Jihadists are Laughing at America

“If you want to understand where Al Qaeda may be going next, you have to understand climate change…”


This surreal quote comes not from some high-school environmentalist, but from Democrat congresswoman Jane Harman of California. Her convoluted reasoning is like the tortured ‘warming’ logic of Al Gore in a time of unprecedented cold – that so-called ‘climate change’ is going to force terrorists into different parts of the world in order to survive.


This is laughable beyond words. Because Al Qaeda already is operating in the most desolate places on the planet, often at subsistence levels of living.


Harman’s quote makes you realize how irrational thinking at every level of the Democrat party is endangering our nation. And terrorists certainly are taking time out from jihad to laugh their heads off at our stupidity. Because we are telegraphing weakness and indecision. Terrorists love simple-minded people like Harman much as communists have deployed ‘useful idiots’ inside America to do their bidding.


Just imagine during World War II – when we Americans were fighting for our lives – that you were told that 19 terrorists from the Middle East were going to hijack airliners with box cutters in the year 2001 and cause a national catastrophe. The serious people of the time would have told you to take a hike. Yet it happened. And today Democrats at the highest levels of government power are saying that ‘climate change’ is a key to understanding terrorism. This is exactly the kind of inanity that allows terrorism to flourish in the first place.


And why did Harman say this about ‘climate change’?


Because it is being reported that CIA spy satellites are being used not for national defense purposes, but to measure ice floes to map ‘climate change’. Because many liberals literally believe that debunked ‘global warming’ is more of a threat to the world than are real acts of terrorism.


This continues a history of Democrat recklessness. In the 1990s the Clinton administration, like the Obama administration today, was treating terrorism as a law-enforcement issue. This evolved as the Clinton Justice Department reinforced the ‘wall’ between the CIA and the FBI, a ‘wall’ that Democrats have been reinforcing since the Church Committee of 1975. This prevented the two agencies from sharing the information that would have “connected the dots” before the 9/11 attacks.


Now the Christmas Day bomber, who initially was spilling his story to law enforcement officials about the events and connections that led him onto that flight into Detroit, has been granted American constitutional rights. He now has retained a lawyer and has clammed up. Thus all the vital information we could have got from him has been needlessly sacrificed. Because to the same liberals who think that ‘global warming’ is more of a threat than terrorism, real terrorists are just misguided criminals who can be accommodated in our justice system.


They cannot. This is irrationality. Because we are fighting asymmetrical warfare that requires heightened intel capabilities. Terrorists are not lining up columns of artillery along the Rhone River that we can spot from the air. They are working in the shadows. This requires a more intelligence-based response. And a captured terrorist is a gold mine of information.


This African Underwear Bomber should have been turned over immediately to the military and held indefinitely and questioned every day until he told us what we needed to know. But now he is going into civilian courts, just like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is going to be tried in New York City at a security cost to the city of more than $200 million.


How much real security could $200 million buy?


A lot. But now it will be frittered away on the court case of someone who also should be tried in a military tribunal, at zero cost to the city. This is how bin Laden’s threat is coming true, to “bleed America white”, drop by drop, dollar by dollar, enabled by the Democrats.


But perhaps the people of New York City deserve to incur such a cost. Because they are the ultra liberals who, through their intellectual foolishness, have allowed things like 9/11 to happen, and ice floes to be considered more important than national security.


Many Americans are forgetting that terrorists are human beings. Many terror leaders are conniving, shrewd, educated people like doctors and engineers. Some come from wealthy families. They know how to use violence, to manipulate public opinion, to exploit symbolism, and to use the internet. They understand exactly what they are doing to America.


They understand the nuance of Obama apologizing about American being “arrogant” and calling the Christmas bomber a “suspect”. They understand that Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano is a figure of ridicule. They probably sit around in lighter moments and laugh about their “terrorist attacks” as “man-caused disasters” as Napolitano has called them.


You don’t think so? Think again. Terrorists are people too. They have emotions just like the rest of  us. And they know human psychology.


Terrorists surely are giggling about Jane Harman’s ridiculous statement on ‘climate change’ and now probably are using anonymous blogger shills inside America to post on the internet that it is a good idea for the United States to use satellites to track ice floes instead of tracking terrorists. After all, that is a no-cost tool available to them. They are not stupid. They know how to game a system that already is being gamed from inside the United States by people like Harman.


Imagine there was somebody you wanted to harm. Imagine that you could harm them with little cost to yourself. Are not the terrorists doing this to us today? Sending one single African with explosive in his underwear and upsetting the entire American airline system, even when the bomb did not go off?


There even is said to be a new phenomenon where terrorists are “channel stuffing”, or sending out huge amounts of threatening but false information to overwhelm our defenses. They understand that this also is a no-cost tool for them.


Because the asymmetry of terrorism is dependent more on the psychology than on the act itself, with small numbers of terrorists taking on our whole nation. The crumbling of the World Trade Center was infinitely more shocking than killing 3,000 people with poisoned coffee.


Now terrorists are manipulating our weak president to their own ends. Obama has now given five press statements about the Christmas Day attack. What signal does this send?


We conservatives understand that it portrays a weak president who needs to re-state his position over and over as if repeating it strengthens it. Which it does not. Quite the opposite. Because anyone who understands Psychology 101 knows that, through these repeated statements, Obama is telegraphing his insecurity and uncertainty at the same time that he is simultaneously acting bold and certain. This sounds like a paradox but it is a dangerous fact of the liberal mind, swinging from one extreme to the other. 


Obama even has decided to prosecute our Navy SEALs – for allegedly treating a captured terrorist roughly – with the same fervor that he is prosecuting terrorists themselves. Terrorists are encouraged by this because every tactical gift we give them is icing on their cake.


When Obama said that “the buck stops with me”, you might think that he was actually taking responsibility for what he previously called the “systemic failure” that led to the Christmas Day attack. He was not. Because his entire January 7 statement was a litany of chest thumping and finger pointing with some rabid political partisanship tossed in. He said:


And in this cause, every one of us — every American, every elected official — can do our part.  Instead of giving into cynicism and division, let’s move forward with the confidence and optimism and unity that defines us as a people.  For now is not a time for partisanship, it’s a time for citizenship — a time to come together and work together with the seriousness of purpose that our national security demands.


So in other words, Obama has decided to incite a spat over “citizenship” (i.e., covertly questioning the patriotism of those who are charging him with negligence) when in fact it is his own “partisanship” and refusal to implement serious policies that is causing the problem. This is a classic Democrat tactic – throw a diversionary grenade when you yourself are failing.


This is exactly what the terrorists want. They want us Americans fighting amongst ourselves. And the liberals are feeding this frenzy with their stupidity, like saying that ‘climate change’ is one of the keys to terrorism.


Don’t think for a second that the terrorists are not having some hearty laughs about America. While we are sitting here like suckers, arguing amongst ourselves, and waiting for the next attack.  




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