Who are The Good Americans?

American exchange student Amanda Knox, 22 years old, was found guilty in Italy on December 4 of six counts including murder in the death of her housemate Meredith Kercher of the UK. Knox was convicted of participating in the 2007 slashed-throat killing of Kercher after a drug-fueled sexual rampage that included two males. Knox is reputed to have hated Kercher.


Known for years as Foxy Knoxy and famous for her vixen good looks and her appetite for wild sex and drugs, Knox’s Snow White demeanor during the trial did not sway the jury, while reports of her casual behavior immediately after the murder raised eyebrows and did not sit well with many Italians in the court of public opinion. Her marijuana use also made her unpopular in the crime’s venue of Perugia which has a drug problem.


Knox has been sentenced to 26 years in prison, along with her Italian boyfriend who got 25. An African male also was convicted in the murder and got 30 years.


Knox’s Seattle family will appeal. And they have a fair chance in appeal since the Italian justice system is the opposite of America’s – you are essentially guilty until proven innocent at trial, but appeals are much more likely to produce a reversal than they are stateside. The trial took one full year, however.  No “speedy trial” there. But hey, it’s Italy


This case attracted a leering international audience with the racy elements of promiscuous sex, drugs, passion and murder. And its notoriety might cause us to revisit the issue of so-called Ugly Americans that the media have been discussing for the last 40 years ever since the ‘hippie’ generation first started wandering the globe in the 1960s and spreading the seedy side of American culture – drugs, sloth, casual sex and leftist arrogance and stupidity.


But the Ugly Americans of media lore were not the ‘hippies’, but rather were described as our military, businesspeople, oil companies and anyone else outside the enlightened left-wing university/media/entertainment axis, people who saved the world militarily, spread technology and prosperity,  disseminated freedom and optimism and then stood humbly by without any thanks.


No, the ‘hippies’ were supposed to be an improvement over the Ugly American. But in fact anyone who grew up in the 1960s knew peripherally or personally some really bad ambassadors of America in our own generation who rambled abroad, sometimes for years at a time, projecting a truly negative image of America and occasionally getting popped for drugs or other transgressions, then needing to be bailed out by their wealthy parents.


Another recent case of youngsters abroad, that of three American hikers snagged allegedly inside the border of Iran, proves that youth indeed is wasted on the young and the stupid. Videos of the trio show a group of happy-go-lucky, bubble-blowing vagabonds traipsing the globe in search of whatever. Apparently their peers and parents never warned them about meandering into dangerous places like the Iraq-Iran border.


Or perhaps they were warned but did not listen. What were they doing there in the first place? Hadn’t they heard about the war? Do they  have no respect for authority and wisdom?


Probably not. They do appear to be college kids with no respect for authority. Or wisdom.


And while these young, reckless travelers are infinitely less respectable than the so-called Ugly Americans, the world has warmed to them. And today the multicultural media see America through a leftist lens that portrays these students and vagabonds as preferable to the old emissaries – the Ugly Americans who were described as mere imperialists.


They were not any such thing. The world is a fragile place and those so-called Ugly Americans – who in fact were the Good Americans – did much to stabilize the world and to make it more hospitable. But despite all the improvements today, the world still is a dangerous place, and kids still are getting themselves into hot water when they go abroad.


Today, our global populace should be thanking all the Good Americans for protecting freedom, for developing and spreading modern agriculture, manufacturing, energy and communications technology that is allowing more people to experience more freedom and prosperity than ever. Instead America is being tarred in the world media as an arrogant nation that has done little except to export military violence and global warming.




If Amanda Knox were a conservative Christian on a pilgrimage to Rome, or an oil company employee setting the stage for exploration off the Italian coast – like the Good Americans – we would never have heard of her because she would have behaved herself. Now her status as an American student on an erotic, drug-fueled killing spree has led the people of Italy to see another truly Ugly American in a completely negative light.


Indeed Knox represents the really dark side of America that includes people like our failed and vengeful president Jimmy Carter spreading the notion that America is at fault for everything wrong in the world; actors and entertainers and politicians and media snobs who enrich themselves on our shores and then go abroad and criticize us; or president Obama himself who has contributed nothing to world progress yet goes overseas and apologizes for America, bows to foreign leaders, and explains that the United States is really not such a great nation.


Those are the real Ugly Americans.


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