Racially Reckless Reid

Well, it sure didn’t take long for the liberals and their media friends to circle the wagons around Democrat US Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada who is quoted in a book about the 2008 presidential campaign as having called Obama “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”


This last part of the quote is said to reference an Obama speech in  Selma, Alabama in 2007 in which Obama feigned a Martin Luther King-like black-preacher dialect and cadence to address his audience.


Much more incendiary than Reid’s comment, however, is the report in the same book, Game Change by Time magazine’s Mark Halperin, that Bill Clinton once said to Ted Kennedy about Obama: “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”


Reid has since embarked on a bended-knee apology tour of black America while Obama, attorney general Eric Holder, Democrat congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina, Jesse Jackson and all the other race hustlers have accepted Reid’s apology. This is because Reid is an important Democrat at a crucial time in the health-care bill’s passage.


So Big Black America now is getting gratification from both ends – it once again is perceived as the only entity powerful enough to forgive Honky Harry; while it revels in watching another skinny white guy grovel just to show what happens to any cracker who utters a single racially-incorrect syllable. 


Only problem is that Reid’s statement was simply a political observation, inartful as if was. Because Reid really was asking: How many Americans would vote for a raging hothead like Jesse Jackson?


To put this flap in perspective, you have to understand that the underlying premise of liberalism is to control blocs of voters through emotion and to use that political power to get money. Because socialism is a system not of wealth creation, but of wealth appropriation.


And exploiting anger – like taking Reid’s quote and blowing it all out of proportion – is a Democrat tactic to get attention and money in order to raise more money to get more money and more attention. You know, like Jackson does every day. Jackson certainly has responded to the Reid comments by sending out another shakedown e-mail  to his trembling corporate lackeys demanding cash, jobs, contracts, air time etc.


Interestingly, in 2007, then-senator Joe Biden, who is now the Democrat vice president of the United States, called Obama “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” This sounds awfully condescending, but apparently they forgave Biden too because he is a liberal. If a Republican had said any of this stuff, the fur would fly as it did when Republican US senator majority leader Trent Lott was immediately demoted in 2002 for clumsily praising US senator Strom Thurmond, once a segregationist, in a birthday tribute.


Now the Reid affair is overshadowing genuinely racist remarks allegedly made by Bill Clinton. While Reid’s fate has largely been decided, Clinton‘s is still up in the air. And since Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are enemies, you can expect big-time retaliation.


Clinton is surely sweating bullets right now because there are people in high places discussing his fate behind closed doors. And it will not be pretty. You can rest assured that Slick Willy has steeled himself for the firestorm which is not going to happen in public, but is going to be a quiet behind-the-scenes purge with his presence marginalized further in the Democrat party and many of his close allies suddenly turning up politically decapitated.


This whole affair is all just a misdirection, however. And it is part of the Big Lie that undergirds all of liberal America, the lie that says that America is still racist, that Oprah Winfrey’s two-billion-dollar fortune does not really show any racial progress, that America has never repaid blacks for slavery, that black people are angels, that only white people are racists, that conservative blacks are nazis. Etc. etc.


Actually, first, you will notice that the race-agitation card is played predominantly by Democrats. Even black Democrats themselves were arguing in 2008 about whether Obama was “black enough”. You didn’t hear this debate in white America. And do not think for a minute that this subject does not loom large at all times because it has been nurtured by Big Black America.


Second, the Big Lie in black America is part of an intentional deception about who treats whom like what. And in that context, remarks like those of Reid are innocuous. Because the horrendous state of life for millions of blacks is one of the biggest scandals in America today.


And who is responsible for that state of affairs?


The Democrats, that is who. You know Obama, Jackson, Clyburn etc. What we have in large parts of black America today is no longer a situation in which Harry Reid’s comments are going to affect anyone materially. What we really have is an ingrained, leftist, nihilist, violent, defeatist culture that is classically socialist – there is a small group of very rich elites at the top (Winfrey, Chris Rock, wealthy rappers, Michael Jordan etc.) while many millions of blacks suffer with unemployment, crime, chaos, decay etc.


It need not be that way except that that is the way that all socialist/leftist/communist societies manifest themselves. Because the current state of much of black America is not a result of white people’s slurs, but a result of corrupt leftist control of our cities; of Democrat control of failing schools; of black gangsta rappers infusing young blacks with a gangsta mentality; of the war in black pop culture on black kids who are “too white” and who do well in school; of the prohibition against “snitchin'”, in which kids are told never to report criminals to the police; and of the routine acceptance of social mayhem, murder, assault, theft, illegitimacy, dependency and widespread self-parody (baggy pants, hats on crooked etc.), encouraged by the media, by the intellectual community and funded by the Democrat party and its handout mentality.


Harry Reid’s comment is just a quick adrenaline shot for the race hustlers in America. It means nothing. And the storm around it is drowning out the real debate that we should be having about what is going on in the streets of black America, which is something that is not going to be fixed by an apology, or any other simplistic solution. If only we were that lucky.


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