Who Is Provoking Whom Racially?

Did you hear the big uproar over allegations by Democrat congressman Emanuel Cleaver from Ohio, who is black? He claimed that someone in a crowd of Tea Party protesters called him a “nig***” as he was entering the Capitol to vote on the health-care bill.


Yet nobody has been able to prove the claim. There is no audio or videotape.


So did it really happen?


Well, anything is possible, but there is no proof or even evidence. And you have to remember that the blacks in Congress are all radical leftists who would love to start a racial confrontation at any time if they can charge the “right” people with starting it. Like people on the political “right” in the Tea Party movement, whom we know liberals wish to slander at every opportunity, particularly at a historic moment.


Last fall, when Rush Limbaugh was being considered for part ownership in an NFL football team, radicals started a rumor that Limbaugh once had said that slavery was a good idea.


The charge was echoed throughout the media, including the sports media, which is as liberal as the rest of the Ancient Media. Yet no evidence ever has been produced. But the seed was planted and Limbaugh was tarred as a racist. Millions today believe he said it. Because liberals love to plant fake stories because they do not believe in any ultimate truth. And this, friends, is a contravention of the Commandment never to bear false witness.


And perhaps that is why liberals wish to expunge the Commandments from our consciousness.


So what did Emanuel Cleaver hear? Who knows. But the ultra-sensitive, hair-trigger Cleaver, looking to start a confrontation knowing that he was among Tea Partiers, perhaps wanted to hear somebody say something inflammatory so that he could start a fight. And he would like nothing better than to incite anger at the conservatives.


This is a standard tactic of the left. You say the worst about a group of people you despise, but you ignore the worst about people you support. Because while the whole Congress and media were up in arms about the alleged slur at Cleaver, where is the anger on the political left about 10,000 black-on-black murders every year? About millions of black-on-black crimes? About endless illegitimacy and nihilist behavior in the black community? About sloth and greed and drug dealing and widespread corruption and city-wide economic collapse in places like Detroit?


No, there is none. Because that community is controlled by leftist Democrats who never scrutinize their own handiwork. And after 50 years of Democrat rule, the results in much of black America are horrendous.


Here’s another example: When a black man is beaten by white people, should there be an outcry in the black community when that beating is actually captured on videotape?


You sure might think so. But when the black man is a conservative and the white attackers are labor-union SEIU liberals, the attack is ignored by the Ancient Media. Because that was the case in the Summer of 2009 near St. Louis when Kenneth Gladney, a conservative black man who was selling Tea Party memorabilia, was attacked by union thugs. The attack was caught on camera. Yet there was no outcry among the libs.


Do you remember the attack in the Summer of 2008 on the Democrat party Colorado headquarters in Denver at the time of the convention? Windows were smashed. Immediately right-wing conservatives were blamed by the media. Yet the perpetrator ended up being a leftist operative.


This is how Democrats operate. They will tell any lie and put on any show to score political points. And when they are caught red-handed, the story disappears. But if conservatives staged these types of events,  it would be exposed all over the media. Yet strangely there are no media reports of such behavior. Because it does not exist.


Here’s another question: Who really made the threatening calls to Democrats after the health-care vote?


The media all say it obviously was conservatives, but rest assured some of those calls were made by far-left operatives trying to stir up anger at conservatives. And what about Republicans who have received threats? Or Virginia House Republican Eric Cantor whose district office was shot with a bullet? Do they count?


How about the famous epidemic of ‘black church burnings’ across the South that were falsely reported by the Ancient Media in the summer of 1995, with the implication that white supremacists were on the march?


Turned out the whole story was made up, that routine fires were reported as arsons and insurance industry statistics showed that there was no epidemic of arson targeted at black churches.


But that is not germane. What is important is to plant the original story so that emotional blacks and other liberals, who routinely are whipped into a fury by Democrats and the media, will put it in their memory banks.


Meanwhile, the arson on December 13, 2008 at Sarah Palin’s Wasilla Bible Church has never been solved, when it is strongly suspected of being the work of a political opponent. After all, it came just a few months after she entered the political spotlight and after months of media assaults. Because we know that the media have been inciting the nuts against Palin. Yet Palin never has charged that the crime was politically motivated but has remained silent in a dignified way. If she were a liberal, she would be all over the media with the charge.


Remember the black Columbia University professor Madonna Constantine who said that she arrived at work one day and found a hangman’s noose on her office doorknob?


When the police asked the university for surveillance tapes, Columbia stonewalled. But if it was such a significant incident with a racist white person perpetrating it, wouldn’t the university be more than anxious to hand them over?


Yes, and guess what. The case was never solved. And ultimately Constantine was fired for plagiarism.


How about the media coverage of the December 2000 Wichita Massacre, in Kansas, where two black brothers murdered four young white people. Reginald and Jonathan Carr raped and shot their victims. Yet the Ancient Media essentially ignored the story. Says the group Accuracy in Media, “It was, of course, a big story in Wichita and the surrounding area, but the national media gave it very little coverage. The Washington Times and the Chicago Tribune were the only major papers outside the state to run stories about it.”


Imagine that. Imagine if the races were reversed.


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