Could This Debacle Lead to Innovative Health Care?

This health-care vote truly is a travesty for all Americans. But it could end up leading to a better health-care system over time. Here is why:


How often have you heard about an old house burning down and the owner rebuilding it better?


It sure happens. They say, “The old house had a lot of problems and now we have a nicer one.”


This could be the way we see this health-care vote. It will undermine a system that had a lot of problems.


Of course the problems could have been solved by market reforms, which the Democrats have fought every step of the way – like restraining the trial lawyers and allowing insurance companies to sell the policies that people wanted. These two changes alone would have gone a long way toward fixing the system.


So what will happen now?


With this bill passed, the New England Journal of Medicine reported recently that a whopping 46% of the primary-care doctors in a survey said that they believed that they would either leave medicine or be forced out by the new government bureaucracy that is coming.


But wait a minute. Could all these displaced doctors create a parallel medical economy? Could this government medical monster actually lead to doctors quitting medicine as it now is configured, and starting new pay-as-you-go practices, without insurance plans needed? Could these new medical practices become widespread, like fresh shoots in the Spring sun, actually leading to lower medical costs?


Could these practices be like the rest of our capitalist economy where you know the prices ahead of time and pay for it yourself? Could this lead to a return to the old-fashioned medicine that we had in the 1950s, back when doctors were doctors?


It’s possible. After all there are doctors all over the country who already have become fed up with the paperwork and bureaucracy. They already have started their own practices based on the old style of medicine – hands on, doctor-to-patient, no insurance plans, pay as you go.


Don’t count it out. It could happen.


Naturally, the bureaucrats in the Democrat party would never want this to happen. Because it would be a big threat to government care. They would treat this ‘new old-fashioned medicine’ the same way they have treated another conservative revolution – home schooling – where they have harassed and intimidated parents who simply want to educate their own kids at home. Even though those kids are always smarter than public school kids. Or because they are smarter and they show up the terrible quality of the public schools.


But you know what? Millions of parents continue to home-school their kids. They are not afraid. And this health-care bill could have the same effect as lousy public schools, leading to a new generation of ‘breakaway doctors’ who just want to practice medicine the old-fashioned way.


Consider this scenario: Republicans are elected overwhelmingly in 2010 and 2012. We get a conservative president in 2012. The health-care bill is immediately repealed. But in the meantime, doctors across the nation have established this new paradigm. And suddenly they find that it is working beyond their wildest dreams, that it is growing by leaps and bounds, that doctors are finding that it is much better than the system that we have right now. Because it absolutely would work. Because we know that innovative, individualistic systems based in simplicity and common sense always work.


Because we know that home schooling has worked beyond our wildest dreams, that home-school kids win all sorts of contests and scholarships because they actually get educated rather than mis-educated in the public school system. We know that charter schools and religious schools and private schools do a much better job that the public schools. Will this happen with medicine?


It could. Don’t count it out.


The only thing that can and will try to block such a winning system would be the same Democrat thugs who try to stamp out all excellence in America and impose mediocrity. And we would have to fight them every step of the way. But hey, we’re are ready to rumble, are we not? We are patriots and rabble rousers. We are going to rise up and show these bureaucrats what real capitalist, common-sense action is.


Because Americans always have believed in individualism and innovation. They would gravitate very quickly to a ‘new old-fashioned’ medical system. And there would be nothing the bureaucrats could do to stop it. Except use their usual big fist of government. Which “We the People” are going to fight back against right from the start. We will expose them for who they are.


This whole health-care bill is going to lead to the demise of the Democrat party. They will have nothing to fight back the People Power revolution that is coming, that has opposed dictatorships and tyrants and overbearing governments in the past. Some of us may feel dispirited today, but down the road Americans will rise again and find a new and better way. Because we are different from the rest of the world. And because we always have found a better way before.


Often, things have to get worse before they get better. It is darkest before dawn. There is a new day coming. And We the People are ready to rise and shine…


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