Democrats' Electoral Downdraft

After two election cycles in a political updraft, the Democrat party now appears to be caught in a severe downdraft that could cause even bigger-than-anticipated losses in the mid-term elections.


Could this downdraft be the result of just one single year’s worth of pent-up voter frustration and anger with Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their secretive, big-government cronies? Could there be even more people listening to Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh than the media let on?


Can those same media no longer contain the anti-Obama forces in this country – the Tea Partiers, the Glenn Beck 912ers and the like along with the political independents who are turning on Obama as well? Is the nation preparing to return to its center-right roots after its brief dalliance with left-wing socialism?


It all could very well be true. And Democrats could fall like dominos in an unstoppable sequence. It already appears to be happening.


The announcement on January 6 by two prominent Democrat US senators  –  Christopher Dodd of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota – that they will not seek re-election next November exposes the truth. One year after Democrats were being dubbed Emperors For Life, big-name party adherents are quitting and the nation’s psychology is shifting beneath their feet.


We conservatives knew this would happen and did not panic after the election of 2008. Because we knew that the Democrats would overreach as they always do. And that conservatives would be voted back in to fix all those things that the Democrats are in the process of ruining, although the damage will be substantial.


This sudden exit by Dodd, Dorgan and Colorado Democrat governor Bill Ritter could lead others to see their party as wounded. And a wounded party telegraphs its weakness. This could lead to a stampede for the doors, and there may be nothing that Obama or anyone else can do about it.


This discontent all started with the bloated stimulus package and the bailouts, and was manifested in the Tea Parties, the health-care town halls and in the November 3, 2009 elections in which incumbent Democrat governor Jon Corzine was defeated in a liberal state like New Jersey even though Obama campaigned personally for him. In New York’s 23rd congressional district, Douglas Hoffman almost won on a third-party conservative line with little money or name recognition. In the Virginia governor race, Democrat Creigh Deeds lost in a landslide to Republican Bob McDonnell. These three events happened one year to the day after “invincible” Obama was elected.


This certainly shook Democrats, although they are acting unfazed. Don’t believe it. They know exactly what is happening. Because they are a party of political junkies and hacks and pollsters whose only job is to defend power.


Add to this the public’s frustration and anger surrounding the Fort Hood massacre, the terror attack on Flight 253 on Christmas Day, the muddled responses of Obama officials, and the detached nature of Obama himself and you have the recipe for widespread discontent that could feed on itself.


The nature of Dodd’s resignation is telling and disturbing. Because Dodd has been caught up in a scandal surrounding the economic meltdown that shines a light on the corrupt Democrat machinations that caused the collapse in the first place. Dodd not only was expected to lose his seat but to cast his party in a negative light in doing so. Dodd surely dropped out on the recommendation of an Obama ‘death panel’ that decided that his political life was not worth saving.


 “This is my moment to step aside,” said Dodd, citing his battle with treatable cancer and his plummeting polls in Connecticut. “Let me be clear. I’m very aware of my present political standing here at home in Connecticut. But it’s equally clear that any certain predictions about an election victory or defeat in a year from now would be absurd. … None of these events either individually or collectively is the cause of my decision not to seek re-election, yet together these challenges have given me pause.” 


(Translation: “I know I am going to lose and don’t want to drag the party down with me.”)


While the media have been covering up Obama’s sinking popularity, they also have been covering for people like Dodd as if Dodd and his cronies had nothing to do with the economic debacle.


In fact people like Dodd caused it. Because while the mortgage market was burning from more than a trillion dollars in bad loans made by private banks to poor people under Dodd/Democrat duress, Dodd was fiddling a sweetheart deal with Countrywide Financial Corp. and its CEO Angelo Mozilo. Dodd was part of a cabal called Friends of Angelo who got preferential mortgages while the broader market collapsed.


Dodd also has been the Senate’s #1 recipient of campaign contributions from employees at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both of which failed, triggering the financial meltdown. Dodd also has been involved in a controversy over ownership of a house in Ireland.


In Connecticut, Dodd has been consistently trailing potential GOP challenger Rob Simmons, a former House member who is running for the Republican nomination against Linda McMahon, who is co-founder with her husband Vince of World Wrestling Entertainment. Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal may be able to save the seat for the Democrats.


Don’t worry about Dodd, however. He probably will be hired for millions as a lobbyist or lawyer.


Another huge concern for Democrats is their own majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada. According to virtually all polls, this political rainmaker is himself headed for defeat. What a downdraft… And the negative effect of Reid’s doomsday prognosis cannot be good for other Democrats. Dominos falling?


North Dakota senator Dorgan’s exit from the political scene is even more of a shocker, leaving us wondering if there is a story behind it besides the fact that Dorgan is pro-health-care and sees the handwriting on the wall.


Democrats believed that Dorgan was in good shape as a moderate Democrat in a Republican-leaning state. He was expected to possibly have been challenged by Republican North Dakota governor John Hoeven, who has said recently that he is “seriously considering” the race. Now with Dorgan leaving, Hoeven could be considered a favorite for the seat.


Democrat North Dakota representative Earl Pomeroy may run for the nomination, as well as  Heidi Heitkamp, a former state attorney general and tax commissioner who lost to Hoeven in the 2000 gubernatorial contest.


Meanwhile Democrat Colorado governor Bill Ritter is retiring after only one term. Ritter is a pro-union liberal who was seen as a rising star in the party, which must add to the dismay over his decision, and adds to the sense of Democrat disorder.


Top contenders to replace Ritter on the Democratic side include Denver mayor John Hickenlooper, Department of the Interior secretary Ken Salazar and former Colorado House speaker Andrew Romanoff. Two Republicans are seeking their party’s nod – former House member Scott McInnis and businessman Dan Maes.


Even in Massachusetts, some polls are showing Republican Scott Brown surging in his race for… Ted Kennedy’s seat!


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