Conservatives Need Voter Registration Drive

How should conservatives proceed now that president Obama’s polls are sinking and his agenda is being exposed for what it is – a huge financial and power grab by the government that is unpopular with most productive Americans?


First, events will continue swaying existing independent voters, which already is happening naturally. The November 3, 2009 elections resulted in big Republican victories in Virginia, Maine and New Jersey coming just one year after the Democrats declared the Republican party dead in the wake of the Obama victory. Ted Kennedy’s  seat has fallen to the GOP in Massachusetts. Obama’s former Illinois US Senate seat is likely to go Republican. At the same time, more than 30 state races have gone to the GOP in 2009, one in Kentucky in which the Republican candidate made it into a referendum on Obama and won by 12 points.


But more crucially, we on the “right” side of the issues must start registering new voters, particularly in the suburbs, small towns and rural areas. We must begin to prepare for the coming conservative resurgence which is going to continue in the 2010 elections and after.


Over the last 50 years, the Democrats have been running huge voter registration drives in cities and on college campuses, most recently through the corrupt ACORN organization and other groups, often using government money. And they have signed up millions of voters who vote Democrat every election, often in a straight swap for government handout cash.


Today the Democrat registration agenda is largely tapped out compared to the conservative drive which is hardly started. And it is time for conservatives to go out and start to register people who want to see our nation proceed into prosperity and freedom, not poverty and government control.




The foundation already has been laid by conservative groups like the Tea Party movement; a growing audience for Rush Limbaugh and Fox News; Glenn Beck’s 912ers; and Sarah Palinites and others who are alarmed about our nation’s drift to the collectivist left. This is a huge and energized population as evidenced by the recent elections, including one in which a conservative third-party candidate almost won a congressional race in New York state. That candidate, Douglas Hoffman, will win that race in a 2010 rematch.


Today many conservatives are chomping at the bit and wondering when they can make a difference. And that time is coming. It is called the mid-term elections of  November 2010.


And since we know that energized conservatives are in the millions, all that need happen is that each one must be called to go out and register one single voter – or more – as their contribution to the cause. That will amount to millions of new votes for our side. And it would produce more political change than all the Washington rallies and protests put together. That is how conservatives can change America with individual efforts right in your local community.


And it must start now. And it can happen very quickly. Our political leaders and commentators – Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck etc. – must step up with a Vote Right registration campaign and website. Other conservative celebrities, entertainers and politicians need to get involved too like George Bush, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Chuck Norris, Lee Greenwood, military figures like Oliver North, fiscal conservatives and others.


There are tens of millions of unregistered voters across America. And there certainly are more unregistered conservatives than liberals since liberals have been doing voter drives for decades.


Just think of your own friends and acquaintances. Certainly among, say, a few dozen people, you know one or two people who are not registered to vote, or who have not bothered to vote. Or if you ask your friends you can learn about one person. It is important to identify these people and to talk to them.


Every town in America should have one conservative coordinator who can work with locals on registration. But this is not going to be one of those clipboard-toting drives where you stand on a street corner for days at a time. This will be a one-on-one campaign done by people on their own time in their own neighborhood or community contacting people they may already know. Imagine one conservative registering just one other person. That’s it! Because that is the nature of conservatism – not driven by government or money, but by personal passion and individual initiative like the bottom-up Tea Party movement.


If just 3 million activist conservatives registered just one person each at this stage, the political landscape of America would change dramatically. After all, left-wing Democrat Al Franken won the 2008 US Senate race in Minnesota by only 300 votes. And that happened only after several hundred Franken votes magically appeared in pro-Franken areas, most likely the work of ACORN or a similar Democrat fraud group.


Conservatives need to explain to new voters what is happening with our national debt, perhaps publishing on a Vote Right voter registration website the projections of the debt for the future under Obama and the Democrats. Conservatives need to explain that Democrats may give people “free” health insurance  – paid for by someone else, of course – but that those same people may never work again because Obama policies are killing the economy.


On a Vote Right website – which could be mounted independent of the Republican party, or as part of an official, new Republican party system that links every county in America on a single, interconnected site  – people could be encouraged to tell their stories about how they identified a potential voter and how they got that person registered. This will give other people ideas on how to proceed. The website could offer a series of one-page printouts on various issues with bullet points for people to explain about conservatism, and to give to potential voters.


Just think of young people or 20-somethings in suburban, small-town and rural areas who are, at heart, conservative, but who don’t think their vote counts. They are in the millions. Conservatives also should be going onto college campuses. Because young people already are abandoning Obama and are going to be getting hit hard by Obama policies, like those that would have forced young, healthy people to buy health insurance, or those Democrat policies that are killing jobs.


Just think of middle-aged people who are not voting, or who are on the fence. Conservatives need to go and talk to them and to be courageous. The tide has shifted to conservatives after just one year of Obama. And if you get some liberal trying to intimidate you, ignore him. That is usually their only strategy.


Older folks too. In small-town and rural areas, it is important to explain how environmentalism is ruining peoples’ livelihoods as happened recently when the government shut off the water in the Central Valley of California, disrupting farming on behalf of some endangered species.


Conservatives must do anything to get this drive going including giving a speech in somebody’s house to invited guests. Word will spread. Conservatives can energize large numbers of people that way.


It is time for those of us on the political right to use the tactics that liberals have been using for decades. And to simply use our common sense and our sense for what is right. Because those are our ultimate weapons.


Please visit my website at www.nikitas3.com for more. You can print out for free my book, Right Is Right, which explains why only conservatism can maintain our freedom and prosperity.