24 Inches of Global Warming

The Virginia Republican party recently launched a web ad ridiculing two Virginia Democrat congressmen for supporting ‘global warming’ legislation when 24 inches of snow was falling on eastern Virginia and Washington, DC. It really was pretty funny.


MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan charged to the rescue of the Democrats, however, saying that the heavy snow was exactly the kind of extreme weather that ‘global warming’ alarmists have been warning about.


But notice that the warnings are now mostly about ‘climate change’ and not ‘global warming’ (GW). Because it is not getting warm. It is getting statistically colder. And everybody knows it.


This is classic extremist thinking on the confused political left. Scrambling to salvage their treasured GW theory amidst freezing winters, growing ice sheets in Antarctica and worldwide temperature drops that now have all rational scientists proclaiming that we are in yet another perfectly natural ‘global cooling’ period, the libs have pulled out all the stops. Al Gore is nowhere to be seen anywhere near anyone who might disagree with him.


In addition, the ClimateGate e-mail scandal and other fraudulent studies about melting glaciers have sunk the credibility of the GW alarmists to their lowest levels in the three years since the theory was dumped in our laps with Gore’s Nobel Prize.


So what is with these people?


It is this. They have a common trait of leftists, that they get behind some illusory intellectual theory like ‘global warming’ because it fits their political template, that only they, through massive government outlays, can save the world. Think of welfare or national health insurance. Same idea.


Then they latch onto some historical data – like a few warm winters in the 1990s – that support their point of view just as the climatologists said in the 1970s that we were entering a New Ice Age because we had many cold, snowy winters in the 1960s.


Then when the facts on the ground shift against their ideas, they cannot tolerate it. Because liberals can never admit that they are wrong. It is too embarrassing and traumatizing, particularly when they have invested so much time and energy to the cause. So they double down like a gambler, saying now that cold, snowy weather is caused by ‘global warming’ which they now are conveniently calling ‘climate change’.


Yet ‘climate change’ is what conservatives always have claimed is really happening, completely naturally. In other words, the climate always is changing, with long and short periods of warming and cooling fluctuating with no discernible pattern, and emerging from natural shifts in ocean currents and sunspot cycles.


So ultimately now the ‘warming’ alarmists are actually agreeing with conservatives… That is very painful for the Klimate Kooks. Because they now know deep down inside, after years of evidence mounting against them, that we conservatives are correct. So they need to slink around the facts and to proclaim, alas, that giant snowstorms and falling temperatures are no indication that ‘global warming’ is any less serious that it was, say, three whole years ago.


Now, however, they’ve got together and cooked up a new approach. They are claiming that we should not confuse “weather” and “climate”. Oh, yes, have you heard that one? It is all over the news and the web.


This new argument says that wintry “weather” like the snowstorm in Washington or the freezing temperatures in Florida or record cold in China should not be used to contradict their theory that the overall “climate” is really warming up. Except that the same alarmists used the cold “weather” of the 1960s to proclaim in the 1970s that we were entering a New Ice Age. Or they  used the warm “weather” of the 1990s to declare planetary heating armageddon.


Is this confusing enough?


It should be. Because trying to follow the thinking of leftist intellectuals is enough to make you crazy. Which the ‘climate change’ alarmists are. Crazy. Loco. Demented. So don’t listen to them. Because they will make you crazy too.


Environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who grew up near Washington, DC, said in an interview in 2008 that he was concerned that there have not been a lot of snowy winters in the DC area like there were when he was a kid in the 1960s. Yet he never takes a long-term view like we conservatives do, that the 1960s were unusually cold and snowy, which is now being seen as historical fact. This shows how the GW alarmists always will manipulate the data to their own end, but always will ignore the Big Picture.


So why else are the alarmists sticking so tenaciously to their apocalyptic theory?


Actually it is finally about MONEY. Because they have developed a template through which to funnel millions and billions of government and research dollars worldwide to anyone who propagates the GW or ‘climate change’ theory. It is the new Environmental Armageddon that they say only can be solved by partisans who get that money and then write reports and give speeches.




Don’t be. Because all you have to really do is to remember that five-letter word: M-O-N-E-Y. And then think about what some people have done for money throughout the ages. They have murdered and imprisoned and lied and enslaved and cheated and done everything possible. And don’t think that this is not what this whole ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ hysteria is about. They are lying like hell and will metaphorically enslave us with restrictive laws while they get rich. Like Al Gore’s $100 million fortune built on just one thing – ‘global warming’ alarmism and speeches.


If somebody took away your job, you would be upset too. The alarmists are now upset that increasing numbers of people no longer believe their theory. Because this is their livelihood. Except that it is based on a lie. And that is how they get your money, and why they need to do everything to keep it. And why we need to do everything to get it back and to expose the truth.


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