Democrats Fall Down the Stairs

There is a Hollywood movie from the 1980s called When Harry Met Sally. The only reason it is even remembered is that in one scene, where Harry and Sally are talking in a New York City deli, she fakes an orgasm loudly in front of the other customers.


Now we have a new movie called When Harry Met Nancy, starring Democrats US Senate majority leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And the only thing we are going to remember about them 30 years hence is that Nancy Pelosi and all her media acolytes faked an orgasm during Barack Obama’s first year in office. Otherwise it will go straight to video or will be utterly lost in the memory hole.


The fact is that the Democrat party is being ruined from within by its far-left flank including Pelosi, Reid, the Congressional Black Caucus and radicals like the Massachusetts congressional delegation. Audiences no longer are laughing at this Washington comedy because they understand the seriousness of our national situation. They are voting for Republicans because they realize that this movie is not something that you can walk out of. They are frightened.


In Massachusetts, Republican insurgent Scott Brown won the US Senate seat held for 47 years by Ted Kennedy. Yet still lefty commentator Chris Matthews, obviously in emotional meltdown, called Brown’s election “premeditated murder” of Obama’s health-care plan.


Then the morning after the Brown election that severely repudiated his own policies, Barack Obama himself told George Stephanopoulos on ABC that Brown was swept into office by the same type of anger that brought him (Obama) into office(!), that people are angry and frustrated “not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what has happened over the last eight years…”


Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs used the word “anger” 15 times in a press conference trying to explain away the Massachusetts result, just as the media said repeatedly that the huge Republican victory in the 1994 House elections was a result of “angry white men”.


And they are right. People are angry. At Obama and the arrogant Democrats.


Even after a major-league slap upside the head, however, Obama and his cronies are continuing to blame Bush. This is why the Democrat party is in a downward spiral today just one year after the “invincible” Obama was inaugurated. And until people like Obama get some common sense, their party is going to become increasingly diminished. But don’t hold your breath.


This is another political cycle. President Woodrow Wilson tried to institute a far-left agenda and lost big in his first mid-term elections in 1914. FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court and was repudiated at the ballot box. Bill Clinton was inaugurated in January 1993, pushed national health care, and lost his Democrat Congress in a landslide loss to the Republicans in the November 1994 mid-terms.


Obama is not even as lucky as Clinton. In Obama’s first year in office, Democrat candidates in Virginia, New Jersey and now even Massachusetts have been thrashed, each of whom Obama personally campaigned for. On the one-year anniversary of Obama’s inauguration, when America was supposed to be focused on the Miracle President’s anniversary, more people were watching Scott Brown’s press conference after taking “the Kennedy seat”.


In fact, it is this type of condescension – that the Massachusetts US Senate seat somehow ‘belonged’ to the Democrats – that has turned Americans against the party that one year ago was being called a political steamroller. Because more Americans than ever understand that our nation is different, and that we have a unique basis for freedom that cannot be denied because our founding documents codify it.


The question is: Is it in the character of Obama and his friends Harry and Nancy to wake up and smell the political coffee?


And the answer is no, and maybe a little yes. No, because they are leftists and it is not in their character to recognize their weakness, but instead to try and figure out why the nation has not rallied behind them. Obama came to office thinking he was the smartest guy in the world, that his oratorical power never could be challenged, that America wanted his agenda, that repeated exposure in a friendly media would give him absolute power. 


Obama came to the White House to play an all-in game, where he shoved all his chips into the center of the table. Only problem is, he has been dealt some really bad cards of mounting public criticism, and he can’t take the chips back. Because he is suffering from a type of liberal dementia that calls the election of a Republican “premeditated murder” of a national political policy.


Along with Harry and Nancy, Obama believed that the November 2008 election results were a mandate for radical change. But Democrats never counted an electorate that would quickly see through Obama.


In fact Obama has been caught in a vice that he cannot escape. The party is over. The jig is simply up. Obama’s presidency is largely toast. The Democrats have been seen truly as the Emperor with No Clothes, and that is difficult, if not impossible, to counter like the wife who catches her husband cheating. Things are never the same afterward.


Even Reid is expected to lose his Nevada Senate seat this coming November because of his constituents’ contempt for his hardball tactics to push the health-care bill and debt spending, no matter the will of the people. Ditto cap-and-trade (now dead), pro-union card check (now dead), repeal of the Fairness Doctrine (now dead) amnesty for illegals (now dead), etc. etc.  


And it’s not just economic issues, but terrorism as well. There has been a strong undercurrent of anger at Obama’s casual response to the terrorist threat. The media have tried to suppress this, but it played a big role in Brown’s win. Because Brown said he wanted a strong response to terrorism, while his opponent Martha Coakley said in a debate that there were no terrorists left in Afghanistan. This type of cluelessness frightens people when they already are frightened enough.  


Now you can expect Obama and many Democrats to swerve quickly to the political center. His State of the Union speech is going to be all lollipops and rainbows and political reconciliation. This is classic two-face liberalism. Because to them only one single thing is important – to retain as much power as possible, whatever you need to do. Democrats suddenly are seeing the political light. “You have to work across the aisle here to make things happen,” said Democrat US senator John Kerry when he first met Brown.


Yeah, right. Where was  your bipartisanship last week, senator Kerry, when you had all the cards?


What an abject liar…


This situation that we are in today is no Hollywood movie and no laughing matter. People want answers and conservatives have them. Obama has ignored the will of the people, and his popularity is sinking fast even with total media support.


Nothing now can save the Democrat party from its circular firing squad. There is blame and finger-pointing all ‘round for the Massachusetts Massacre and the intensity is only going to increase. When crazy people like leftists have power, they run over everyone in their path. When they lose that power, they become unhinged and start to degenerate into madness. They’ll even start to agree with Republicans!


The liberal politicians and media, along with the left-wing blogoshpere, understand what is happening. They hoped to ram through radical legislation this Spring before the public caught on. But we have seen this movie before. And we conservatives gave it two thumbs down in the past, and now America is joining us in doing so once again.

By the way, the liberal radio network Air America closed its doors yesterday, January 21. Another bad sign for the libs.


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