Must Capitalism be 'Moral'?

“There can be no capitalism without a moral foundation,” lefty blogger Arianna Huffington said recently. She was quoting another philosopher/leftist, but certainly was reflecting her own thoughts and those of people who think like she does.


So that raises a question: Why is it always capitalism that seems to be the system in need of moral clarity? Why must capitalism be seen as required to have a “compassionate” side?


And what about the “moral foundation” of socialism? Is socialism even moral to begin with? Or even “compassionate”?


Answer: No. It is socialism that truly needs a moral fix.


The whole idea that capitalism needs somehow to be moral is like saying that a horse needs to watch football. They are incompatible concepts. Capitalism cannot be moral or immoral because capitalism is simply an economic system. And it is a system that just happens to have, throughout history, provided the most people with the most happiness, self-fulfillment, opportunity and prosperity than the alternative which is state socialism. So  it has been moral without even trying.


Capitalism’s superiority has been proven over and over. Just look at the most prosperous, productive and advanced cultures politically, technologically and artistically and you will find individualist capitalism at their roots. State socialism, on the other hand, as reflected in, say, the communist Soviet Union, destroyed hundreds of millions of lives and deconstructed the physical, moral and intellectual underpinnings of human freedom and prosperity, leaving all the people immorally destitute except those few in power. Yet we were told in a book called The Communist Manifesto that somehow state socialism was going to provide for all.


So that’s where Huffington apparently gets her ideas…


Which should remind us to beware of what we read in books. Actual human experience is a much better guide.


Capitalism is the natural system of economics. It relies on firmly rooted laws like ‘supply and demand’ and ‘economies of scale’ that are as natural as gravity. And every time you try to contravene these laws, you end up with nothing, just as if you tried to make an apple float in the air. Darned apple!


Capitalism is a system in which, say, your neighbor has a lamp that you want to buy, and so you buy it at the price that you and your neighbor agree upon. What is so “immoral” about that? That seems natural and quite moral without even having to judge its morality.


It seems that it would be ‘immoral’ if a government functionary told you how much you were going to pay for the lamp. Yet that is the basis of socialism – the intervention of the state into natural, private economic transactions between as few as two people. And in this it is plain that socialism implies a complete mistrust of the individual.


If you ever have known a person who lived in a socialist/communist society, they will all tell you one common thing – that the government treats people like little children, like demagogue Al Gore explaining in his slow, deliberate school-teacher cadence how the world is burning up. It is an affront to the maturity and dignity of good people to be treated that way. In addition to the fact that Gore is lying like hell.


So is Al Gore immoral?


Yes, in the eyes of good and smart people everywhere. Because there is little that is more immoral than first to lie, and then to treat decent and honest citizens in such a condescending manner. Yet under state socialism, that is the enforced way. And so socialism indeed is immoral.


The whole idea that somehow capitalism must even be “moral” is part of the left-wing onslaught of sloganeering that says that everything must be passed through the filter of the political left, that they are the arbiters of all that is good. And that capitalism somehow must be subjected to a litmus test from the Democrat party.


Which is nonsense. Because the Democrats have such a gigantic pile of dirty laundry to hide that it would be difficult to decide where to even start to investigate it. And that in itself explains why they always are on the attack and creating non-sequiturs and diversions that capitalism must somehow be “moral”. Because they need to shift the spotlight from the inequities, immorality, corruption, illegalities and unfairness of socialism. Think ACORN. Think welfare fraud. Think SEIU union thugs beating up Americans in the streets. Think of unyielding corruption in our cities, controlled by the Democrats, where hundreds of billions of dollars are simply stolen every year. While they claim that it is capitalism that needs to be moral!


Is capitalism perfect?


No. Nothing is perfect except God.


Is capitalism the best system?


Indeed it is. Because it is natural. And it has its own checks and balances built in. And one of the reasons that our economy is in such dire straits today is that the problems were created not by capitalism, but by immoral socialism. Because capitalism can fix itself, but it cannot so easily repair the damage done by socialism, like the immense damage done by government agency Fannie Mae buying and selling more than $1 trillion in bad loans, polluting the entire financial system.


Socialism is utterly controlled by politicians and so they are responsible for Fannie Mae. And every time politicians intervene in the economic system, they not only make a mess, but they naturally try to take away a “reward” for their work, like the $90 million that Clinton administration official Franklin Raines took out of Fannie Mae before it collapsed. And that is called “corruption” and it is rampant in America today. And the further left any government goes, the more corruption there is because the economy is controlled not by economic laws but by people. And once the corruption is complete, all the people suffer, which is happening to America today.


Look at the way that labor unions set artificial wages. They say “Your company must pay your workers $30 an hour”. This is arbitrary and is decided by the unions which always work in concert with the government and against private capitalist business.


But if the company owner protests that the prevailing market wage is only $20 an hour, is it fair that the unions demand $30 an hour? After all, it is not their money or their company.


No. It is neither fair nor moral.


Now imagine that the government started working with bakery owners and ordered that bread should cost $10 a loaf when we all know that the market sets the price at $3 a loaf? And imagine that this increase was done to increase the profits of bakery owners.


Americans would be outraged. Yet that is exactly what labor unions do for their union members and, more crucially, for the super-wealthy union bosses – enrich them at the expense of the consumer.


Is this moral?


No. Because those higher wages and multi-million dollar salaries for union bosses ALWAYS are paid by the consumer. And those unions ALWAYS are supported by the government, or by people in the government. They are part of state socialism.


What about other types of morality? Why have the same leftists who demand that capitalism be moral then relentlessly malign Christianity which is the moral basis for our freedom and for world freedom based on the American model? And which has worked hand in hand with free-market capitalism to produce the freest, most prosperous nation on earth? Why have leftists done everything they can to separate Americans from the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament?


Answer: Because the Commandments demand that we reject socialism by declaring “Thou shalt not steal.” Because leftists have no moral foundation, so they have to act like it is someone else who is lacking.


Why do we never see liberals like Arianna Huff-n’-puffington talking about the immorality of exorbitant union wage demands, or the economic destruction caused by Fannie Mae? Or, in the field of national security, failing to genuinely condemn the actions of Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood terrorist, but only seeming to want to minimize or explain away those actions? Where is the morality of Democrat congressman John Murtha accusing our Marines of murder in Haditha, Iraq before the facts were in, and of which they were cleared?


Rarely do we see the need to address not only the economic immorality of socialism, but the philosophical and political immorality as well. In other words, socialism is corrupt from every angle but acts as if it is pure. Perhaps we should give these leftists a good internet connection, a real economics textbook and a pair of spectacles. So that they can read the truth. About everything.


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