Brown Victory Dwarfs Obama's

We Republicans were up late last night here in Berkshire County, Massachusetts partying hard to celebrate the resounding 5-point victory of Scott Brown in the US Senate race.


We were confident it would happen. All the anecdotal evidence pointed to a Brown win – polls, overall enthusiasm, crowd sizes, big turnout, Democrat Martha Coakley’s many gaffes, and the state and national moods running strongly against Obama and his health-care plan.


After decades of election-night victory parties that never were, last evening’s celebration made up for every one of them. Our crew at the Berkshire County Republican Association broke into wild applause, cheers, hugs and handshakes at the announcement of the Brown win.


This political earthquake dwarfs Obama’s “historic” victory because that 2008 election was driven by everything but the will of rational voters. It was driven by media sycophancy and spin, irrational hatred of Bush, false promises, a bogus McCain campaign, and a political cycle strongly favoring the Democrats. McCain really didn’t have a chance yet he still only lost by 6 points. It was no Obama landslide, but the media made it out to be. And now in the election of Brown we are seeing the backslide. Indeed yesterday’s results showed what really happened on November 4, 2008; it was a fluke.


The taking of Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat by a vocal Republican is a direct result of a concerned and often angry electorate genuinely reacting to Obama and the Democrats’ overreaching over the last year, which we conservatives warned about. So while Obama’s election marked a big shift left, Brown’s election represents the strong tug of reality back to the right. Expect it to continue for years to come. Brown is just the catalyst for the coming reaction.


The victory was decisive with no cliffhanger results, no ACORN, no hanging chads, no ballots magically turning up at the last moment. There just wasn’t time for the Democrats to set up their cheater operation because it simply was assumed that Coakley would win in the short six-week campaign.


But the entire race essentially turned into a one-week sprint, and the way it evolved was simply stunning. After a long year of conservatives feeling powerless, the Brown race offered us the moment to act, as did those races last November in Virginia and New Jersey.


Because the minute that a persistent Scott Brown appeared to be surging in the polls, all our pent-up frustration and energy poured out into the open, with a whirlwind series of rallies, lawn sign distributions, phone calls, meetings and general excitement. The entire political landscape shifted in just 7 days. It was as if a hungry population suddenly had been tossed a steak. Anti-Obama activists even came into Massachusetts from bordering states in order to make a statement. And it all worked.   


Then Brown’s fiery, confident and sometimes humorous acceptance speech gave us conservatives what we have been longing for over the last year – a blunt rebuttal to every Obama policy. It was a hearty tonic for us all.


So what does this election really mean?


First, it is going to energize Republican and conservative candidates across the nation for the election  next November. Already there is talk of big-name Dems like Harry Reid losing their seats and about possible Republican US Senate pickups in California and New York based on the ‘If A Republican Can Win in Massachusetts…’ model.


The momentum that was with Obama and the Democrats in 2006 and 2008 now has switched poles. That means that hundreds of Republican candidates now are going to emerge from the political woodwork, people who might not have seriously considered running for office before. Because there’s nothing like victory to spur the imagination, and nothing so powerful as a major-league upset like the one pulled off by Scott Brown.


Second, it means that Democrats in Washington are going to be treading extremely gingerly on the issues between now and November. This is a big brake on the Obama agenda, which was running away like a loose train. Health care probably now is dead no matter what machinations the Democrats try to employ. 


Third, Obama has been again diminished. With sinking polls and his inability to help Democrat candidates in New Jersey, Virginia and now even Massachusetts, he will be seen as ‘radioactive’ and unwelcome in many places in America, quite a turnaround from just one  year ago. His ballyhooed presidency is largely over.


Fourth, it means that the Kennedy Era has ended. This hugely over-hyped phenomenon finally can be seen for what it really was – another torrid media love affair with a family that has had much less real impact on America than the propaganda has implied. JFK was president for only 2 years and 10 months. Robert F. Kennedy was attorney general and then a US senator for 4 years. And Teddy was the senator from Massachusetts for 47 years, many of them under strong Republican presidents. Combined all three did not affect the national mood or direction nearly as much as humble, up-from-the-bootstraps Ronald Reagan did in just 8 years. Yet Reagan is marginalized and even hated in the same media that built the Kennedys.


Fifth, this election has created a new political superstar for the Republican party. Tall, handsome Scott Brown, once called the Sexiest Man in America by Cosmopolitan magazine, the insurgent from nowhere, whose gorgeous daughter was an American Idol semi-finalist… yes, he seems to have it all. There already is talk of a President Scott Brown and his immediate status in the Republican party is cemented as savior, role model and revolutionary.


We conservatives believe that Scott Brown is the real Kennedy story for the rest of us outside the media’s elite, hermetically-sealed bubble. Because he is someone who made it on his own, not by dint of his daddy’s money. He is one of us common folk, and that is one of the reasons that even Massachusetts embraced him. And perhaps in the long run Scott Brown will have a much bigger impact on America than the Kennedys ever did.


Perhaps he already has.


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