'All In' Democrat Ploy Backfires

The Democrats have gambled everything and they have lost. Big time. They were urged by their far-left progressive flank into an ‘all in’ strategy, like a poker game where one player pushes all his chips into the center of the table to bet on the cards he has. And when that player ends up with a losing hand, he goes home broke. Just as the Democrats are gong politically broke today.


How did all this happen? It seems like a dream, does it not?


Just look at the political landscape today. Who woulda thunk it? The Democrats are wounded and cannot buy an election, Massachusetts even went Republican, important  and powerful liberals are retiring left and right or are facing defeat at the polls, Obama’s popularity is collapsing, and the president is being savaged even by increasing numbers of his media friends.


Compare that to just one year ago, January 2009, when Obama was seen as an invincible force. He had 70% approval ratings, big majorities in both houses of Congress, a glamorous can-do image, and a dispirited Republican electorate that was ready to throw in the towel on the future of America as a free and capitalist nation. As a Newsweek magazine cover crowed at the time: We Are All Socialists Now


So what happened?


Well, after a few good hands, like a blackjack player on a hot streak in Vegas, the Democrats did what many conservatives predicted: They overreached and starting betting heavy. Since Obama came from the far left in Chicago and Harvard, he tried to implement a far-left agenda, taking the November 2008 election victory as a mandate for change. And who could blame him? On the surface it looked like a perfect political storm that was set to realign the nation once and for all.


But Obama & Co. seemed oblivious to the fact that his election was more cosmetic than the media portrayed it. After all McCain was a horrible candidate, was far outspent by Obama, and the political cycle favored the Democrats. Obama even took many conservative positions in order to get elected. Yet on election day 2008, Obama still only won by 6 points, which is called a ‘modest’ victory in American electoral parlance. And as it turns out that some elected congressional Democrats were more conservative than Obama could count on for his agenda and so he had a false sense of political superiority.  


Then Obama started off on the wrong foot, with the bungled oath of office at his inauguration. This might seem insignificant, but to those of us who look at symbols, it was an omen of things to come.


Obama then confidently promised to close the Guantanamo terrorist detention facility; launched an expensive stimulus spending plan; strong-armed the bankrupt car companies and gave large chunks of their stock to the unions; seemed nonchalant about terrorism; and promoted a huge, unwieldy national health-care plan that would become the Democrats’ Waterloo.


Despite poll after poll showing increasing public displeasure with Obama and his policies, the president and his congressional cronies forged forth as if public opinion did not matter. Town halls turned into shouting matches between angry citizens and arrogant legislators. But the Democrats’ plan was this: Push it through. Push all our chips to the middle of the table. We have the votes. This is historic. Ignore public opinion. This is too important. And we will deal with the consequences later.


What they did not predict was that not only would their agenda fail, but that they would have to deal with the dire consequences as well, sooner rather than later. In other words, they gambled not once but twice, and lost.


Consider Harry Reid, the Democrat US Senate majority leader from Nevada. A good liberal from a somewhat conservative state, he thought that the national health-care plan was such a significant advance for a better nation that he pushed it relentlessly even though polls in Nevada showed it harming him to the point where he is, by all indicators, going to fail in his November re-election bid.


But Reid was as arrogant as the rest of them. He figured they had it all in the bag. Even after he came to realize that he indeed could lose his Senate seat, he figured that the cherished goal of national health care would be worth it. And that he could become a multimillionaire lobbyist once he was bounced from office.


So what happened?


Not only did Reid so disrespect and anger his Nevada constituents that he indeed is going to lose his seat, but he will have nothing to show for it. Because health care reform is dead. So is the rest of the Obama agenda on illegal immigration and unions that was supposed to cement Democrat victories for decades.


Lose, lose, lose. Reid gambled it all and lost. He went ‘all in’ and came up with nothing. And his legacy in Nevada politics – and in American politics – has become nothing more than a cautionary tale. Remember What Happened to Harry Reid is going to be a chapter title in the political lexicon for decades to come.


Look at US senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut. One of the most prominent Democrats of the last 50 years, he took a sweetheart loan deal from Countrywide Mortgage at the same time that the mortgage market was collapsing along with the American economy. But nonetheless he was going ‘all in’. He saw himself and his party as so powerful that he was going to weather the political storm and that he and Obama and the Democrats were going to get a leftist agenda through that was going to transform the nation. And that whatever happened to Dodd would be of no significance because the agenda would be the thing that mattered.


Now the election of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts has undermined the entire Democrat ploy. The progressive agenda is dead. And Dodd has called it quits even before his upcoming election because that would have further exposed Obama and the corrupt Democrats during the campaign.


No, Dodd went ‘all in’. And he lost. Everything. Including his legacy. Just like Harry Reid.


Look at Nancy Pelosi. Since January 2007 when she became Speaker of the House she has been portrayed in the media as a powerful, able leader. Yet now that the Democrats went ‘all in’ and lost, she has been exposed as the confused, know-nothing leftist that Republicans always have called her. She and her Democrat cronies gambled everything. And they lost.


Consider our American media, our all-knowing, all-seeing, intensely intellectual media who backed Obama to the hilt and covered for his every failure. They said We Are All Socialists Now. They even compared Obama to God. Chris Matthews got “a thrill up my leg” listening to Obama talk. Fox news was savaged.


Yet they too have lost. They went ‘all in’ and lost. Big time. Air America, the lefty radio network, has closed its doors. MSNBC and CNN are falling in the ratings, while Fox is soaring, along with Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Who would have thought this scenario would be possible just one year ago when Obama was threatening conservatives with the Fairness Doctrine, and worse.


Look at the Democrat party of Massachusetts. They have bet on Democrats for decades, manipulated the laws, stolen elections, and spread around the cash and the power. Yet Scott Brown came out of nowhere in his pickup truck and vanquished them.


Most significantly president Obama himself went ‘all in’ and lost. He is badly weakened. Americans are tired of his endless speeches which he believed, through a friendly media, would give him total power. But the election of Scott Brown, the loss of Dodd and Reid , and the overall mood of the nation has hurt Obama significantly.


So he had a ‘midnight conversion’ and went over to humbly address congressional Republicans at their retreat in Baltimore to make peace. “Can’t we all just get along,” he seemed to be saying after a year in which Democrats ignored the opposition. Obama’s visit happened only after his ‘all in’ strategy was finished and he had no alternative but to accommodate the rising power of the Republicans who were dismissed as “dead” just one year ago by all of our liberal media lapdogs.


But this sudden change of heart is not going to save Obama or his party. Americans may not have eternal memories and may be forgiving people, but the arrogant, strong-arm tactics of the Democrats in 2009 are going to be fresh in voters’ minds in November 2010 when the elections are going to be “a bloodbath” for the Democrats even according to a pro-liberal commentator like CNN curmudgeon Jack Cafferty.


Indeed, the Democrats played like gamblers in a back room in Las Vegas. They had all the cards. They had all the excitement. They held the winning hand. They rigged the deck. They  used mirrors to spy on the other players. They couldn’t lose. Or so they thought. But then, just when they thought they had it all, after they had pushed every chip into the center of the table, they realized that they had a handful of unsuited, unsequenced cards and that it all was quickly turning into a big, giant bluff.


Game over…


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