Khalid Sheikh Bloomberg

As we seek to prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his cohorts for the 9/11 attacks, we certainly should be looking for a venue other than New York City, which apparently is finally being reconsidered as a trial site by the Obama administration. This reversal came after vehement protests from city residents and businesses who knew that the trials would essentially put large areas of lower Manhattan under police lockdown for months at a time.


There are several parts to this evolving trial story that need to be told, however. It is not so cut and dried as the media let on.


First, we conservatives immediately protested long and loud about holding the trials in New York for many reasons including security, the exorbitant cost, the folly of giving American trial rights to enemy combatants, the foolhardiness of giving alleged terrorists a megaphone for their grievances, and the inanity of divulging American security secrets to the terrorist world, which is what would have happened with civilian trials.


Chalk a big one up for our side.


Second, the media myth is that attorney general Eric Holder wanted to stage the trials in New York in order to showcase our wonderful American justice system to a skeptical and angry world.


This is pure baloney. Holder’s real intent was to harass the people of New York with an inordinately expensive and dangerous trial that was estimated to have potentially cost the city $1 billion for security. This on top of the anguish the city already suffered from the attack itself.


Because Holder is a leftist who has intellectually defended terrorists as people with a legitimate grievance against the United States. This also is Obama’s thinking and the mindset of ACLU and other left-wing interest groups. Holder’s law firm, from his days before being nominated as attorney general, even has represented Guantanamo detainees from Yemen.


In other words Holder wanted to create chaos because progressivism/liberalism are systems that create mayhem with their irrationality and extremist views.


Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani opposed the trials right from the start. But his successor Michael Bloomberg, a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Independent, first supported the trials and then came to oppose them. Because Bloomberg is a political chameleon whose mayoralty has only been successful because tough-guy Giuliani laid the groundwork.


Bloomberg is truly a political ghost posing as a rational leader. He became a multi-billionaire with his Bloomberg financial services TV network, and so he is at heart a liberal media mogul who is out of touch with reality and the “little people” of his city.


Here is a typical Bloomie stunt: He successfully promoted a ban on New York City restaurants using trans-fat oils in their food preparation. Yet on the other hand he does not dare to question the rampant disease and death among New York’s large homosexual population.




So first Bloomie approved the terror trials because he calculated that anyplace as liberal as New York would support the trials in the interest of justice for terrorists. In other words he was just being a really ‘hip’ New Yorker.


But he was grossly wrong. Because he did not consider that New York’s gigantic, left-wing, Republican-hating, military-averse population actually might oppose the trials with vigor, along with all the top police brass. Because Bloomberg does not even know his own people. He does not understand that even New York liberals are much more conservative at heart than they ever will let on. That they might have been clandestinely supporting the conservative position on the trials, something they could not admit until they actually had to go out and protest in public.


Another side of the story is that maybe the people of New York actually deserve these trials and all their peril. After all, these trials were cooked up by the Obama administration which got an overwhelming supermajority of the Manhattan votes in the November 2008 election. And now the same people suddenly, in a panic, oppose Obama after conservatives warned that this is exactly the type of thing that Obama was going to do.


Perhaps these trials would give them a taste of their own political medicine. Or perhaps they already have tasted it because 9/11 itself was a result of Manhattan-style elitist laxity on terrorism. The 9/11 attacks never should have happened and never would have happened if conservatives were in charge. During the time that the attack was being planned, however, Bill Clinton, ever popular in the salons of the Upper West Side, was chasing Monica Lewinsky around his desk; the CIA and FBI were banned from communicating with each other by years of leftist restrictions; and terrorists saw a lackadaisical America refusing throughout the 1990s to respond to attacks on American interests around the world and even at the World Trade Center in 1993. And nowhere was this isolationist/pacifist mindset more pronounced than in New York City.


Then the same New Yorkers who were hammered on 9/11 trashed George Bush every day for treating terrorists harshly and holding them without trial.


In order to sway public opinion back to the military tribunal route we should ask every American city or town: Will you accept the trials in your locale? And in response you will not get any towns seeking to bring the trials in. Because after all the chatter, Americans are really conservatives at heart on terrorism and many other issues.


We should keep the trials in place where the terrorists currently are being held in captivity, in Guantanamo Bay, which is an American possession on the island of Cuba. Those trials should be conducted as military tribunals.


What we are discovering about Obama and his cronies is that America largely rejects his policies. And until Obama understands this, he will continue to falter. That he seemed almost detached from the Fort Hood Massacre and from the Christmas Day bomber is intensely discomfiting to America.


Then you get a distant, out-of-touch mayor like Bloomberg shifting with the political winds and you really start to put the pieces together, that we still live in a dangerous world, and that most Americans understand that fact except some very powerful but aloof people in the White House, the Justice Department and the mayor’s mansion in Manhattan, all of which should scare every American like nothing else ever has.


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