again the genius of our Founding Fathers, America might simply have swallowed the nonsense that we need ObamaCare; that we need cap and trade; that we should fear ‘global warming’ amidst the coldest winter in decades; that we should grant amnesty to illegals; that labor unions need more power etc., all part of an agenda that will undermine our nation and our economy and most importantly our freedom.


Look at what happened in Massachusetts and you can see the template clear as day. Republican US Senate candidate Scott Brown said unequivocally during his campaign that he opposed ObamaCare and the Democrats’ reckless spending. Brown did not say he was going to look at the health bill and consider its merits and its pitfalls as some moderates would. He said he was going to oppose it. Period. Then he said that he would diametrically oppose Obama’s approach to terrorism. In his victory speech, Brown said:


“And let me say this… I believe that our Constitution and laws exist to protect this nation – they do not grant rights and privileges to enemies in wartime. In dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them.”


Strong, unequivocal positions like this won him the election, not mealy-mouthed compromise.


Even the citizens of New York City agreed with Scott Brown and with Rush Limbaugh, and now it appears that the 9/11 terror trials will be moved out of New York. This shift in sentiment rightward is really the big political revelation of our time, not Obama’s election. Because as we conservatives always have said, America is much more right-leaning than people are willing to let on, and the last 12 months have proven it.


We conservatives should be thanking Barack Obama for putting into deep relief what the leftist agenda really stands for. He has fired up our movement like nobody’s business in just one year. He is causing more and more Americans to become informed.


What a difference a year makes…


Our real ‘educators’ on the political right are Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, not John McCain and Colin Powell. Rush and Beck are crucial to the maintenance of freedom in America and they fearlessly will tell us the truth. They should be embraced by the Republican party. Because when we listen to them, we will become wiser again and again and again.


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