Dems' Parallel Health Care Universe

During the health-care debate just before the final vote, House speaker Nancy Pelosi said that health reform would spur the economy because people would not have to worry about health insurance when they change jobs or try to start new businesses.


This is absurd. Business expansion is not based on health-insurance portability or even availability. It is based on economics. And the overall business climate under Obama is horrible. And it is horrible in all the Democrat-dominated states like California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York, Vermont and New Jersey and is best in George Bush’s conservative Texas.


Pelosi’s argument is more smoke and mirrors to cover up the real Obama-induced crisis in the American economy.


Obama said repeatedly over the past year that his health-care plan would reduce insurance premiums by $2,500. Where the heck did this figure come from?


It came from nowhere. It was completely made up. It is ridiculous. And people believed it.


Democrats say they are actually going to use their health-care reform plan as a campaign issue in the November elections. Yet that would be like George Bush basing his re-election campaign on the Iraq war before the war even started. Because we have no idea at all how this health care bill is going to affect the economy or even how or whether it is going to work in the most basic way. And the fact that Medicare (bankrupt, $60 billion+ in annual fraud), Social Security (bankrupt) , Medicaid (bankrupt) and the federal government are all flat broke tells us that the prognosis is not good.


What about the idea that healthy people, many of them young, will be forced to buy insurance in order to subsidize those who are sick? Does this not sound like another big-government cudgel that will be used to deny people the right to determine their own destiny? Isn’t this just another tax?


What did Obama tell Bart Stupak, the pro-life Michigan Democrat congressman who was wavering on the health-care bill and whose pro-life caucus represented the last votes needed for passage?


Obama said he would issue an executive order ensuring the administration would enforce longstanding restrictions on the use of federal funds for abortion.


“I’m pleased to announce that we have an agreement,” Stupak said. “We wanted to see health care reform, but there was a principle we wanted to see – the sanctity of life. Today the president has announced that he will sign an executive order to reinforce that” principle.


But Obama can undo an executive order just as easily as he can issue it. It requires no legislative action.


Just the language is telling, that Obama will enforce longstanding restrictions. Because longstanding restrictions are not part of the current language of the Senate bill that was passed – the bill is pro-abortion – and Obama cannot supersede the bill by executive order.


In the end, Obama and the Democrats will double-cross the pro-lifers. After all, Democrats have always hated pro-lifers and will throw them overboard the moment the time is right.


Note to Stupak: You are ignorant to have believed Obama, if that is what really happened. But it seems that you never really cared about abortion. And an executive order has nowhere near the power of legislation. Obama told you whatever he needed to tell you to pass this bill. There will be funding for abortions.


What we have seen in this bill is typical Democrat trickery, payoffs, bribes and lies. In fact the whole health-care bill never would have come up for a vote had Republican US senator Ted Stevens of Alaska been re-elected in 2008. That would have given the Republicans the extra vote needed to stop the bill.


Why was Stevens not re-elected?


Because a Washington, DC grand jury – which are notoriously liberal – indicted him on campaign corruption charges shortly before election day. He then lost re-election by a small margin, and then the charges were dropped after the election. This obviously was more Democrat fraud like the false charges that pushed Republican House majority leader Tom DeLay from office; like the Democrats’ stealing of the 2004 gubernatorial race in Washington State and the 2002 US Senate race in South Dakota; and like the known theft of the 1960 presidential election for Kennedy. And on and on and on.


Meanwhile, of course, no action has been taken against corrupt Democrats like US senator Christopher ‘Sweetheart Loan Deal’ Dodd of Connecticut, or Franklin Raines, a Clinton administration official, who cooked the books at Fannie Mae and then ran off with a $90 million payout while Fannie collapsed.


No, the Democrats have a parallel universe in which they say and do whatever they please while their media friends cover for them.


Now the Democrats are even using the “sun rose this morning” strategy which says that we woke up Monday morning and the sun rose as usual, that the health-care vote did not destroy the planet. 


This is hyperbole. Because if you look at the result of Democrats’ handiwork long-term in places like high-tax California, you will find productive people packing up and leaving not only as a reaction to the taxes but also as a reaction to the dismal economic circumstances that those high-tax regimes create.


Yes, the sun rises every day in California too. But health-insurance portability and mandated coverage are not going to make one iota of difference in the California economy, which is in a tailspin.


What did Obama say about his big stimulus plan?


He said unemployment would never go above 8%. And today only a handful of Americans believes the stimulus worked, while real unemployment/underemployment is around 18%. Because most people can understand what they see before their eyes. And not what the Democrats say in their weird parallel universe in which there is no up and down, right or wrong, but only what the masters say.


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