Palin for President? - Part 1

(This is another column in a series that will consider potential Republican presidential candidates for the 2012 election.)


After Scott Brown stole the political spotlight for two weeks with his historic win in Massachusetts, we need to return to the phenomenon of Sarah Palin.


She is traveling far and wide, wrote a best-selling book, is being mobbed by admirers, addressed the Tea Party convention in Nashville, will speak at Republican fundraisers and other Tea Party events, and will participate actively in conservative causes. She is the most visible Republican in the nation.


The question is: Why is Sarah Palin such an important figure? How has someone who has been known for such a short time generated so much political enthusiasm? Why will she redound to the benefit of the Republican party for years to come, perhaps even as president?


It is an amazing spectacle…


Obama and the unpopular Democrats are currently taking a huge political beating. And as Palin rises, many Republicans are emerging to offer their services to a party deemed politically dead just one year ago.


Here are some of the US Senate candidates who can definitely win for the GOP in November, people who weren’t even being talked about just a few months ago: Popular former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson could take away the seat of lefty Democrat Russ Feingold (of McCain-Feingold); former Indiana GOP US senator Dan Coates appears poised to possibly re-enter the Senate by winning Evan Bayh’s seat.


Conservative Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania seems likely to take party-switcher Arlen Specter’s Democrat seat; Democrat majority leader Harry Reid is going down to defeat in Nevada(!); Democrat Blanche Lincoln is toast in Arkansas; and Obama’s former seat in Illinois is likely to go to Republican Mark Kirk with Kirk’s opponent already being tied to corruption. Estimates are that  7 seats to as many as 13(!) US Senate seats could go from Democrat to Republican in November.


In addition, the Michigan governorship is seen as vulnerable with the current Democrat term-limited out. Many other offices are looking good for the GOP.


This truly is looking bad for the Democrats and Obama, just one year into his presidency. Because they did what they always do: They overreached and insulted America with their arrogance of power.


But still, with all the increasing excitement about the GOP, we have Palin rising above it all. Why?


The reason is that Palin represents the mirror opposite of Obama, his nemesis and his demise. In fact, it is the same force – the  media- that created them both, but in opposite ways. The media created Obama with sycophancy, and have at the same time attempted to destroy Palin. But this is backfiring and making Palin more famous than ever. She is rising as Obama is falling, and she is diametrically different from Obama in the following ways:


*Obama is a truly liberal male and Palin is a truly conservative woman. These are like night and day. And with the nation’s serious problems, Americans have seen what liberals do: They use hardball tactics and ignore the will of the people. So now the voters are showing increasing trust in someone like Palin. And because the media have done such a superb job in differentiating between Obama and Palin, she has been set apart. This is a good thing.


*Obama is an emotionless intellectual who is hiding his real feelings under a veneer of ‘cool’ left-wing elitism. People do not find that likeable. They want to see some passion. Palin on the other hand is like your next-door neighbor. She is animated, open, emotional, loving, caring and she says what she thinks, not what she has read somewhere, or what is written on her teleprompter.


*Obama is a socialist who has “plans” to fix everything in America through the government. He got all these “plans” from books and left-wing mentors. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has lived a real American life and at one point actually helped her husband on his fishing boat. She knows that people working hard on their own, in their own interest, to solve their own problems creates the most durable economy. Most Americans realize this. They see Obama’s wild government spending doing nothing to improve the economy, but instead hurting it.


*Obama comes out of the corrupt urban politics of Chicago. Americans knows what that means. They see the payoffs and the fraudulence and violence in Chicago. They understand that it is a system based on dishonesty and selfishness. And most Americans reject it. Everything Obama does is a political calculation based on The Chicago Way. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, is from a small town where people are much more honest and treat one another with respect. Small-town people are infinitely more genuine and giving than people in corrupt Chicago. These Palin traits appeal to many, many Americans.


*Obama is a pathological liar. He took both sides of virtually every issue in the campaign (see  www.massdiscussion.blogspot.com  ). This was driven by politics. He said he would televise the health-care debate on C-Span and then reneged. He said he would not have lobbyists in his administration, but now has more than 40. He has spoken repeatedly out of both sides of his mouth. Now it even has emerged that several TV chefs claimed they were using produce from the White House garden for a special cooking program when in fact the produce came from stores. This certainly sounds like a minor point, but it reinforces yet again the myriad ways in which Obama and his presidency are based on deception and media spin, even in small ways.


Sarah Palin, on the other hand, is someone who says what she means and means what she says. If Palin had said that the vegetables came from her garden, you could bet that they came from her garden. There is no politics involved. She is the type of person that America was founded for – honest, hard-working, and straight to the point. Liberals do not like this. They wish for everything to be seen through the prism of political advantage.


*Obama does not want to take responsibility for his own actions. He constantly blames Bush for everything. Americans do not like this. They want a leader who takes responsibility. Palin, on the other hand, stands by what she says and does, and does not try to pass the buck. This is a very important trait to many Americans. Because most of our fellow countrymen believe in the significance of personal responsibility. They increasingly see Obama as a crybaby.


*Obama came out of Harvard, while Sarah Palin went to the University of Idaho. If there ever was a contrast in America, that is it. Most Americans do not relate to the elitists at Harvard, but more with Palin’s identity as Everywoman who went to a college like most Americans attend, and who thinks like most Americans do. Her educational pedigree is not a wall between her and the people.


*Obama is a fake Christian. He attended a political church, not a religious one. He received left-wing indoctrination from an angry, anti-American pastor. Since he has been in Washington, he has not found a church to attend. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, is a real, committed Christian who lives by her principles. Her church even was burned in an arson that is believed to have been set by a political adversary. Yet the media have ignored the arson story and Palin has not made a big deal of it. If the media ever covered the Palin church-burning story the way they fabricated stories in the 1990s about the alleged burning of black churches in the South – which never happened – Americans would be even more supportive of Palin’s quiet faith.


*Obama operates in secret after promising transparency. Everything is done in sweetheart deals and behind closed doors. This is classic liberalism. Payoffs, bribes, kickbacks, lies. Sarah Palin had an open government in Alaska and actually prosecuted corruption in her own party. Imagine Obama prosecuting corruption among Democrats. Forget it. He would have to spend 24/7 on it.


*Obama is a ‘grievance liberal’. Everything he does is intended to settle a score. American do not like this. He wants to “get back at” the bankers (who are largely his Democrat friends), the car companies, the insurance industry, i.e., any productive capitalist entity. Palin on the other hand, does not operate on an ideology of vindictiveness. And she lives by this personally. Despite the media onslaught of attacks on her, she still smiles and offers people an optimistic outlook. She does not seek to “get back at” her media tormentors. She accepts it for what it is and understands that it will work against the media in the long run.


*Obama has not worked in the real world. He has only been a student and then a community organizer. Americans prefer someone like Sarah Palin and her husband Todd who has been a commercial fisherman and an oilfield worker in Alaska. In other words, real work, not political activism. Todd Palin even is a snowmobile racing champ! Americans love that rugged individualism.


*Obama has led the nation astray. And he was supposed to be so damned smart. Yet Palin is charged with being dumb. But the nation right now would be much better off if Palin were president and had put in place policies for growth, and a strategy to deal with terrorists realistically. Increasing numbers of Americans know this and no longer believe the media narrative that Obama is the genius and that she is dumb. They understand that she is a person of common sense and that it is Obama who is the clueless one, despite his silver tongue. 


Indeed Sarah Palin matters. And this is going to haunt the Democrats for years to come. Palin is still very young. She will be a force in American politics for years. And someday she will be president of the United States, possibly sooner than we think.


(Tomorrow, Part 2)


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