Watch Libs on Haiti

I started to write a column called Watch How Obama Treats Haiti, but then decided that it was too sad an issue to politicize. The jist of the column was going to be that Obama and his cronies were going to use the Tuesday earthquake to their advantage. After all it was Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, who said that you should never waste a crisis that you can exploit politically.


Then I deleted the column of which I only had written a few paragraphs. Because it was going to warn that Obama would somehow seek to use the terrible crisis in Haiti to ultimately admit tens of thousands of Haitians to the US on the grounds of “compassion”. And that they would get big handouts and become Democrat voters when they were made citizens under Obama’s coming amnesty plan.


I also was planning to say in the column that we should not let anyone from Haiti into the United States because already the Democrat party has invited and escorted millions and millions of uneducated, unskilled illegal immigrants into this nation, costing us huge amounts of money and filling our jails. Those Democrats then have fought for those illegals’ rights and given them every benefit and handout.  In short I was going to say that America long ago was tapped out on admitting the huddled masses, and that our government now is broke as a result.


But I deleted the column.


Then lo and behold, on mid-Wednesday morning, less than 24 hours after the quake, congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a far-left liberal Democrat from Florida prompted me to start the column again.




She did exactly as I was going to predict. She announced not that we should be compassionate and help the people of Haiti or that she personally was going to volunteer, but that America should extend Temporary Protective Status to Haitians living illegally in the United States who were set to be deported back to Haiti.


This set off alarm bells. Because while I was willing to give Obama and his cronies the benefit of the doubt in deleting the column, you never, ever do that with liberals. Because Wasserman-Schultz was, within the first day of the crisis, starting to set up a situation under which Haitians set for deportation not only will not be repatriated to Haiti – which we all would agree with under the circumstances – but is going to morph into a call for a new wave of immigration from Haiti into the US under the banner of “compassion”.


You just watch. Because liberals never let a crisis go to waste…


Ultra-liberal commentator Chris Matthews said after only 24 hours that “we have to open up” to the idea of a Haitian immigration and made reference to the Mariel Boatlift of 1980 from Cuba. His buddy  Chuck Todd said “there’s going to be an immigration into the US.”


I’m warning you. This is coming…


Now let’s look at the Haiti crisis and do an analysis about how the Democrat are exploiting it:


It was interesting that Obama was on the airwaves… again… to discuss the earthquake and that it was carried live by all the networks. Yet when George Bush wanted to discuss terrorism or the war in Iraq, the networks wouldn’t give him the time of day, or evening.


Obama gave a boilerplate 10-minute presentation. And it happened only about 17 hours after the earthquake. Compare that to the three whole days it took Obama to respond to the Christmas Day terror attack on Flight 253 into Detroit. Or the two-and-a-half minutes that Obama spent dithering about Indian tribal business in his bizarre press conference addressing the Fort Hood Massacre. Or his three-month delay in deciding what to do  about Afghanistan.


Yet when it comes to handing out American cash and being a compassionate liberal with Other People’s Money, Obama is always ready to pounce.


Then I started to notice who was grandstanding about Haiti. And suddenly there on my TV screen was Bill Clinton peering over his half-glasses and lecturing us. Then Hillary canceled her Asian trip to return to the US and get her picture all over the place showing concern about Haiti. Within 40 hours of the quake, Hillary even had appeared on the Fox network(!) for an interview. After all, you never let a crisis go to waste. Even if it means appearing on Fox.


Then I started to think about who really would help Haiti.  And of course I came to the conclusion that the United States will do the heavy lifting while the rest of the world supervises from their armchairs. Yes, the Big, Bad United States, most hated nation in the world, you know, the one once presided over by “the devil” George Bush, with the wicked capitalist economy with “tax cuts for the rich”.


And then I wondered: What is that loudmouth leftist Chavez in Venezuela going to send to Haiti?


Uh, let’s see, 30 whole workers, said one report. And nothing else. Because Chavez has bankrupted Venezuela so they don’t have anything to give.


What will bigmouth Castro do for Haiti?


Nothing. Maybe send a few doctors. Because Cuba has nothing. It is communist and destitute. But Cuba is allowing the United States to use Cuban airspace to get the sick and wounded out. To get them to the evil, capitalist United States for treatment. Why isn’t the Socialist Paradise of Cuba taking in the sick and wounded?


What will France and Germany and all the elite Euro states send to Haiti?


Oh, sure they’ll send some supplies and tents and some Docteurs Wizout Borders and some band-aids. And then the Euros will watch on television while the US does the real work.


How about Russia? A helicopter or two. Iran? Nothing. They’re too busy building weapons of mass destruction. China? They’ll send just enough to generate some public relations. Somalia and Yemen? Maybe they’ll send some terrorists down there to set off a bomb to add to the misery. Other anti-American dictators? They are demanding that American send more aid.


No, we can rest assured that America is going to do the real heavy lifting in Haiti. And which Americans will it be?


It will be primarily conservatives like the military and Christian and Catholic charity groups and search-and-rescue groups. Because those are the people who really care about helping those afflicted by disasters, and who are capable of helping.


Here are some of the Big-Mouth Liberals that you will not see helping out in Haiti:


You will see no labor-union thugs rushing to help (they’re too busy cutting backroom deals with Obama on health care.) You will see none of America’s lazy federal and state government employees going down there (after all, they would have to work past 3 o’clock.) You will see no left-wing, America-hating college professors running to Haiti to get their hands dirty (no, they’re heading off on sabbatical. Or taking a nap.)


You will see none of America’s idle poor heading to Haiti (heck, they might miss their welfare check.) You will see none of Europe‘s militaries helping out (because Europe hardly even has any militaries.) You will see zero environmentalists going to Haiti (because there is no bird-watching to be done. Or mountain climbing. Or ‘global warming’ conferences to attend, by limousine.)


No, it will be primarily the American military and Christian groups, joined by a smattering of volunteers from around the world.


Finally, to repeat, we should allow ZERO Haitian immigrants to come to America in the wake of this crisis. We should not let Chris Matthews and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz browbeat us into it. In case you haven’t noticed, America is broke. Because the Democrats have spent 50 years bankrupting us.


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