Protests from Greece to Berkeley

Well, the college students are at it again.


Protesters took to the streets all over America on March 4 in a National Day of Action for Public Education to voice their anger at increasing tuitions at state universities and community colleges. Some protesters were said to be carrying clubs and knives, and one demonstration in Milwaukee turned violent, as did another in Berkeley, California where car windows were smashed.


You’ll never see violence at a Tea Party, guaranteed.


Said one California graduate student who plans to become a high school teacher, “”We’re one of the largest economies in the world, and we can’t fund the basics. We’re throwing away a generation of students by defunding education.”


Meanwhile, in Greece and Portugal, government workers are protesting and even rioting against proposed cuts in their pay, benefits and pensions that their governments are imposing to solve those nations’ deep financial crises.


What do these phenomena have in common?


They both are leftist reactions (students or government workers protesting, sometimes violently) to problems created by leftist policies in the first place (exorbitant levels of government spending that no longer are sustainable). Even the website to coordinate the student day of protest was full of left-wing activist groups including the Students for a Democratic Society, the radicals from the 1960s.


States across the US are jacking up school tuitions because state budgets have fallen way out of balance and the money no longer is there to subsidize education. This happened because the unionized functionaries in public education (teachers, administrators, professors, ancillary staff, librarians, consultants etc.), both in the K-12 system and in the public universities were signing fatter and fatter pay, benefit and pension contracts in the flush years of the postwar boom. Since times were good, most taxpayers did not notice the increasingly rich outlays. But now that state economies have turned down, the schools are facing deep budget cuts.


But are those teachers and professors going to see any pay cuts or layoffs, or are the students simply going to be asked to pay more to make up the budget shortfalls? Similarly, when the federal government has a budget shortage, do government workers see pay cuts and layoffs or, on the other side, does the taxpayer see his taxes rise first, just as the students are seeing tuition hikes?


Truth is that government pay cuts and layoffs are always done as a last resort, and tax increases and tuition hikes are the first. So perhaps the students are directing their ire in the wrong place. Perhaps their anger should be directed at the unionized professors, administrators and staff for their exorbitant salaries and perks and bloated bureaucracies piled up after years of inertia.


And why aren’t those students protesting the Democrat policies that have led the most liberal states to have the worst economic problems in the first place? Like, say, California


USAToday.com reported:


Many of the demonstrations Thursday were being organized by student groups, faculty associations and employee unions that often have a contentious relationship with the universities.   (end of excerpt)


Oh, interesting. Notice who is helping to organize the “student” protests… ‘faculty associations and employee unions that often have a contentious relationship with the universities’. And many outside groups. These lefties are never going to take the blame, but will always point fingers at everyone else to shift the spotlight from their own complicity in creating the problem in the first place. Conservatives have warned about these people for decades.


Overseas, Greece is seeking steep cuts in public spending to shore up the nation’s fiscal credibility within the European Union. Demonstrators at one point took over the Finance Ministry building in Athens. This is not peaceful protest but the beginnings of violent action being fomented by Greece’s strong communist element.


Wrote Maria Petrakis on Bloomberg.com:


In Athens, about 200 members of the PAME union group, aligned with the Communist Party of Greece, occupied the six- story ministry building today while protesters took over the nearby General Accounting Office, according to a police spokeswoman. (end of excerpt)


This is the type of violence that emerges from the far left whether it be here in the US or overseas. Some of the club-wielding and window-smashing American students come from the same leftist fringe that rewards slacker government workers here and abroad with endless pay, benefits, perks, sweetheart deals and pensions and then turns violent when those payouts are challenged. Wrote Petrakis:


EU officials praised the… (government spending cuts) and Greek bonds gained on the measures, which include a 30 percent cut to three bonus-salary payments to civil servants. (end of excerpt)


Notice that in a time when tens of millions of private-sector workers worldwide are losing their jobs that a ’30 percent cut to three bonus-salary payments’ is seen as threatening the livelihoods of civil servants. This is typical leftist featherbedding that has led these nations to the economic brink in the first place.


Wrote Petrakis:


The main union for public workers, ADEDY, called a three- hour work stoppage for tomorrow and a protest rally in the city center that the country’s private-sector union group, representing 2 million Greek workers , will also join, according to spokesman Stathis Anestis. Most unions representing public- transport services also called a 24-hour strike tomorrow, affecting trams, rail and bus services in the Greek capital as well as the Athens subway.


Portugal’s public workers held a 24-hour strike today to protest a wage freeze that’s part of government efforts to convince the EU and investors that it can pare its own budget deficit to 8.3 percent of output from 9.3 percent last year. (end of excerpt)


This all means that government and union leftists have the capability to hold entire nations hostage in Europe. They will use violence. We may see the same here in the US. Watch these actors and how the media treat them. The Ancient Media in America may report peripherally on violence, but will never expose the real truth about all of this – that these crises are the result of an empowered left ruining universities and entire states and nations with pure, unadulterated greed. And that the time now has come to pay the piper, peacefully, we hope.


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